Saturday, 9 March 2013

Quiet Weekend

Things I bought this weekend ...

- Flowers for Mothers Day. Happy Mothers day to all you yummy mummys!
- Mac's Archie Girls blush. I could only afford one item from this collection, and Flatter Me is my new favourite product. It not only come in a cute compact but is the perfect peach colour with coral hearts to add a lovely glow to your cheeks.
- Garnier Summerbody. Smells of apricots and I'm hoping for sun kissed results, and its a safer way to tan.
- Double Wear Concealer. I don't usually use concealer, but recently I wanted more coverage for those pesky blemishes, and I instantly fell in love with this product. I don't have the popular Double Wear Foundation of yet but this concealer goes well with my foundation and blends so well. I wish I purchased this sooner.

Time with my Boys ...

I took my two little beagles (not so little anymore) down the Gower for a walk.  The sun was out so we made the most of it. This beautiful beach is surrounded by more beauty and has wonderful views. We walked the large stretch of sand and watched the surfers in the sea, I always find beaches a peaceful place to be and love the fresh sea air. Theo and Kimi adore running around on the sand and sniffing everything. The only worry is that they run off and don't come back, Beagles are known to do runners when off their leads.

Sleeping Kimi 

Cuddles with Theo

Howling on the beach, Theo

Walking along the Bay

I have my eye on ...

Brat & Suzie
I can spend a whole evening reading people's blogs, and there are so many fab bloggers to follow. One particular blog I love is So On Trend  written by the gorgeous Natasha, she has ample amount of personal style and picks gorgeous items. She recently blogged about a Hippy Dog sweater that caught my eye. Natasha wore her Brat & Suzie sweater with floral jeans and styled it perfectly. You must click and see for yourself ... pretty and quirky down to a Tee.

Find Brat & Suzie at Asos and at
On their website is reads;
''We combine our obsession with fashion and our innate love of animals to produce super cute, quirky, fashionable ranges of clothing each season.''  
This is right up my street! Below is the Aztec Cat t-shirt that is also on my wishlist for the summer ahead.

Meow! Purfect T 

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  1. Aww thank you for mentioning me, how sweet!! Looks like you had a superb weekend :) your beagles are gorgeous xxx