Monday, 1 April 2013

Weekend Pics

This Easter weekend was filled with sunshine and fun. When I was young we often did the short trip to Porthcawl, and visited the fun fair and walked along the prom. It has however been a while since I have been there and I was not sure what to expect as one sees thing differently through the eyes of a child. I was not disappointed, it was full of families and couples making the most of the weather just like we were. It was nice to feel the sunshine on my face as we walked along the beach, so here is hoping we have a hot summer. 

I was tempted to go on the roundabout (above), but opted out, I'm sure it would of been just as magical as I remembered as a child but going on alone would of made me feel a little awkward. The donkeys were still there on the beach, they looked very sad but were awfully cute. I am just a tad too big to be getting on a donkey for a ride, so I left that to all the children gathering around them.
It was a lovely day, I enjoyed revisiting a place where my parents used to take me and is full of childhood memories. It was definitely worth the drive to stroll along the beach while eating a hot dog from the fair. 

Easter Weekend 

 - Picture I bought for my mum from B&M Bargains £3.99, to go with a beach/seaside theme in the kitchen.
- New notebook from Wilkinson to keep all my blogging notes and ideas. They have a cool owl and fox range.
- Ketchup Clouds. Read this book this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed. It is about a young girl, who writes a series of letters to a man on death-row as she tries to deal with her own guilty secret. The author Annabel Pitcher won the Waterstones children's prize for this book.
- My boyfriend playing games with Kimi, they are both as crazy as eachother bless.
- Kimi and his older brother Theo playing with their new doggy toy.
- Kimi chewing on a game controller, when he should not be. Below this, his 'I'm sorry' face after being told off.
- Butternut squash soup (homemade) with gluten free pitta bread. I was on a health kick last week, and I used the recipe from the marvellous book Honestly Healthy.
- When my healthy eating ended with a bag (or 2) of mini eggs. It was Easter weekend after all.

Boots 3 for 2 Haul

1. New strawberry Lip Balm, comes in a cute ball shape and can apply without the need for using your fingers. This is one particular reason I bought it, I am attempting to improve the appearance of my skin so dirty fingers constantly applying lip balm is a no no! I have also purchased the Simple skin range as my new beauty regime, so feeling positive about seeing an improvement.

2. I love Soap & Glory products but have not tried the make up range. So let's take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer, although I think Boots are taking advantage of us with this offer, I want everything and this offer gives me an excuse to spend that little extra. The foundation and primer is a perfect base for my everyday foundation and feels very light on your skin. The translucent powder worked well to take away the shine and lasted throughout my shift this evening. I have not tried the mascara yet. I have come to the conclusion through all my mad and expensive purchases trying to find the perfect foundation, that it is not necessarily the more expensive product that will work best for you.

3. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. I have not read any reviews that claim extraordinary hair growth, neither have I read any bad reviews. My hair has never really grown beyond a certain length and this is what the product states it does. So let's hope the hype around these it true. I would love to wake up to beautiful long mermaid hair ...

Hope you have enjoyed my Easter post. I had some exciting news last night so will be posting about this later in the week.



  1. Lovely photos & great buys :)
    Your trip to Porthcawl reminds me of when I used to go to Llandudno and other places in North Wales with the family... when we came across donkey rides I was too scared to go anywhere near the donkeys haha!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :D I've really enjoyed reading yours, you've just gained a new follower!

    Helen at

  2. Aw the donkeys looked so sad! Wales have some lush places! Yep following your too hun x