Monday, 20 May 2013

Denim Flow

A whole lot of denim love here
I have noticed that some people's shopping habits mean they tend to go for the same look and never seem to stray away from what they wear day to day. So it seems my weakness is for anything denim. The other day I was in Topshop and I found myself walking instinctively to look at a denim shirt. I already have five at home, so there is no need to purchase yet another. But I can't help myself, it has become my favourite item of clothing.
It has even become apparent that I have no problem about wearing double denim. I know when some people hear the words double denim images of B*Witched in head to toe denim spring to mind, or the matching denim outfits worn by Justin and Britney. But it's a world away from that look, and wearing denim and denim  does not have to be a faux pas. I wear my denim shirt with my Topshop Leigh jeans for example, and I wear my denim jacket and sleeveless shirt with a pretty cream skirt. There is no need to look like you a prisoner in denim overalls, it's all about finding what pieces look good together. I remember an icon image of Blondie wearing jeans and a denim shirt on stage and she looked gorgeous.

Below: Just a few of my denim items

Miss Selfridge / Zara 

Topshop / Zara / Ebay
Too much?

Playing with the Beautiful Mess App

Above, are a few of my denim shirts, all well worn and loved. I know there will be no more buying shirts, it would be silly to have any more. However, I can get my fix elsewhere as I have my eye on a pair of Mom Jeans. I have seen some outfits where they look great on, I will have to try them and see if they are for me first. Also a pretty denim dress or pinafore would be a great purchase to get yourself that denim look. I do have a fondness for a denim shirt or cute denim shorts, but I'm happy to say I do not restrict my wardrobe to this one look and will be embracing some different looks this summer. 

What is your one shopping weakness?  

How many times have I wrote the word denim in this post? (Apologies). 
Thank you for reading.


  1. You may have a lot of denim shirts/jackets but at least they aren't all identical! They're all completely different in respects to their colours, styles and embellishments.

    I'm not sure what my particular weakness is. Maybe just clothes and shoes in general! xx

  2. I think I have a shorts weakness, or a pastel weakness.....or generally just clothes!

    Love the shirt from ebay!



  3. wow you have quite a collection! all so gorgeous aswell! x

  4. I've just gotten back into denim, have been eyeing up some denim skater skirts for the Summer :) nothing wrong with a bit of double denim either! xoxo

  5. Just found your blog and already loving it so much. Following you! Denim is just my favourite, my particular weakness is shorts - I don't need the number of pairs I have, but they're just so versatile! I'm looking out for some dungarees.

    Would love if you would have a little look at my blog too :)

    The perks of being a hipster

  6. You have so much denim! But I know the feeling if there's an item of clothing you love there's no stopping you and why should there be.. I know it's an expensive hobby but you'll always look great :-) my weakness is definitely outwear! I have so many jackets that are all so similar!!

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  7. Whoa, so much denim and so many styles! I really want a denim button up and a denim jacket. ^^

  8. awesome post, so inspirational! I'm totally in love with denim at the moment <3

  9. I have one denim shirt which i wear sometimes with colours jeans for the double denim look. I do love denim but mainly in jeans and my denim jacket. I always buy jeans, i have no many pairs but always seem to need more!


  10. I used to hate denim shirts but I've seen loads recently and they're really growing in me. I think I need one


  11. You have so much denim! I'm loving mixing denim at the moment too x

  12. Hey! I've nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award :) You don't have to accept, but if you're interested there's more information here:
    Daire x

  13. Great denim pieces absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of double denim in a non bewitched style! X

  14. I honestly hated jean jackets, but after my aunt bought me one last weekend, I've been adoring them! This is a great post! n__n

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  15. I love denim jackets and shirts, so easy to wear. Love the styles you have

    Ellie xo design blog | beauty & fashion blog

  16. I have no denim! My weakness is studs. I buy so much stuff with studs on it's ridiculous, I have too much already and most of the stuff - I have nowhere to wear it. I bought one of those black bodycon dresses with studded shoulders and it looks insanely ridiculous, but I can't throw it out! x

  17. Great post! Love love loving denim at the moment! :)

    Kelly xx

  18. You have so much denim! To be honest I don't wear it much, but do love it on other people. I think it's so summery :D Thankyou for your comment on my blog btw hun :D


  19. I am also loving denim this season! It just goes so well with everything.

    such a lovely blog - new follower right here :)


  20. Hi Christina, nothing wrong with having a collection of similar favourites, some people own masses of black garments. It's better to buy things you KNOW you will enjoy wearing, than to buy items you are not in love with! xo

  21. I love the look of your denim shirts.. they're never too much :D xx

    Gemma |

  22. ooo love a bit of denim... always steal the bf's denim shirts...

    Katie <3

  23. I'm crazy about denim shirts! I need to have one in my life!x xx x

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  25. Oh I absolutely adore demin and those shirts look gorgeous!! Bella x

  26. Denim is the best! It's so modern yet timeless. Great post.
    Adela x