Wednesday, 30 January 2013


This is my Wednesday Wishlist, it has been a week since I've started my blog.  Thank you for the comments and positive feedback, it really is appreciated

So, I picked a dress from Miss Selfridge first of all.  It is a flirty maxi dress in light pink that can be dressed up for an evening or alternatively can be worn as a cool casual day look.  The material has a lovely texture (again it does not show in the image, so please check out the link).  It's a lovely piece that can be worn to summer festivals and would be the ideal dress to show off statement jewellery.  

Along side this is a black skinny belt to nip in that waist, while the studs would add extra detail to the outfit. Also the contrast between the light pink and black leather would look great.  I often buy my belts at Topshop because they always have something that's different and unique.  Asos have a great selection too.  

The earnings are cute and girly by Marc Jacobs.  I already have the perfume so why not get the matching earings! Following on from this, I picked pink brow sunglasses from Topshop.  I did not intend to go for a pink theme this wishlist, but I guess it's appropriate with Valentines day not so far away.

I love the Warehouse clutch in white, that's already in my shopping bag!

At Christmas I was given a Ted Baker set which included fab lip pens in two shades. So being a big fan of the lip colour I thought I would look at the range.  This wash-bag/make-up bag really is so pretty. Please click the link to see the pattern in detail and then I think you will agree.  It comes in a smaller version as well,  a clean pretty make up bag is always handy!

Finally, Mac's finishing powder, a product I need to buy because mine is almost empty.  This really takes away any shine by dusting a little over the forehead and nose. I found this product when Boot's 17 stopped doing their transparent powder : (

I wanted to complete the wishlist with a jacket by Day Birger et Mikkelsen.  This is definitely out of my price range but it's firmly on my wishlist :) See a glimpse below in the new spring/summer range.

Please see the links above for all items. Thanks

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I have ordered a foundation from Liz Earle which I will be reviewing.  After all these years I have yet found my perfect match in foundation :( So fingers cross it lives up to the good reviews.

Also I have the Rita Ora concert Saturday, that will be a fun post to do.  Plus it's an excuse to go shopping for something new. This will include my first outfit of the day with pictures! All those amazing fashion blogs will no doubt inspire my choice of what to wear.  It is these fashion/beauty blogs that inspired me to make my very own (at long last)! If you are thinking of making a blog I say go for it!


Keep it pretty

The new year has encouraged many to do a clear out of old and unwanted clothes, products and general clutter.  I think this is a great chance to keep what you need, use and love and to remove the things you really don't need or want any-more. My personal new year goals are to be organised, productive and to have fun.  This post covers all three!

So the whole spring cleaning process is said to be therapeutic and I couldn't agree more!  The best way to start is to go through what you have and to put everything you want to keep to one side. All the things you do not want can be sold on eBay (what you don't want, someone may love), given to a friend or to family, or a charity shop! If there are products that are empty or general unwanted bits and bobs that have accumulated over time try to recycle before putting in a black bag.

You should now be left with things that you are keeping.  It can be a slow process at first but it will help keep your products and items organised and cared for.  Also all that precious space that was going to waste can now be used!

Now comes the fun part ... treat yourself to some new funky storage! I know the clear acrylic storage from MUJI or Amazon are a popular and perfect way to keep your stuff organised, but there are lots of other alternatives. The pictures above and below show cute ways to display your fav perfumes or brushes!

I love the idea of keeping nail varnishes in a big glass bowl, 

or even on a cake stand like the pic below!  

I keep my make up brushes in a gold vintage looking candle holder on my shelf.  Along side this is a cute cup and saucer (picture to come). I placed a candle inside the cup and my everyday rings and charms are scattered around the cup on the china saucer.  It looks really cute and the china belonged to my nan, so it is special to me too!

At the very top are links in blue to the six items I have picked, all would look great as storage.  My favourite shops for homeware that will pretty up your makeup area / dressing table are ...

Next (I get 25% staff discount so I'm always buying small things here and there)
Zara Home (which I only discovered recently when at Westfield )
 -Debenhams (I have a soft spot for Matthew Williamson's collection)

How do you dress up your storage!?


Friday, 25 January 2013

Hey Mr Postman!

I was surprised to have a parcel in the post this morning.  I had ordered a necklace from the Urban Outfitters sale but was emailed that the order was cancelled :( (Anyone else have this problem?).  So I was looking on-line for something similar.  So when on the Forever 21 site I came across these two treats!

An orange/gold necklace on a long chain, and a silver necklace with tassel detail, again on a long chain. What was great was the price, the two necklaces cost the same as one from Urban Outfitters.  I think that is the benefits of shopping at Primark and Forever 21, you can pick up some great pieces of jewellery for less.

I will also add that the necklaces were neatly placed in plastic pockets, then wrapped in tissue and then came in a little brown box.  I instantly knew what was inside because it was covered with Forever 21 tape.  The chains for both are long and can be adjusted.  The silver necklace would look great layered with another chain or two, the triangles and tassels
 gather together when you wear it which I like. I can't wait to wear them.

Click on the links below and check out the prices! It's a steal..

Forever 21


Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's Jess

So I've just been watching my favourite show, New Girl !! I thought I'd share a few pics of the wonderful Zooey Deschanel because she has the most amazing hair. I know she probably has a hairstylist at hand to perfect her look but it looks so natural and pretty. Complete hair envy! Fringe envy too! Now why doesn't my fringe ever fall in place like that?! ...

Oh I do love New Girl ...


My First Review


Girls, the new Sex in the City?

I have just finished watching the first series of HBO’s Girls.  This comedy drama is written by and stars the talented Lena Dunham and has been compared to the popular series Sex in the City.

While there are certainly similarities between the two, (both are set in New York, both main characters are writers and the stories revolve around four female), there certainly things that make each individual and gain cult status.

SITC was an undeniable success in breaking down boundaries when talking about sex, relationships and love.  It not only touched upon taboo subjects but also gave women a new confidence.  
Carrie Bradshaw was the character that inspired women to be independent and sassy, and all while wearing the latest designer heel.  She had two big loves, Mr Big and shoes, and at the end of their up and down romance he gave her the closet she always wanted and she got the man!  And, who can forget Samantha who was upfront about her love for men and sex. 

‘’If we perpetually gave men blo*w jobs we could run the world’’ Samantha

So Girls has very big designer shoes to fill.  While SITC gave us a lifestyle that the average girl could only dream of and a wardrobe to aspire to, Girls is more relative to today’s female audience it has been said.

The characters are less polished and their careers and love lives are less certain as they are all young twenty-something’s starting on their own paths into the world.

Hannah, the main character is recently graduated and has been cut off financially by her parents.  She is pursuing a guy who seems reluctant to show her any commitment or even tell her he likes her. 
In the first episode it is obvious Lena has no inhibitions when playing Hannah and being naked on set.   She dares to show the audience that real girls have flaws and imperfections.
As an audience we are not easily shocked or shy with nudity and sex on our screen, and I feel SITC definitely paved the way for making it more accepted.  Girls is more true to life (compared to the glamour of SITC), and its quirky characters and relationships have already gained the show an award or two. 

 Allison Williams who plays Hannah's straight laced best friend Marnie said of this show,

 “The show definitely aspires to honesty, for better or worse, and sometimes in an unglamourous way,” she says. “I could see how that Brooklyn life must seem foreign to a lot of people, but at the same time there are themes that anyone could latch onto.”  

I recommend this series, you can be certain that some characters you will like and some dislike as they grow and evolve as young adults and face the trials and tribulations of friendships, love and life. FYI, The character Jessa has a bohemian worldly style which many of you will love.

If you have watched Girls and it isn't for you, there is always the new series The Carrie Diaries which tells the story of a young Carrie Bradshaw, good new for SITC fans!

I'm looking forward to series 2 of Girls, Lena has truly won me over with her humour and great writing.

Hope you have enjoyed my first review, any feedback would be great!
What do you think of HBO's Girls?
What is your favourite episode of Sex in the City?


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer dreaming ...


Grey Floral Devore Print Shawl - River Island £45
Levi Shorts - Urban Outfitters 

Summer dreaming ...

The summer may feel a long time away, especially because of the snow days recently, but this item is just what you need!

It is so versatile and ever so charming.  This shawl from River Island above is perfect for any girl who loves a quirky purchase! I love layering and this on top of a knit or with a big knitted scarf would look great -A pretty extra layer!

Then taking us into the summer, wear it over your bikini or with a black top and levi shorts (check the link above).  
It has fringe detail (oh yes!) and comes in other colours.  Get it quick, it's definitely an item you will wear often.


From Top Left / Skirt River Island / Shirt Topshop / Shoes Topshop
Bottom Left / Shorts Miss Selfridge / Necklace Zara / Body Topshop

Wednesday's Wishlist

So I have picked a few items that I would love to have from the highstreet! It's my first wishlist on this blog, it is a shame the images have not come out better (there is pretty detail on the shirt that you can not see above).I have gone with the simplicity of the monochrome trend. I really like this trend and I find the black and white fresh and chic. If you cannot be without a little colour just add some bold coloured jewellery or accessories. It's very adaptable to ones own style. A simple white shirt could be worn with pattern shorts or coloured skinny jeans for example.It could be worth looking in the tailored section if you usually give that a miss - check out Next or Primark. A tailored pencil skirt would look great with a oversized knit.

Marc Jacobs goes monochrome stripes for Spring / Summer 2013 at NY fashion Week.

I hope you like my Wednesday Wishlist and once I figure out this blogging malarky I aim to make the posts more detailed and pretty :) I'm sure as I blog more the layout and details will improve :)
So I've been looking at the shoes above on the Topshop website for awhile, it's a little over what I would usually pay but I am very tempted ... ooooh shall I ?!?! Check out the links above for each item.xxxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


25% off at ASOS with UniDAYS tomorrow !!! 

This could be the purrfect excuse to get a Paul & Joe Cat lipstick!


Kimi and Me ...

So this is my FIRST post! I don't know where to begin, this is something I have wanted to do for awhile and I'm excited to get started.  I was inspired by the many amazing blogs out there on fashion, beauty buys and personal style! I will be posting pics, links and updates on what is taking my fancy at the mo..

I have always loved satchel bags. I remember when I was in uni (6 years ago!!) a girl had the most amazing leather beige satchel that used to belong to her mum. It was old, beloved and looked great with everything effortlessly.
I definitely want to purchase a bag this year that will last this summer and beyond, an investment item that can be worn and not worn out!
A girl's bag is never far from her side..

So,  let me show you some of the little treasures I have picked up over the last month.
JWLRY I loved the rings I was sent, they were exactly what I have been looking for! For £10 you are sent a mix of five stone rings. See below at what I got! I payed through paypal and I didn't enter my address or name at check out which I thought was strange, but shortly after I received these gems in the post!
I  bought my gold knuckle duster from Topshop. Others items in pic are from Miss Selfridge, Avon and Outfit.

I bought this coat (below) in the Topshop sale. I was pleased with the buy because it was a genuine reduction, £40 down from £75. I was unsure about the camo trend, it looks great on others but I was hesitant that it would look good now but not next winter. But hey, it was on sale and it's keeping me warm this jan! :) Do you think camo will be passable next winter?

I also got a Volcom purse, I adore! It's from a local surf shop and reduced to £15. Surfdone is a good for surf and skate wear, there are some cute hoodies, bags and shoes. Take a little look..

Another pic ...  watch from Urban Outfitters, Yankee candle (yummy) and a pair of cons (can't be without)

There will be future posts with links, style ideas, pics and a peep at what I have been buying ..
I hope I keep posting and sharing, there are so many fab bloggers out there it's a little daunting to attempt my own little one.