Sunday, 26 May 2013

Selfridge's BBox

So, recently work has been a bit rubbish, and it has been getting me down. I thought I would treat myself with a little online shopping. I saw on twitter that a Beauty Box from Selfridges was being sold online and I decided this was going to be my treat to myself. It arrived shortly after placing the order, and when I opened it, I was far more cheerful than my previous mood.

The Summer Beauty Box contains the following:

  • Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer

  • Models Own Neon Nail Varnish

  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 50ml

  • Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Shower Gel 100ml

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml

  • St. Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml

  • Jane Tran Hair Clips

  • Erborian BB Cream 12ml

  • Lancaster After Sun 40ml

  • St. Tropez exclusive in-store offer card

  • I was delighted to see it included Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I have wanted to try this for some time. I purchased the Shine Spray before, and found it really worked well to tame stray hairs and gave my hair a healthy shine. So, I'm looking forward to trying this, and hoping I will achieve textured beach hair with ease. 

    This box is full of items I can't wait to try, especially Caudalie Beauty Elixar. I wear foundation and powder everyday, so it will be interesting to see if this helps freshen the skin and give my complexion 'a burst of radiance'.

    I think the Model's Own in a neon shade is perfect for a summer look. I adore the addition of the Jane Tran hair clips, I am forever losing mine. These will be ideal for pinning my hair back in little fish tail braids.
    I am not usually impressed by the monthly Beauty Boxes I used to received, and I quickly cancelled my subscription to them. However, this Beauty Box is a true gem, containing St Tropez and Erborian BB Cream. The items picked are ones you really want to try. It is clear to see that you are getting your money's worth, as you have £75 worth of products, for £25. It's definitely something to rave about. It is always a plus having a box to keep products and items in, so even the box is going to be used for new storage. It has all the summer essentials to get you beauty ready. Thank you Selfridges!

    Every Sunday, I look forward to reading YOU Magazine. It is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles, and I often get inspired by these. I noticed an offer and thought I would share it, because everyone seems to love a little nail art and nail care. This kit is available on Latest in Beauty, and again it is value for money. I've always wanted to buy Butter nail polish so the fact that you get one in your kit, has sold it to me. 
    However, there are only a limited number available, so be quick!

    Thank you for reading my post. I hope it has got you excited to try new products, and why not treat yourself to a Beauty Box or Nail Kit.
    What are your summer beauty must-haves?
    Thank you for the comments, if you leave your link I will reply to them all while checking out yours.
    Hope you are having a great Bank Holiday!


    1. Wow, Selfridges really know how to put a beauty box together! That's a fantastic range of really decent products for £25. The kit is brilliant value too, all that for £15? Wow! x

    2. I've never tried ANY beauty boxes for fear of what they might contain, I'm always worried I may not like them. Plus, I never have a clue about where to get a good one!

      Katie <3

    3. All that for £25, I might treat myself on payday! I'm desperate to try the surf spray too


    4. I've been hearing a lot about this! I like the look of it, it looks much better than the other beauty boxes out there! I don't mind paying a little more for something as awesome as this x

    5. I've never signed up for a beauty box before, I've been thinking about it recently but there's so many to chose from! I think this might end up being my pick, even if it is a little pricey, it's definitely worth it!

      Katherine x

    6. That looks like one of the best beauty boxes I have seen for ages. So many things that had so much hype about them! Enjoy them!

      Em x

    7. Ooh so many lovely products in one box, I bet this was amazing to open! I really want to try the Bumble & Bumble surf spray, I always hear such great reviews!

      Jennie xo |

    8. Oh I have always wanted wantednto try surf spray by B&B!!! Live your blog and am following :) ..X

    9. Had no idea they do a beauty box! Looks amazing!

    10. I am so surprised how good this beauty box is. I normally read these kind of reviews and think 'thank god i didn't waste my money'. The size of the items are all good sizes too. My summer must have is a highlighter, but i can't seem to find one i like at the moment :( The search continues...


    11. That's pretty good value! I love my tangle teezer and I'm a big fan of models own nail varnish x

    12. Been wanting the surf spray so bad! But my hair is so dammaged from sun and surf that I really probably don't need it!! LOL

      Lauren at adorn la femme

    13. This is such a good haul for £25! Would love to try the Bumble & Bumble spray and BB cream xoxo

    14. Argh how come I haven't heard about this sooner?! Just gone online to buy one and they've all sold out! :-( Its not a subscription service either is it... do you know how often they release these?