Friday, 26 April 2013

My Cup of Tea


I wanted to be an Interior Designer when I was younger, but for whatever reason I never took it any further than helping my mum decorate a room or two in the house. Nonetheless, I adore looking at homeware and for new ideas on Pinterest. The collage above, are a few looks I would love to create for my own room. It can be so much fun decorating a space to make it yours. This is exactly what I intend to do. I want to transform my room with a mini makeover. So I have started off small and have reorganised my shelf. I have cleared the mess and now have all my pretty things on display.



Items from Next, Wilkinson, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Sainsburys.

Wish List

Rabbit Dish / Jug /  Round cushion  / Dog Paperweight

Above, My Bedroom Wishlist. All things I would love to have to help transform and decorate my room.

The Rose Tea Cup and Saucer in Lavender and Floral jug are from the delightful online boutique Love from Rosie. I discovered this gem through the Blog Victoria's Vintage. Victoria shared with us her Pink Rose Tea Cup and Saucer and Shabby Chic mini bunting, check out her blog with the link above to see how she used these darlings in her room. 
I chose the pretty pastel coloured jug as it would be great for holding flowers, and I often treat my mum to her favourite yellow and pink tulips, so this would be an ideal gift. The Cup and Saucer in Lavender reminds me of the little talking cup from Beauty and the Beast, because of it's elegant gold detailing. I would sit this next to my china Bunny, and then they can have a private tea party when I am not looking! Love from Rosie has so many lovely items waiting to be discovered.

The Illustration Print is a simple but pretty photography illustration from notonthehighstreet. They have so many prints and pictures to chose from, you are spoilt for choice. I have my eye on a couple. I plan on hanging them on the same wall with other decorative pieces so that one wall will become a focal point.

Another item from notonthehighstreet is the Rabbit dish, how adorable! I already have a Ring Dish, but mine doesn't have a cute rabbit in the middle. It would also look ever so nice next to my Bunny money box.

Hope you have enjoyed my post. I hope to have more room updates for you soon.
What is your favourite thing on my wishlist? And what would be on yours?


  1. I need to get me one of those bunny ring holders, they are lovely. I like the before and after photos, really made a difference, looks very organised. I should organise my room, it always ends in a mess!

    Header is looking great on the blog too, properly happy you liked it! :D

  2. The doggy doorstop is so cute! There's a lookylikey one in Primark I noticed last week (right before payday!)

  3. You did a great job with your shelf - it's so much nicer when things aren't cluttered, its just hard to avoid when you've got more stuff than you have space for! :)

  4. I actually have the 'love' thing in purple :D I love all home type things - at the moment though in the battle between homeware and clothes, clothes is winning and my house is still lacking a few pretty little things like these :(

  5. you totally could have made it as an interior designer, this looks so great! I love those candles and your inspiration pictures really do provide inspiration. Makes me desperate to have my own place again!

    Emily Jane xo

  6. I love that blue bedside table in the inspiration pictures! You arranged all your things really nicely as well :) I need to do this too, my room is soooo cluttered!