Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Blog Heading

I have been blogging now for a few months, it has been a work in progress to make it something I can say I'm proud of. There are so many great blogs out there, it is hard not to compare yours to others. But nonetheless, I enjoy blogging and it has been great to focus my energy on something and be a little creative. So, one thing that I wanted was a new header, as it is the first thing you see when visiting a blog.
So after a bad experience with a blogger that produced a header that looked like it was done in five minutes (Let's not talk about that), I found Katie known as tattyboots on Twitter. I visited her blog, and fell in love with her illustrations and her artistic style. I emailed her, and she replied saying that a new header would be no problem and asked what ideas I had. I always wished I was good at drawing and such, but it's a skill I just don't have! I sent a few font ideas and images from google that I would like, and said I would leave it in her more than capable hands. It wasn't long until she sent me a preview, and asked what I liked to keep and change. It was such a pleasure to be involved in the process. The header was everything I had asked for, and more. I asked for a hippy style header, and Katie drew this wonderful image and finished it off with beautiful water colours. Below, are all the stages of the design process that were emailed to me as she went along.

The Final Look

The first image. All my ideas were taken into account, I was thrilled with it.

I was then sent several versions of the header that all differed slightly,
and I picked my favourite. (Above and Below)
Then the water colours added the final touches and it was sent over ready to be
added to my blog. Yey!

tattyboots illustrations were featured in bloggers magazine entitled Aesthetic.

Examples of previous blog headings she has designed.

Shoes, an example of some of Katie's work. One of my favourites because of the softness.

I am pleased with the final results, and Katie's design has given me the individual heading that I so wanted. If you are looking for a new header or images to revamp your blog, I highly recommend Katie. 
Big thank you to tattyboots and thank you for letting me share your wonderful illustrations.

Find her on Twitter here

Do you like my new header?

 Thanks for reading.

Friday, 26 April 2013

My Cup of Tea


I wanted to be an Interior Designer when I was younger, but for whatever reason I never took it any further than helping my mum decorate a room or two in the house. Nonetheless, I adore looking at homeware and for new ideas on Pinterest. The collage above, are a few looks I would love to create for my own room. It can be so much fun decorating a space to make it yours. This is exactly what I intend to do. I want to transform my room with a mini makeover. So I have started off small and have reorganised my shelf. I have cleared the mess and now have all my pretty things on display.



Items from Next, Wilkinson, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Sainsburys.

Wish List

Rabbit Dish / Jug /  Round cushion  / Dog Paperweight

Above, My Bedroom Wishlist. All things I would love to have to help transform and decorate my room.

The Rose Tea Cup and Saucer in Lavender and Floral jug are from the delightful online boutique Love from Rosie. I discovered this gem through the Blog Victoria's Vintage. Victoria shared with us her Pink Rose Tea Cup and Saucer and Shabby Chic mini bunting, check out her blog with the link above to see how she used these darlings in her room. 
I chose the pretty pastel coloured jug as it would be great for holding flowers, and I often treat my mum to her favourite yellow and pink tulips, so this would be an ideal gift. The Cup and Saucer in Lavender reminds me of the little talking cup from Beauty and the Beast, because of it's elegant gold detailing. I would sit this next to my china Bunny, and then they can have a private tea party when I am not looking! Love from Rosie has so many lovely items waiting to be discovered.

The Illustration Print is a simple but pretty photography illustration from notonthehighstreet. They have so many prints and pictures to chose from, you are spoilt for choice. I have my eye on a couple. I plan on hanging them on the same wall with other decorative pieces so that one wall will become a focal point.

Another item from notonthehighstreet is the Rabbit dish, how adorable! I already have a Ring Dish, but mine doesn't have a cute rabbit in the middle. It would also look ever so nice next to my Bunny money box.

Hope you have enjoyed my post. I hope to have more room updates for you soon.
What is your favourite thing on my wishlist? And what would be on yours?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Chi Chi Competition

Chi Chi Competition

Chi Chi London are running a fabulous competition to win £200 to spend on their collections. All you have to do is create a wishlist of your favourite Chi Chi dresses. The dresses are utterly beautiful and I was certainly spoilt for choice. 


The Chi Chi Fortuna Dress. It has champagne lace bodice and sleeves that looks so delicate and pretty. The skater style dress is girly and flirty, with a netted underskirt to add some volume and movement. I can imagine once you have this on you very much feel like a princess. It is perfect for that day to evening look. 

I have chosen a dress for myself and for my sister, and imagined us wearing them on a night out when she comes to visit. So the dress I picked for myself is The Chi Chi Rosemarie Dress. This is a bandage style dress in a stretchy fabric, it would flatters one's curves and slim you in all the right places. I adore the cut out shoulders and it gives you a unique take on the little black dress. The pictures above do not do justice to the very pretty detail on the waist and hem on the dress. It would look great with neon heels or clutch, you do not  need to over accessorize this look as the dress does all the talking.  

Chi Chi have so many beautiful coloured dresses and in a range of styles. There is the most divine blue dress in their collection and dresses with lace, beads, chiffon detailing. It's dress heaven! 

Girls just want to have fun...

Hope you like the items on my Chi Chi wishlist.What would be on yours? Competition ends Friday 26th April, click here for more details. Quick only a couple of days left! 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A dog's day out


On Saturday I was up early, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, for a change. So my boyfriend,dad and I headed out in the car with the two scrumptious beagles. It was only a 40 minute drive and we ended up  going to a beautiful reservoir, that had a path all the way around for walkers. I have never been here before, and it looked so wonderful when we arrived, surrounded by forest and green hills. It was very picturesque.
It amazes me that there are always new places to discover so close to home. It was a lovely long walk and something I enjoy getting up early for. I missed the opportunity to wear my sunglasses though, next time I will remember them.

So Kimi, being the adventurous one decided to have a paddle and then go a little deeper. The next thing we saw was his little head above water and him paddling away. 
It was so cute, as he has never done this before. He's a little swimmer!

Below, some of the pictures I took of the reservoir and scenery. 


What I wore
Denim Shirt (one of many) Forever 21
Necklace (He loves me) Miss Selfridges
Shoes Converse 
Leigh Jeans Topshop

Kimi drying off after his swim, above.
Theo having a quiet moment and taking in the view, below

Thanks for reading.

How did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend? 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Anxiety, Useful Info

Part One

Anxiety is overwhelming. Negative thoughts are overplayed in our minds and this builds up a wall, we need to break down this wall and take control.

'I cannot cope'

Fear and anxiety are a part of everyday life. The experience of anxiety is our body's way of preparing us for difficult situations, which is called the 'fight or flight reaction'. Sometimes we misinterpret emotional and physical symptoms as a personal threat without stopping to challenge them. The cycle of negative thinking can have an adverse effect on our lives.

Fear of your condition is the very thing that keeps it alive; avoiding situations only feeds our anxiety.

We can improve our quality of life by regaining control. A helpful clear plan to overcome this is needed. Identifying areas for change will motivate us and put us on the right path to a happier life.

'Things always go wrong'

Thinking in terms of 'never' and 'always' can lead you to making some pretty rash and harsh judgements. It's easy to allow a few bad things cloud your judgements.  It is mental filtering that only lets the information through that fits with what you already believe about yourself, others, or the world. This can lead to a very biased and negative view of yourself and your environment. Therefore positive information is quickly discredited and ignored because it does not support your negative self opinion. Noticing your problematic thinking can help you re adjust your thinking and increase your chances of managing your emotions in a helpful balanced way.

Challenging this attitude 
Identify these extreme ways of thinking, then carry out a thought investigation and prepare to change to a more constructive, balanced and healthier way of thinking. What evidence is there, for and against that what I am thinking is in fact true?

Changing extreme and unhelpful thinking
Many negative thoughts are inaccurate and unfair. When feeling low,anxious or upset you may notice that it is easier to believe these thoughts. STOP! THINK! REFLECT! Break the habit of thinking this way by undermining your negative thoughts and acting against them. Take a moment and confront them, do not allow yourself to be beaten! Rate your negative extreme thought and the amount you believe it. Then ask yourself how accurate and sincere are they?Question how truthful your original thought is and re rate it by using useful questions such as...

What evidence can I find against and for my thought?
How would I need to change my thought in order to feel better and act more constructively?
Is my negative thought extreme? 
What would I encourage a friend to do?

Set yourself mini goals to start. Over times these goals will get bigger, and your new way of positive thinking becomes your new approach to problems. I used this method, and set myself weekly tasks, as simple as taking my dog for a walk. As the weeks went by this activity did not fill me with worry but became enjoyable.  My anxiety levels dropped each time I faced a goal. The anxiety we feel can only reach a certain point until it starts to fall again. Therefore by doing the things that make us feel anxious, your level of worry will lower the more you do them.

One of my goals was to have driving lessons. Each week I dreaded the thought of going out for an hour (I don't think many people enjoy learning to drive anyway) and I managed to face my fear and furthermore passed my driving test (what an amazing feeling that was).

I wish there was a magic wand that could take away that anxiety feeling for good, sadly there isn't. But if I could give you any advice it would be to seek help from a friend or a professional. It will not get better by avoiding and ignoring how you feel. By taking these first steps, it's a way of making the right changes to new beginnings. 

Anxiety is a very common mental illness, and you would be surprised how many people experience it at some point in their lives. The more we talk about it and realise it's an everyday struggle for some, the more awareness it brings to the issue.

Anxiety had a huge impact on my life. It was by making subtle changes in how I think and behave that I managed to overcome it. It will take time and patience but it will make you stronger and you will have the knowledge to deal with such problems in the future if they should arise. 

When faced with a problem or a negative thought pops into your mind, tackle it! 
What evidence is there for and against? 
Don't let negativity rain on your parade!

A thought is just a thought...
..Build bridges not walls..
..and finally enjoy the moment!

Part Two

When I started to challenge my anxious feelings, I also decided to start doing things I enjoyed to redirect any negative emotions. Here are a few things that I enjoy;

Walking my Dogs

           Cooking. Trying for a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle. It's hard when you have a sweet tooth.
Butter-nut squash soup

Watching films 

 Evenings out with friends. I try and limit my alcohol intake to once a month (I don't deal with hangovers  very well).


Collages. I love nothing more than cutting out pictures from magazines and creating a collage. A visit to Hobbycraft also gets me in the creative mood.

Re-arranging my bedroom. I am always moving things around and buying pretty things for my bedroom, as it's where I enjoy time on my own.
Flower candles.

This has been a great outlet to focus my attention on something and improve my writing skills.

New hobbies are a great way to increase your sense of achievement and self esteem. Do the things that make you happy and get pleasure from, and remind yourself there is a silver lining and things can get better.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope it is helpful in some way.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pass it on ...

Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated! The lovely Jo at A little Pop of Coral nominated me, so thank you! 

Here are the Rules:

-Link to the blog of the person who nominated you. (Jo's link is above)
-Select fifteen new blog/bloggers you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
-Nominate those bloggers for a VBA, leave a link to their page and comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.

-Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about you.

The Nominees:

Jenny sunnys sweetpea

Natalie Living in clips

Ish Style hush blog

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Gillian Evelator Musik

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Alice Tea party with Alice

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Please take a moment and click above and discover a new blog.

Seven things about me:
1. I have two beagles, Theo and Kimi. I could talk about them all day... 
2. I always try and stay below 8 stone, even if it's just a lb!
3. I wanted to be an interior designer when I was younger. 
4. I love cola flavoured lollipops
5. I have suffered with anxiety and have overcome many fears.
6. I want to be a mum one day
7.  I would love long mermaid hair. My hair never grows past a certain length.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the links please.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Walk like an Egyptian ...

Kukee Prize

I rarely enter competitions to win something on twitter, however when there is jewellery to be won, then my ears perk up and you have my attention. So all I had to do was retweet the competition link, easy! I didn't even consider that I would be one of the winners and receive £60 worth of jewellery from Kukee, I was counting my lucky stars that day.
The parcel arrived a few days later, and I was one happy girl to see that I received so many wonderful things. So let me share some of my favourite items that I won.

Kukee is a UK based, online store for all cute and quirky jewellery.

Double Collar 

This collar is a statement piece, I felt like a little magpie when I saw this shining back at me. I have teamed it with a denim shirt, having seen collars being worn under a collared item, I have always wanted to wear this look. 

Below is a chunky gold necklace that I wore with a little black dress, by adding this necklace the outfit was transformed and I was ready for an evening out. It is amazing how wearing the right accessories can change the whole look and make you feel good.

'Omg, how much?' Kukee offers affordable funky jewellery

Spread your wings and fly
The Eagle Necklace above, is not an item I would of chosen myself, but thank goodness Kukee was choosing the prizes. It is now one of my favourite necklaces and I can't wait to wear it with my H&M jacket. I think the necklace would look great worn with a pretty floral dress, as the contrast of the floral and the antique sliver, copper and gold plated eagle would work so well. 

Below, Collar pins, Pretty Bow Earrings, Statement Geometric Earrings
I have always wanted to wear collar tips, and now I have the chance too, thanks again Kukee.

More Jewellery...

These Snake Earrings have certainly charmed me, they are so unique and I plan to wear these out next bank holiday, to add some sparkle to my outfit.

The necklace above is a little gem. It reminds me of trawling through my nan's dressing table and admiring all her beautiful things, and she had a necklace just like this one.

I adore these delicate Knuckle Rings and skull rings, they are so pretty and dainty. A summery nail polish is all that is needed to compliment these rings.

Kukee have so many on trend items at prices that are start from £1.50 (this is not a typing error). Plus they have offers available, see below, so as a customer you really are being spoilt for choice and getting your money's worth.

Thank you Kukee for my lovely prize. Follow on twitter @ilovekukke and keep an eye out for future competitions.
What is your favourite item from this collection? Do you have any style tips on how to wear these items?