Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Blog Heading

I have been blogging now for a few months, it has been a work in progress to make it something I can say I'm proud of. There are so many great blogs out there, it is hard not to compare yours to others. But nonetheless, I enjoy blogging and it has been great to focus my energy on something and be a little creative. So, one thing that I wanted was a new header, as it is the first thing you see when visiting a blog.
So after a bad experience with a blogger that produced a header that looked like it was done in five minutes (Let's not talk about that), I found Katie known as tattyboots on Twitter. I visited her blog, and fell in love with her illustrations and her artistic style. I emailed her, and she replied saying that a new header would be no problem and asked what ideas I had. I always wished I was good at drawing and such, but it's a skill I just don't have! I sent a few font ideas and images from google that I would like, and said I would leave it in her more than capable hands. It wasn't long until she sent me a preview, and asked what I liked to keep and change. It was such a pleasure to be involved in the process. The header was everything I had asked for, and more. I asked for a hippy style header, and Katie drew this wonderful image and finished it off with beautiful water colours. Below, are all the stages of the design process that were emailed to me as she went along.

The Final Look

The first image. All my ideas were taken into account, I was thrilled with it.

I was then sent several versions of the header that all differed slightly,
and I picked my favourite. (Above and Below)
Then the water colours added the final touches and it was sent over ready to be
added to my blog. Yey!

tattyboots illustrations were featured in bloggers magazine entitled Aesthetic.

Examples of previous blog headings she has designed.

Shoes, an example of some of Katie's work. One of my favourites because of the softness.

I am pleased with the final results, and Katie's design has given me the individual heading that I so wanted. If you are looking for a new header or images to revamp your blog, I highly recommend Katie. 
Big thank you to tattyboots and thank you for letting me share your wonderful illustrations.

Find her on Twitter here

Do you like my new header?

 Thanks for reading.


  1. This is so lovely of you to do, thank you so very much! I definitely wanted you involved, it was your header after all so wanted to make sure it was how you imagined it so getting you involved in the process was a real pleasure. :)

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