Sunday, 17 February 2013

Splash of ...

The summer is only a hop, skip and jump away, so it's time to add a little colour to our wardrobes. Some of you may already embrace colour like your best friend, and if you have not already, the time is now.  The neon trend will be a key look this Spring/Summer.

This trend will certainly influence fashion to be bold and playful, and no doubt there will be lots of fun pieces to chose from.  There are many ways to wear neon and there will be something that will suit your style. It can be worn from head to toe or you can add snippets of neon through jewellery or statement shoes. Even if it's just your nail colour you opt for, it is a chance to change your usual style and be creative with it.

Neons can be worn with other trends also, a floral print trouser or floral piece would be a clash that worked. It can be worn with neutral pieces and a splash of neon with white would look gorgeous.

Christopher Kane

Make up the look with Neon

Victoria Beckham, flawless as always

Just a few items following the Neon trend right now that I would like to get my hands on. I think a neon bag will be on my shopping list this month ready to take out in the sunshine.

Will you be wearing neon this summer?
Do you have any tips or creative outfits with a neon twist?


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