Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Kimi and Me ...

So this is my FIRST post! I don't know where to begin, this is something I have wanted to do for awhile and I'm excited to get started.  I was inspired by the many amazing blogs out there on fashion, beauty buys and personal style! I will be posting pics, links and updates on what is taking my fancy at the mo..

I have always loved satchel bags. I remember when I was in uni (6 years ago!!) a girl had the most amazing leather beige satchel that used to belong to her mum. It was old, beloved and looked great with everything effortlessly.
I definitely want to purchase a bag this year that will last this summer and beyond, an investment item that can be worn and not worn out!
A girl's bag is never far from her side..

So,  let me show you some of the little treasures I have picked up over the last month.
JWLRY I loved the rings I was sent, they were exactly what I have been looking for! For £10 you are sent a mix of five stone rings. See below at what I got! I payed through paypal and I didn't enter my address or name at check out which I thought was strange, but shortly after I received these gems in the post!
I  bought my gold knuckle duster from Topshop. Others items in pic are from Miss Selfridge, Avon and Outfit.

I bought this coat (below) in the Topshop sale. I was pleased with the buy because it was a genuine reduction, £40 down from £75. I was unsure about the camo trend, it looks great on others but I was hesitant that it would look good now but not next winter. But hey, it was on sale and it's keeping me warm this jan! :) Do you think camo will be passable next winter?

I also got a Volcom purse, I adore! It's from a local surf shop and reduced to £15. Surfdone is a good for surf and skate wear, there are some cute hoodies, bags and shoes. Take a little look..

Another pic ...  watch from Urban Outfitters, Yankee candle (yummy) and a pair of cons (can't be without)

There will be future posts with links, style ideas, pics and a peep at what I have been buying ..
I hope I keep posting and sharing, there are so many fab bloggers out there it's a little daunting to attempt my own little one.

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