Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer dreaming ...


Grey Floral Devore Print Shawl - River Island £45
Levi Shorts - Urban Outfitters 

Summer dreaming ...

The summer may feel a long time away, especially because of the snow days recently, but this item is just what you need!

It is so versatile and ever so charming.  This shawl from River Island above is perfect for any girl who loves a quirky purchase! I love layering and this on top of a knit or with a big knitted scarf would look great -A pretty extra layer!

Then taking us into the summer, wear it over your bikini or with a black top and levi shorts (check the link above).  
It has fringe detail (oh yes!) and comes in other colours.  Get it quick, it's definitely an item you will wear often.

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