Sunday, 27 January 2013

Keep it pretty

The new year has encouraged many to do a clear out of old and unwanted clothes, products and general clutter.  I think this is a great chance to keep what you need, use and love and to remove the things you really don't need or want any-more. My personal new year goals are to be organised, productive and to have fun.  This post covers all three!

So the whole spring cleaning process is said to be therapeutic and I couldn't agree more!  The best way to start is to go through what you have and to put everything you want to keep to one side. All the things you do not want can be sold on eBay (what you don't want, someone may love), given to a friend or to family, or a charity shop! If there are products that are empty or general unwanted bits and bobs that have accumulated over time try to recycle before putting in a black bag.

You should now be left with things that you are keeping.  It can be a slow process at first but it will help keep your products and items organised and cared for.  Also all that precious space that was going to waste can now be used!

Now comes the fun part ... treat yourself to some new funky storage! I know the clear acrylic storage from MUJI or Amazon are a popular and perfect way to keep your stuff organised, but there are lots of other alternatives. The pictures above and below show cute ways to display your fav perfumes or brushes!

I love the idea of keeping nail varnishes in a big glass bowl, 

or even on a cake stand like the pic below!  

I keep my make up brushes in a gold vintage looking candle holder on my shelf.  Along side this is a cute cup and saucer (picture to come). I placed a candle inside the cup and my everyday rings and charms are scattered around the cup on the china saucer.  It looks really cute and the china belonged to my nan, so it is special to me too!

At the very top are links in blue to the six items I have picked, all would look great as storage.  My favourite shops for homeware that will pretty up your makeup area / dressing table are ...

Next (I get 25% staff discount so I'm always buying small things here and there)
Zara Home (which I only discovered recently when at Westfield )
 -Debenhams (I have a soft spot for Matthew Williamson's collection)

How do you dress up your storage!?



  1. They are all lovely storage trinkets and holders. Mine make up and nail polishes are thrown in to spare glossy boxes! Very unorganised of me!

  2. Great ideas! Can't believe I haven't thought about keeping my polishes in a big jar – I am definitely going to try that out :)

    x Gi

    1. thanks, post a pic so we can all see :)