Thursday, 24 January 2013

My First Review


Girls, the new Sex in the City?

I have just finished watching the first series of HBO’s Girls.  This comedy drama is written by and stars the talented Lena Dunham and has been compared to the popular series Sex in the City.

While there are certainly similarities between the two, (both are set in New York, both main characters are writers and the stories revolve around four female), there certainly things that make each individual and gain cult status.

SITC was an undeniable success in breaking down boundaries when talking about sex, relationships and love.  It not only touched upon taboo subjects but also gave women a new confidence.  
Carrie Bradshaw was the character that inspired women to be independent and sassy, and all while wearing the latest designer heel.  She had two big loves, Mr Big and shoes, and at the end of their up and down romance he gave her the closet she always wanted and she got the man!  And, who can forget Samantha who was upfront about her love for men and sex. 

‘’If we perpetually gave men blo*w jobs we could run the world’’ Samantha

So Girls has very big designer shoes to fill.  While SITC gave us a lifestyle that the average girl could only dream of and a wardrobe to aspire to, Girls is more relative to today’s female audience it has been said.

The characters are less polished and their careers and love lives are less certain as they are all young twenty-something’s starting on their own paths into the world.

Hannah, the main character is recently graduated and has been cut off financially by her parents.  She is pursuing a guy who seems reluctant to show her any commitment or even tell her he likes her. 
In the first episode it is obvious Lena has no inhibitions when playing Hannah and being naked on set.   She dares to show the audience that real girls have flaws and imperfections.
As an audience we are not easily shocked or shy with nudity and sex on our screen, and I feel SITC definitely paved the way for making it more accepted.  Girls is more true to life (compared to the glamour of SITC), and its quirky characters and relationships have already gained the show an award or two. 

 Allison Williams who plays Hannah's straight laced best friend Marnie said of this show,

 “The show definitely aspires to honesty, for better or worse, and sometimes in an unglamourous way,” she says. “I could see how that Brooklyn life must seem foreign to a lot of people, but at the same time there are themes that anyone could latch onto.”  

I recommend this series, you can be certain that some characters you will like and some dislike as they grow and evolve as young adults and face the trials and tribulations of friendships, love and life. FYI, The character Jessa has a bohemian worldly style which many of you will love.

If you have watched Girls and it isn't for you, there is always the new series The Carrie Diaries which tells the story of a young Carrie Bradshaw, good new for SITC fans!

I'm looking forward to series 2 of Girls, Lena has truly won me over with her humour and great writing.

Hope you have enjoyed my first review, any feedback would be great!
What do you think of HBO's Girls?
What is your favourite episode of Sex in the City?


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