Saturday, 4 May 2013


Day 4
Five Fave Blogs
Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

Outside Beauty Inside Health 

This blog is a real gem. It's full of beauty, fashion and health tips.Cat has posts are inspiring and helpful when it comes to fitness and health. It has certainly encouraged me to be more healthy. Cat is a fun and honest blogger and is posting all about her fitness progress.

Lydia Faye Jones 

This girls knows how to shop! Lydia shares her shopping habits and style with the reader. I really love her outfits post and she buys from the high street, so there is always pieces I want to get my hands on too.


Corrie's blog is full of fabulous reviews. I love seeing what make up she is using and recommends. She has the most gorgeous hair and is a really sweet girl. Let's be best friends?!

Sail Boat 

Only recently discovered this blog, and it's a darling. Jennie takes beautiful pictures and makes every look so pretty. Her post 'You've Changed!' was honest & relatable, Jennie shares her little world with the reader which I find endearing. 

Makeup Savvy  

One of the first blogs I started to follow. Fee does great reviews of products that are affordable  This is my go to blog when I want to try out something new and be money savvy at the same time. 

It's Day 4 of the Blog everyday in May challenge. Above are my favourite blogs, I could of share so many more. I may miss a day or two of the challenge due to it being Bank Holiday and work. But I'm definitely going to blog so much more this month. The daily themes are really inspiring and I hope to carry on following them, and trying new things to post about. I will be reading #BEDM posts every evening because I want to follow the challenge and the new blogs I have discovered.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Bank Holiday! If there is a blog you love and recommend please share the link with me. :)



  1. Have a great Bank Holiday sweetie xxx

    1. and you hun.may do my first outfit post this week. have you thought about doing one?x

    2. Yeah I've got so many ideas but got heavy exams at the moment and trying to refrain from spending all my time blogging! Going to really get down to some outfit posts etc. beginning of June xx

  2. Thanks for the comment on my post. I'll be taking a look at these now :)

  3. I love Sailboat, Jennie's posts are so honest and relatable.
    Mel xx