Sunday, 2 June 2013


This week I did a little shopping, as Carrie Bradshaw said 'Shopping is my cardio.' (I'm not sure doing a couple of circuits around Topshop counts as exercise, but I certainly worked up an appetite!).

 I am always looking for a new foundation, for the perfect colour and the right texture. I have bought the wrong shade more times than I'd like to admit, and I'm not a fan of approaching make up counters to test out the different shades. So,when Jo,over at  A Little Pop of Coral mentioned a site called findation, I was more than intrigued to see if this could solve my problem of buying the incorrect colour. Well, this site is ingenious! I simply used a couple of examples of what shades I have used in the past (Bourjois and Rimmel), and then it gave me the option to search a wide range of foundations and suggested the shade that was right for me. Did this work? YES! I used this method and purchased the recommended shade in Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and it was a colour MATCH! I adore this light foundation, and how easy it is to apply. I will be testing it out all week, but I have read many good things about this product.

My second purchase, was one I wanted to make for a while, a denim pinafore from asos. I used a 20% off code (oh I love discount codes), and with free delivery, there was no excuse not to buy this. I have included a picture from asos because the pinafore did not picture as well as the image online. It is so cute I wanted to show you how lovely it really is. I'm so happy I went ahead and got one, now I want to purchase another, as no doubt I will be wearing it all summer.

Above, a gorgeous bracelet I purchased fom asos by Flash Trash Girl. I love this London bracelet and I really do have a weakness for pretty accessories, so will be keeping an eye out for more of Flash Girl Trash range on line.

Finally, my favourite items from my favourite place, Topshop. I bought this lovely cross over bag in soft leather with diamond perforation detail. I love Topshop bags and I have no doubt I will be getting another next pay day. I also bought these wedges, after leaving the shop and then returning, because I was in two minds at the time. However, I think they are the perfect summer wedges. I wore them out last night for the first time, and they were very comfortable and looked great with my neon pink toe polish. I did not intentionally buy the shoes to match the bag, but it has worked out well that they do.

This week, I had some very exciting news. Company Magazine picked my blog as Forum Blogger of the Week. It was more than a surprise and I was not expecting it, as I do not have much confidence in my blogging style. However, it is such a pleasure to be featured on the site (so, so happy!) and to be able to show my family. I really recommend entering it. See the details here and enter yours. Thank you for all the comments, and for taking the time to read my blog. :)

I would love to hear what you have bought recently, or do you have your eye on anything?
Thank you for any comments and I will reply on your links.
Thank you for reading. :)


  1. you picked up some lovely stuff! I love hauling!

    Emily Jane xo

  2. Love this post and all the items.. I'll definitely be trying the foundation website!

  3. I should try that site, I've also picked up the wrong shade more than once before, they always end up being too dark and my Sister gets them, at least she's happy haha! :p
    Love the dress and the shoes!! Eeek! ^,^ Shame I'm broke though.. *sob* I spent all my money in Primark and Internacionale this week haha :)

    Sitting Under the Apple Tree ♥

    Catriona Louise x

  4. Congrats on your 'Blogger of the week' That's awesome!!

    Katie <3

  5. Congratulations miss blogger of the week! Well done! Also, those shoes are lovely, and you are right. Perfect for summer, they will go with EVERYTHING!

    Em x

  6. That bag is amazing! Been looking for something like that for a while. Do they have it in black?

    Joy x

  7. What a gorgeous bag, and congrats for blogger of the week! Amazing! xoxo

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  8. congrats on the feature in company! love your purchases too xx

  9. That foundation website sounds genius!
    Congratulations on Blogger of the week too :D Thats amazing!

  10. The bag and the wedges are going to lend to gorgeous summer outfits! xx

  11. I love that bag fro Topshop! It's gorgeous! Its's the perfect summer bag :)

  12. Love this post and the wedges!

  13. Congratulations :) Your blog is great so you deserve it! x