Sunday, 26 May 2013

Selfridge's BBox

So, recently work has been a bit rubbish, and it has been getting me down. I thought I would treat myself with a little online shopping. I saw on twitter that a Beauty Box from Selfridges was being sold online and I decided this was going to be my treat to myself. It arrived shortly after placing the order, and when I opened it, I was far more cheerful than my previous mood.

The Summer Beauty Box contains the following:

  • Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer

  • Models Own Neon Nail Varnish

  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 50ml

  • Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Shower Gel 100ml

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml

  • St. Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml

  • Jane Tran Hair Clips

  • Erborian BB Cream 12ml

  • Lancaster After Sun 40ml

  • St. Tropez exclusive in-store offer card

  • I was delighted to see it included Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I have wanted to try this for some time. I purchased the Shine Spray before, and found it really worked well to tame stray hairs and gave my hair a healthy shine. So, I'm looking forward to trying this, and hoping I will achieve textured beach hair with ease. 

    This box is full of items I can't wait to try, especially Caudalie Beauty Elixar. I wear foundation and powder everyday, so it will be interesting to see if this helps freshen the skin and give my complexion 'a burst of radiance'.

    I think the Model's Own in a neon shade is perfect for a summer look. I adore the addition of the Jane Tran hair clips, I am forever losing mine. These will be ideal for pinning my hair back in little fish tail braids.
    I am not usually impressed by the monthly Beauty Boxes I used to received, and I quickly cancelled my subscription to them. However, this Beauty Box is a true gem, containing St Tropez and Erborian BB Cream. The items picked are ones you really want to try. It is clear to see that you are getting your money's worth, as you have £75 worth of products, for £25. It's definitely something to rave about. It is always a plus having a box to keep products and items in, so even the box is going to be used for new storage. It has all the summer essentials to get you beauty ready. Thank you Selfridges!

    Every Sunday, I look forward to reading YOU Magazine. It is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles, and I often get inspired by these. I noticed an offer and thought I would share it, because everyone seems to love a little nail art and nail care. This kit is available on Latest in Beauty, and again it is value for money. I've always wanted to buy Butter nail polish so the fact that you get one in your kit, has sold it to me. 
    However, there are only a limited number available, so be quick!

    Thank you for reading my post. I hope it has got you excited to try new products, and why not treat yourself to a Beauty Box or Nail Kit.
    What are your summer beauty must-haves?
    Thank you for the comments, if you leave your link I will reply to them all while checking out yours.
    Hope you are having a great Bank Holiday!

    Monday, 20 May 2013

    Denim Flow

    A whole lot of denim love here
    I have noticed that some people's shopping habits mean they tend to go for the same look and never seem to stray away from what they wear day to day. So it seems my weakness is for anything denim. The other day I was in Topshop and I found myself walking instinctively to look at a denim shirt. I already have five at home, so there is no need to purchase yet another. But I can't help myself, it has become my favourite item of clothing.
    It has even become apparent that I have no problem about wearing double denim. I know when some people hear the words double denim images of B*Witched in head to toe denim spring to mind, or the matching denim outfits worn by Justin and Britney. But it's a world away from that look, and wearing denim and denim  does not have to be a faux pas. I wear my denim shirt with my Topshop Leigh jeans for example, and I wear my denim jacket and sleeveless shirt with a pretty cream skirt. There is no need to look like you a prisoner in denim overalls, it's all about finding what pieces look good together. I remember an icon image of Blondie wearing jeans and a denim shirt on stage and she looked gorgeous.

    Below: Just a few of my denim items

    Miss Selfridge / Zara 

    Topshop / Zara / Ebay
    Too much?

    Playing with the Beautiful Mess App

    Above, are a few of my denim shirts, all well worn and loved. I know there will be no more buying shirts, it would be silly to have any more. However, I can get my fix elsewhere as I have my eye on a pair of Mom Jeans. I have seen some outfits where they look great on, I will have to try them and see if they are for me first. Also a pretty denim dress or pinafore would be a great purchase to get yourself that denim look. I do have a fondness for a denim shirt or cute denim shorts, but I'm happy to say I do not restrict my wardrobe to this one look and will be embracing some different looks this summer. 

    What is your one shopping weakness?  

    How many times have I wrote the word denim in this post? (Apologies). 
    Thank you for reading.

    Saturday, 18 May 2013

    The Road to Coachella

    Just a mini post today because work is calling. I just wanted to share with you how much I love the new Topshop Festival Edit featuring the effortless style queen Kate Bosworth. It features a beautiful short film directed by her husband Michael Polish entitled 'The Road to Coachella'.
    Kate Bosworth's collaboration with Topshop is a 16 piece collection, inspired by her personal style and festival chic. She showed off some of the pieces at this year's Coachella Festival (above).

    Kate said, 'Our intent was to create fresh, wearable and effortless festival pieces. I am proud of our work together and I adore these pieces,they fit perfectly with the mood of the 'Topshop Festival' collection'.

    I adore these pieces too! I have my eye on a shirt and bag, so I hope they are still available in a weeks time and not sold out. Below I have chosen my favourite images of Kate modelling the collection. I always admire the way a new collection is promoted and put together. I think the Festival Edit is a summer winner! 

    In addition to this gorgeous collection, Topshop will be hosting a number of secret pop-up gigs all over the world, featuring up and coming artists. Tickets will be given away randomly to customers, so keep an eye out for further details.

    I feel a Topshop Haul coming soon. Thanks for reading, and for the lovely comments. I am always happily surprised when someone leaves a comment.
    What do you think of the collection?
    What is your favourite piece?

    Wednesday, 15 May 2013

    Wednesday Wishlist

    I thought it was time to do a wishlist, it has been a while since the last. I do enjoy making a list of all the pretty things that have caught my eye. So, imagine the sun was shining (it's been wet and windy the past few days), and you have the day to yourself to sit in the sun (bliss). I have chosen an outfit and a few items that will be perfect for such a day.
    The floral blazer from Zara would look great with the white crop top and my favourite Topshop Leigh jeans. It's not something I would usually wear, but I love the print and the way it is styled on the model. I have chosen some exclusive low blazers from Office for a casual-fun look.
    The Ted Baker bag (I really want), is the perfect size to carry all your bits and bobs for a day in the sun. The London lunchbox is from Topshop, and the flask is from Cath Kidston. I love purchasing cute items like these, and plan to when payday comes around. The summer always calls for a new pair of sunglasses and a new lip colour, these two gems are from Topshop aswell. I could easily make a Topshop wishlist everyday!
    I just hope the sun comes out soon, so we can all enjoy a picnic or a day in the sun. :)

     Hope you have enjoyed my wishlist, always fun to do! I would love to know what is on your wishlist? 

    Thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post. So great to read about your dream jobs, and that some of you work in your dream job! :)
    I will have an outfit post up soon. Follow on bloglovin to see my first ottd post!!


      Sunday, 12 May 2013

      you may say i'm a dreamer ...

      This post is just me day dreaming about the perfect job. I know it takes a lot of hard work and talent to get where you want to be, but for fun I thought I'd share with you my dream career ...

      Do you have your dream job? I rarely hear anyone say 'I love my job' and those who do seem to be the lucky ones. I always thought about what my dream job would be when I was younger, an interior designer, a Zoo keeper and a Shoe Designer to name but a few. 
      I have just finished watching The Carrie Diaries, where a young Carrie Bradshaw stumbles into an intern job at Interview magazine. I know it is fiction, but I can't help wishing my life was like that. I have watched The Devil Wears Prada so many times. I watch even though I know what happens, as Anne Hathaway's character goes from a frumpy duckling to a successful Chanel wearing swan.    
      Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port worked at Teen Vogue during the earlier episodes of The Hills. I loved seeing them work on a fashion shoot, as they steamed the clothes and organised everything to be ready for stylists (I remember they were not so impressed though!). I know the image I have of working for a magazine or designer may be thought to be more perfect than it is, but those who do must love their jobs surely?                                                                                                 

      I took Media Studies for Alevel and for a Degree (I must have enjoyed it), and one topic that really stood out for me was Advertising. I would love to be part of the teams that come up with the campaigns for designers and brands. In magazines such as Vogue and Elle, every other page is an advertisement, beautifully photographed and thought out, (Do you tear these images out like me?)
      It is these beautiful images that excite me. The composition and ideas behind the images is something I would love to learn more about. The power of the media to influence and push boundaries is something that can be positive and some times negative. There have been many iconic images, especially for women, that have highlighted positive changes in society. I know it's not all empowering, fashion adverts tend to feature under weight models and use sex to sell their products and lifestyles. However, it is a form of art. I would love to be part of the creative team behind an advert, and to see how an initial idea is transformed into a glossy advert.
      Wow, this is alot of day dreaming!

      Marc Jacob's advert featuring Dakota Fanning, was banned for being too 'sexually provocative'. The actress posed with a large bottle of 'Oh Lola' perfume between her legs, and along with how young the actress looked, it caused some offence and received many complaints.

      The 'Benetton 'Unhate' campaign caused some controversy. The photoshopped images of President Obama and other world leaders kissing sent out a strong message. Although it had nothing to do with clothing, Benetton campaigns are known to highlight issues such as tolerance to try and combat hatred in society.

      Marks and Spencer's featured Seb White, a young boy with Down's Syndrome and made history by being the first model with a learning disability to feature in a TV advertisement for a major brand.  

      Hope you have enjoyed my post. I currently work at Next and I am very content working in retail. I was out of work for a while, my anxiety held me back and I was unable to work. So I am, now, just grateful to have a job and to work with some great people. However, this doesn't stop a girl from dreaming ...

      What is your dream career? Are you on your way to having that job? I would love to hear from you, please do leave a comment and I will reply to them on your blog  :)

      Tuesday, 7 May 2013

      if I was a Rich Girl ...

      The May blogging challenge is more of a challenge than I first thought. I have missed a day or two, so the plan is to carry on and post as often as possible this month. This is another celeb inspired post with a look that excites me very much. 
      It was the Met Ball Gala the other night at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a big night for fashion and the theme of the evening was 'Punk:Chaos To Couture'. It was a red carpet full of stars, from Rita Ora to Ann Wintour. There were fashion hits and one too many fashion misses. It was Nicole Richie that stole the show for me. I'm a big fan of Nicole Richie and her style, and she did not disapoint that evening. Nicole modelled her new silver/grey short hair do, her look was striking and glamorous. The theme was not wasted on her. I loved this look, from the hair, make up, dress and spiked accessories. I'm sure not everyone would agree that this was a fashion hit, but for me she wins best dressed!

       head to toe Stunning!

      Would you ever go short and silver?

      Get the look. Model Roby Rose. Miley Cyrus and Cruella DeVil (why not?)

      Nicole posted a sneaky pic before the event of her nails against her gorgeous detailed dress on instagram. Below, I have chosen some rings and nail polish so we can create the look ourselves. Nicole's deep red and gold half-moon manicure was created by Kimmie Kyees.
       I would love to try this on my own nails, so I will purchasing a gold nail pen soon. All the rings I have chosen are from the wonderful on-line boutique Dixi, 'a treasure trove for vintage and modern jewellery'. :)

      NAIL ART PEN IN FOOLS GOLD /  Generation Q: Nail Varnish in Charisma
      DIXI Jewellery 

      Moonrock Ring £8 / Talisse Arrow Point Ring £6 

      Livia Geometric Stacked Ring £6 / Idah Moonstone Rings £12

      Nicole wore Topshop Couture, doesn't that just sound beautiful?. The long white embellished dress looked perfect on her petite frame. I just adored everything about the dress. It reminded me of a dress I always seem to click on when on the Topshop site. This dress has embellishment detail on the sleeves and neckline just like the dress Nicole wore. I have picked a studded hard clutch from Topshop to add that punk feel. I think all that is needed is a bold dark lip colour and the overall look would be very Nicole-esque.  


      Click, Click, Click, Click

      I hope you have enjoyed my post. I was so excited when I saw what Nicole wore, I really wanted to do a post about it. I may do my first ootd post soon. eeeek!
      Who was your best dressed?
      How would you style a celeb for a punk couture event?


        Sunday, 5 May 2013

        Pink Champagne #BEDM 5

        So I was unsure I would reach Day 5 of the blogging challenge. I read on twitter that this is the most some people have blogged before, and this is very true for me too. I usually blog once a week so taking that into account I am on a roll. I have gone off topic today, because I really wanted to do this post. Yesterday, Keira Knightley married her singer boyfriend James Righton. I instantly fell in love with what she wore, it is so effortless, romantic and pretty. It was a relaxed affair in the south of France with close friends and family. Keira wore a strapless tulle dress, a tweed Chanel jacket, ballet pumps and flowers in her hair. The groom looked equally as charming in his navy blue suit.

        Mood Board

         Here are some pieces from Coast and Asos I have chosen to create a look inspire by Keira's wedding day style. 

        The Chanel style jacket is timeless and is the perfect staple item to add to your spring wardrobe. Trophy jackets can be worn casual, with jeans and t shirt or as a cover up with a gorgeous dress. There are many available on the high street, in Primark, Next and H&M. I never thought about purchasing one before but think I will very soon.
        All the dresses I have chosen are romantic and girly, inspired by Keira's wedding dress. I love the soft shades and elegant fabrics. These are dresses that will make you feel like a real princess. What dress is your favourite?
        I love the fact, Keira kept it simple. I have included some pretty accessories, a clutch and sparkle hair piece from Coast. I have mentioned before, that I love to wear flowers in my hair. So these floral hair bands from Asos are a perfect choice. It is a trend that will be worn this summer, so keep an eye out in Topshop and Miss Selfridge because they do lovely hair bands in this style.
        Finally, ballet pumps are an item I have worn everyday, ever since I saw Kate Moss wore them. I really want a pair by Vivienne Westwood.

        Hope you have enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed doing it! What are your favourite pieces  Where would you wear something like this?
        Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday.


        Saturday, 4 May 2013

        #BEDM 4

        Day 4
        Five Fave Blogs
        Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

        Outside Beauty Inside Health 

        This blog is a real gem. It's full of beauty, fashion and health tips.Cat has posts are inspiring and helpful when it comes to fitness and health. It has certainly encouraged me to be more healthy. Cat is a fun and honest blogger and is posting all about her fitness progress.

        Lydia Faye Jones 

        This girls knows how to shop! Lydia shares her shopping habits and style with the reader. I really love her outfits post and she buys from the high street, so there is always pieces I want to get my hands on too.


        Corrie's blog is full of fabulous reviews. I love seeing what make up she is using and recommends. She has the most gorgeous hair and is a really sweet girl. Let's be best friends?!

        Sail Boat 

        Only recently discovered this blog, and it's a darling. Jennie takes beautiful pictures and makes every look so pretty. Her post 'You've Changed!' was honest & relatable, Jennie shares her little world with the reader which I find endearing. 

        Makeup Savvy  

        One of the first blogs I started to follow. Fee does great reviews of products that are affordable  This is my go to blog when I want to try out something new and be money savvy at the same time. 

        It's Day 4 of the Blog everyday in May challenge. Above are my favourite blogs, I could of share so many more. I may miss a day or two of the challenge due to it being Bank Holiday and work. But I'm definitely going to blog so much more this month. The daily themes are really inspiring and I hope to carry on following them, and trying new things to post about. I will be reading #BEDM posts every evening because I want to follow the challenge and the new blogs I have discovered.

        Hope everyone has a wonderful Bank Holiday! If there is a blog you love and recommend please share the link with me. :)


        Friday, 3 May 2013

        #BEDM 3

        Day 3
        Day in the Life!
        Tell us about your typical day. Or maybe do a photo diary of what you are doing on the hour every hour for 12 hours. Or you could sum up what you did today. 

        It's Day 3 of the May blogging challenge, I'm still here! In a previous post I mentioned I'm going to give my bedroom a mini makeover. Yesterday, I purchased a bedside table from Ikea. I forgot how much fun Ikea is, and how many great things there are to buy! I was sensible and only bought what I went there for, a bedside table. So today, I rolled up my sleeves and braved some DIY. I thought a flat pack would be easy to put together, but I discovered otherwise. After a few green teas and chasing the pup around because he couldn't resist stealing the screwdriver, it was complete! So, here it is (below) put together with my own fair hands. I have placed a few decorative items on top, and now my room is one step closer to being how I want it to look. I plan on reading more BEDM posts tonight and then will carry on reading my new book, Paper Aeroplanes. Luckily, I had today off work so I took advantage and spent the day doing very little.


        Flower Tealights 9 Pack £2
        Flowers and Wish from Next, similar here

        Thank you for reading and I hope you are all enjoying the BEDM challenge!


        Thursday, 2 May 2013

        #BEDM 2

        Day 2
        Spring is Here!
         What is your favourite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?

        So it's Day 2 of the blogging challenge, so far so good. I have read so many wonderful posts today, and they have really summed up the beauty of spring. I have been enjoying this welcomed sunshine, and have been taking my boys (two Beagles) out and about for walks. This is what springs is all about, enjoying the weather and the outside.

        I have made two little wishlists, one for the boys and one for me (of course), and these items would be great for walks. These items are practical as well as pretty.

        I love these pastel coloured leads, it makes a change from the dirty leather leads we use now. 
        How sweet is this neckerchief? I'm sure the boys would thank me if they could for making them look so cute.
        Beagles don't really fetch and return, but they enjoy playing games, so this Frisbee would be a good distraction.

        So when we are out a backpack would be ideal. It's easy to carry and could easily fit some lunch boxes, so we could stop for a picnic. 
        Spring means it's time to get the sunglasses out. I have picked these retro style ones from Asos, they look very similar to Ray Ban's and for a snippet of the price.

        What are your spring essentials?
        Thanks for reading.

        Wednesday, 1 May 2013

        My Ted ...

        Spring/Summer 2013 blogger competition!

        I found out about the Ted Baker blogger competition on Twitter recently, and I just had to enter! All you have to do is pick 3 of your favourite pieces (men's or women's) at Then explain your reason why this style and where you would wear it. Then tweet link to @ted_baker with the hashtag #tedSS13. Simple as that! 

        I love looking at clothes online and making little wishlists, so this is something I do for fun! I decided to use young Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries as my style inspiration. Carrie's style is individual, fun and playful. So I asked myself, what would Carrie wear?

        My Entry

        There were so many gorgeous pieces, I really was spoilt for choice. These are the three pieces I picked and I think the complete look is something Carrie or I would wear on a summer's evening out with the girls.

        This dress is so precious, and I love the lace and sweetheart detail. It's the perfect dress for special occasions and can be worn during the day and on to the night.

        These ice cream earrings are so sweet. This was the look I was going for, worn with the gorgeous Rannie dress it would only compliment that young and fun style.

        I think Carrie, and many girls out there share a big love for shoes. I picked these pink heels because one they are pink, and two they are glittery. These heels have brought out my girly side and gives you that bright splash of colour.

        I could have easily chosen so many more pieces and gone for so many different looks. I really wanted to pick a hat from the men's wear., but I went for something that differs from my usual taste. Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to wear this pretty blue dress 
        and glittery pink heels!

        I hope you like my entry. 

        Find out more details of the competition here.

        Good Luck!


        So it's May, and there is a blogging challenge to start. Elizabeth has set a Blog Everyday in May Challenge, and so many people have signed up. Everday there is a new topic to encourage us to get creative and interpret how we like. I really like this idea, and I am looking forward to having new blogs to read and follow throughout the month.

        Day 1
        Introduce yourself or sum yourself up in just 5 lines. Include a photograph that you are proud of.

        Here goes ...

        I'm Christina, I started blogging this year. I loved the idea of having my own space where I can be creative and hopefully improve my writing skills. I love watching a good film (geek), homeware, foundation, Topshop and the Kardashions (Please don't judge me for this). At the moment I am reading Dawn O'Porter's new book, paper aeroplanes. I don't really like talking about myself, but I'm sure this blog challenge will make me share a little more. :)

        I did not know what picture to put, so put this pretty one I found online. Plus everyone loves a cuppa.

        There are lots of people taking part, use #BEDM to find them on twitter.