Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm One Happy Bear ...

I was so excited to receive my order from Vintage Style Me last week. Vintage Style Me collection is vintage clothing made for today's 'fashion loving girl'. It features 80's and 90's vintage pieces that are customised, giving you an unique look, that you cannot find in the shops!
After placing my order, I did not have long to wait for the delivery. It came with a little card with the above image,and 'Thanks Christina, Hope you like your t-shirt <3 xxx' written on it. I like this personal touch.

This Tee is from the Forest Collection, custom made Tee's with unique animal pockets. They are handmade to order. I love how the fabric is cut so that the image of the Bear is clear to see. The order process was quick and easy. There are over a dozen patterns to chose from, and it took me a while to pick just the one. I was torn between, The Stag image, Grizzly Bear and Garden Cats. As you can see, I went with the Grizzly Bear pattern. It also gives you the option to Build Your Own  Sweatshirt, Vest or T-shirt. Again you have a number of colours to chose from.
I think I was swayed by the above image,of the customised grey tee worn with a cute skater skirt. So, I am sure, I will be wearing my new T-shirt in a similar way. I would love to purchase some reworked Levi shorts, to wear with it. A chunky necklace like this one, would also look great with it.

I adore my Grizzly Bear Pocket! 

Build your own TFC Tee Here
 .. and pick from an array of patterns, so 'you stand out among the crowd'!!

PS. Crown and Glory 'head candy' also features on the site

Hope you have enjoyed reading. What pattern pocket would you go for?
What would you wear this T-shirt with? I would love some style ideas.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A photograph.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce. ― Karl Lagerfeld

Cute Dress!

The other day, I was going through an old suitcase in my house, that was bursting with old photographs of our family. Some of these pictures were very very old. I love the quality and look of old developed pictures. There were so many occasions and moments captured, I was interested in finding out the story behind them.

A picture is worth a thousand words, is a phrase that is commonly used, when a picture evokes emotions or memories. The picture (above) is of my mum and dad, when they were young, looking happy and carefree.
When I asked my Dad to tell me about this picture, he told a lovely little story. It was their first camping trip together, before they were married. After packing up and driving a mile or so down the road, my dad commented to my mum that no one came to collect the money for their pitch, and so he had not paid. I know many young couples would see a free stay at a camp-site as a bonus to their trip. However, my dad went on to say, he remembered how my mum said this would be dishonest and insisted he turned the car around and pay. He went on say it was a quality that he admired in her. Cute Story!

Today, we have filters and apps to turn pictures into vintage snaps. It seems that our lives are being documented through instagram, facebook etc, but how many of us get our photographs developed any more? The suitcase of photographs, was a treasure chest of memories, and had been kept in such good condition by my nan and mum. I am so grateful that these memories have been preserved and passed on, so that I am able to appreciate them too.

I'm a big fan of instagram and I upload pictures quite often. I would have no idea where to get these developed. However, Jess from Mismatched Knitwear is in the know. Jess posted some great links to companies that do just this.  I plan on creating a little album of all my favourite photographs and memories, so, in years to come I will have my own 'suitcase' of photographs to share. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading. 
Do you get your pictures developed? When was the last time you did?

Monday, 17 June 2013

Most Wanted 'Chasing Rainbows'


Tropaz Crossbody £58 

 6 Petal Flower Ring £78 (New colours) Etched Square Stone Ring £228

This week has gone by so fast, and it's time to do another Most WantedThe idea of this weekly post, is to share things that I would love to buy, if only I had a money tree in my garden! (It will also motivate me to blog weekly).
So, my second Most Wanted post is about the beautiful and bohemian inspired style of Free People
Free People's collection consists of clothes, accessories and unique pieces for the home. It is a dreamy and feminine collection that has me in a happy consumer daze. I really could do a wishlist to envy all wishlists! However, I have picked the above as my Most Wanted.  First, the Tropaz Crossbody is a brass metal purse with a painted floral design on the outside. The clasp is designed as two metal birds, it's a detail that I adore! These two rings had me in awe, the beautiful Indigo Calcaite stone and the embellishments on the six Petal Flower ring are simply divine.

The website was also a pleasure to use, and features some wonderful images. I will be using these as inspiration for future blog posts. Free People really care about the customer and the experience we have when shopping with them. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. 
What purchase would you love to make at the moment?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

''Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ...

...Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things..

... When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad' ''
 The Sound of Music

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What's in my bag?

The other day, I was tagged in a post by the wonderful Jess over at Mismatched Knitwear
a 'What's in your Handbag?' post. So I am sharing my handbag contents with you.
My Primark black satchel is my everyday bag. It's such a great buy and has a pretty detail on the outside, as well as the inside, as you can see (below). It has shown no sign of wear over the past couple of months, and for £8 I am more than impressed by the quality. So let's see what's inside...

The contents of my Handbag are not the most exciting, but are of a more practical nature. Every girl carries a purse, mine is not filled with riches but has the total of £7.56 worth in it. Inside my purse, I also have my boyfriend's Student card, it's always a bonus to get 10% off , especially in Topshop. I have a gift card for New Look, I'm unsure how much but I'm guessing about £3. I have my Debit card, it remains unused, until the awaited joy of pay day!

After reading a Recent Book Haul over at Behind Green Eye (please do check it out), I was tempted to buy a couple of books myself. I love a good book, so I purchased Girl Gone from Sharon's choices. I had a 45 minute wait for an appointment this week, so this was the perfect chance to get my book out and have a read. I'm enjoying the book so far!

If you looked inside my handbag last year, you would have found my make up bag filled with foundations, blush, and so many other products. However, I now only go out with my Soap and Glory Super Translucent mattifying powder and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Nude Beige. So, it's a nice change not 
to have my bag full of make up and have room to carry other things. I use my cute EcoTools Kabuki 
brush to take away any shine during the day. I think I need to purchase a small make up bag just so I can keep these clean and separate from the other contents.
The phone case is from Tk Maxx, and is a recent purchase. I have been looking for a case for some time, and spotted this brightly coloured one for £5.99! I know some phone cases can be quite expensive, but I found some pretty cases on etsy whilst I was looking for one.
I have down sized the amount I carry in my bag over time, and it's a nice change from having a bag full of bits and bobs. However, there will always be a jumble of receipts and wrappers at the bottom of my bag, it's unavoidable.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. I'm tagging Ebony, Becki, Claire, PaulaEmily and anyone who fancies doing a 'what's in your bag?' post. It would be great to read some, so please leave a link.



Sunday, 9 June 2013

Most Wanted - New Weekly Post

I have been a little distracted recently. The lovely weather and the heat, has resulted in me having less time to blog. However, I decided to do a weekly themed post, my Most Wanted. It will feature a purchase I would only dream of making, if money was no issue. A dream purchase as such...

I would love to own these gorgeous pumps by Penelope Chilvers. At the price of £109, I think they will be on my wishlist for some time, but this will not stop me lusting after them. These pumps are 'named 'sunshine' because the colours are uplifting and happy. Hand woven in Turkey in striking shades of Turkish Blue, Saffron, Pomegranate and Teal, these low top silk sneakers are as irresistible as sweets in a sweet shop!'. This is certainly true, and ideal for your summer wardrobe.

What's would you love to buy at the moment?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Competition Entry - Palms to the Sky ...

Above, images (from pinterest) to inspire a festival look! Alexa Chung always looks great at a festival, her style is effortlessly cool...

This is my ShopStyle’s festival shopping challenge entry, to create an ultimate festival outfit. I think this is such a fun idea and I could not wait to get started, and create a look that is ideal for a festival. I'm always browsing on line at clothes, and now I have an imaginary £200 to spend, and an outfit in mind. 

My initial thought was to create an outlandish outfit complete with fairy wings (from Claire's). I think there are no rules when dressing for a festival, and it is a great chance to mix up colours and patterns. Festivals are always full of great fashion and different styles that really do inspire. It's such a perfect opportunity to be creative and the options are endless.
So, the look I have opted for, is sweet and girly with a splash of orange. Orange is not a colour I normally would wear, however these sunglasses are so cute. and I adore round framed glasses.
The dress has a cut out and tie detail at the waist, with a skater style skirt, that creates a flirty and girly look. This polka dot dress is from Motel and I instantly loved it when I saw it. I have teamed it up with peach Converse, to add some colour and comfort. If your Converse do get muddy, just give them a good scrub and they will look as good as new.
I wanted to include a hat and I initially thought of a visor to complete the outfit. However, when I came across this darling bowler hat from Topshop, I knew this was the one. Flowers and floral designs are a key trend for festivals, so the flower garland band around the hat is the perfect touch. Thanks Topshop!
I included a stack of bracelets and friendship bands from River Island because I wanted to go for a boho vibe. The turquoise ring is gorgeous and being a jewellery lover I could not resist it.
Finally, I picked out a rucksack because of the colourful pattern and style. The British weather is so unpredictable, it is a good idea to carry a jumper or waterproof in your bag, and any bits or bobs you
 may need.

I hope you like my festival style, I was going for an easy to wear, pretty look. It is also practical, so you can dance the day away...
Total : £189

Have you entered yet? The details can be found HERE, and the blogger that wins, will have £1000 to put towards their summer wardrobe!! What are you waiting for? Get your entry in!

· Create a blog post featuring your ultimate festival outfit that costs no more than £200 and explain why you love it
· Make sure you link to the ShopStyle homepage within your posts
· Email your blog post to to let ShopStyle know you’ve entered

Then, post your link and entry on Natasha's page.

Good Luck!!

I would love to hear what you think of this outfit. Do you like? What would you pick?
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


This week I did a little shopping, as Carrie Bradshaw said 'Shopping is my cardio.' (I'm not sure doing a couple of circuits around Topshop counts as exercise, but I certainly worked up an appetite!).

 I am always looking for a new foundation, for the perfect colour and the right texture. I have bought the wrong shade more times than I'd like to admit, and I'm not a fan of approaching make up counters to test out the different shades. So,when Jo,over at  A Little Pop of Coral mentioned a site called findation, I was more than intrigued to see if this could solve my problem of buying the incorrect colour. Well, this site is ingenious! I simply used a couple of examples of what shades I have used in the past (Bourjois and Rimmel), and then it gave me the option to search a wide range of foundations and suggested the shade that was right for me. Did this work? YES! I used this method and purchased the recommended shade in Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and it was a colour MATCH! I adore this light foundation, and how easy it is to apply. I will be testing it out all week, but I have read many good things about this product.

My second purchase, was one I wanted to make for a while, a denim pinafore from asos. I used a 20% off code (oh I love discount codes), and with free delivery, there was no excuse not to buy this. I have included a picture from asos because the pinafore did not picture as well as the image online. It is so cute I wanted to show you how lovely it really is. I'm so happy I went ahead and got one, now I want to purchase another, as no doubt I will be wearing it all summer.

Above, a gorgeous bracelet I purchased fom asos by Flash Trash Girl. I love this London bracelet and I really do have a weakness for pretty accessories, so will be keeping an eye out for more of Flash Girl Trash range on line.

Finally, my favourite items from my favourite place, Topshop. I bought this lovely cross over bag in soft leather with diamond perforation detail. I love Topshop bags and I have no doubt I will be getting another next pay day. I also bought these wedges, after leaving the shop and then returning, because I was in two minds at the time. However, I think they are the perfect summer wedges. I wore them out last night for the first time, and they were very comfortable and looked great with my neon pink toe polish. I did not intentionally buy the shoes to match the bag, but it has worked out well that they do.

This week, I had some very exciting news. Company Magazine picked my blog as Forum Blogger of the Week. It was more than a surprise and I was not expecting it, as I do not have much confidence in my blogging style. However, it is such a pleasure to be featured on the site (so, so happy!) and to be able to show my family. I really recommend entering it. See the details here and enter yours. Thank you for all the comments, and for taking the time to read my blog. :)

I would love to hear what you have bought recently, or do you have your eye on anything?
Thank you for any comments and I will reply on your links.
Thank you for reading. :)