Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hippy Chick

This post is dedicated to my love of all things hippy. I would love to be a free spirited nomad but sadly I am too much of a worrier to be. However this does not stop me from loving all things hippy and boho chic in fashion and home. Below are some images from Pinterest that inspired this post. I got a little carried away with images this week and have been playing around trying to find my own blogging style, so it is all a work in progress. 

Above and below my mood board. Inspiring this post.


Below are items from Topshop that I have chosen to reflect that hippy style, I have opted for floral prints and a fox print scarf. I think there is no rule when it comes to mixing up colours and patterns when worn in a boho chic style, and layering with scarfs, shawls and knits will embody this look further. It is a popular style for summer festivals and celebs such as Kate Moss and Nicole Ritchie have both set a style standard for us. All you need to add is UV paint and wellies and you're set for the festival season.


Accessorize. The more the merrier ...

When it comes to jewellery where do you draw the line that you are wearing too much and resemble a Christmas tree? Well, to me the hippy chic look is all about adding trinkets and jewels. So the options are endless really, so many treasure and charms to be worn. All of the above from Accessorize I adore, the turquoise ring especially. ASOS Marketplace is great for finding unique and quirky jewellery and is a place to sell if you make your own.


Zara Home

Bathroom set / cushion cover (matching quilt available) / pilma blanket
Hook /  Candles (set of 3)   

There is no place like home. So why not decorate your home with colour and soft furnishing and make it a place of peacefulness and calm.  It is important that you have a space where you can relax and forget the troubles of everyday life. If you find that your computer is always on or the tv is on in the background, maybe it is time to turn the technology off  and have a quiet moment to yourself. Sometimes life can be so busy we forget to have that down time. Over the past two years I have collected cushions, candles and decorative accessories, so my room is full of prettiness and is a place I enjoy to be. I love colourful throws and quirky draw knobs, it's the little things that add character and make a home a home. If you fancy a change in decor, it can be done gradually, add the things that make you smile. The bathroom is a great place to start and could be made into your very own tranquil and stress- free zone. I hope the above from Zara Home gives you an idea or two of what look can be achieved with just a few items.


Outfit  from River Island

Above is an outfit that I put together from River Island. I adore the boots and the belt worn around the cardigan. I remember Victoria Beckham doing this and I have loved the idea ever since. I think all the items here are loose fitting or oversized to create a casual thrown together look that works. The white t-shirt is from the Rihanna collection, a simple t-shirt can be teamed with so many other looks, a statement necklace or delicate accessories would look great. What do you think of my overall look? 

Inner Hippy

Add a flower to your hair and spend the day being positive in the way you think and behave.

Hope you have enjoyed my post. I am still new to blogging, I would love some feedback
and advice if you have any.



  1. Great post, I love boho and you've picked out so many lovely photos and pieces

    1. Thank you :) I went bit crazy with the pics but enjoyed it.xx

  2. That river island skirt is so pretty! I love the blush colour of it. I'm new to the blogging scene too and I think what you're doing is great :) Just blog about what makes you happy :) xo

    1. bless you, I know I love blush/dusty pinks. Yes we should stick at it and just blog what we love. xxx

  3. I had no idea Zara sold home accessories - this is not good for my bank balance!

    1. I only found out recently,and the prices are gd :) thank you for the comment :)