Saturday, 16 February 2013

A little shopping

I went on a little spending spree this week (it has been awhile). I wanted to get some make up and bits and bobs to try out.
- I mentioned before I ran out of Mac transparent finishing powder so with my UniDAYS discount I went for a cheaper product, POP No Show No Shine Powder. The powder comes in a pink compact with a flower design on the front. I love cute products, so was instantly drawn to this. I will be ordering the new Mac Archie's Girls eye shadows for this exact reason, you can order it now --- > Selfridges 

- So I do not have much luck with foundations, and the Liz Earle foundation I ordered was a little too dark for me.  I should know better to try and guess what colour will match. So when I was in Boots on my spending spree, I picked up Match Perfection foundation by Rimmel. I don't often buy make up from Rimmel but after hearing good things I thought I would have a look.  I never know if a foundation will look right until I get home and I am happy to say the colour was a great match! So this is my new everyday foundation now.  I want to find one that has fuller colour for special occasions. Any recommendations? I know Estee Lauder Double wear foundation is a popular choice, let's hope I pick the right colour!

- Picture above/bottom : Rita Ora's Radioactive tour at Cardiff. Rita Ora was incredible!

I wasn't going home without looking at the Soap and Glory range, and again the packaging and branding is one of my favourites. This is the first time I have tried the Thermal Scrub and Peaches and Clean. I only have good things to say about them. The scrub is lovely and warm when you put it on, and the warmness fades as you scrub.  It left my skin feeling very fresh and oh so clean! The deep cleansing milk is ideal for me because it removes make up and cleanses without being harsh to your skin. It smells lovely too! I've only used it twice so far so will review this in a few week, hopefully with more positive things to say!

Pictures from top left clockwise:

- The little trouble maker, Kimi. My 8 month old beagle is so cute, he looks a little worried in that picture though. Kimi loves stealing things and biting things. My Topshop pink ballet pumps are ruined thanks to Kimi but you can't be mad at him because he's so adorable!

- Perfume! Perfume! So after one or two not so fun shifts at work, I decided to spoil myself.  It was 10% off in Debenhams on all perfumes. I picked up Lola by Marc Jacobs, LLYMLRS always looks so gorgeous, so I thought her taste in perfume must be gorgeous too! (I find it hard to smell perfumes when surrounded by them and you are trying more than two or three). I wore this today and it's lovely.  I also bought a small  Vera Wang Princess because I had run out.  I am so pleased with my two perfumes, I adore perfume bottles too so these looks perfect on my shelf.

- Snowflake, Models Own. This is part of the Wonderland set, I have not worn it yet but will post a pic when I do.

- Benefit Products from ASOS. I usually use hoola as a blush, but thought I would try dandelion for a change. It's a very soft pretty pink and subtle when applied.

River Island cute cross earrings

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of my successful shopping trip.  I do feel very lucky when buying new things.  Anyone else been shopping? :)


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  1. I am in love with Peaches and Clean!!! I have the models own polish on my never ending wishlist!!!