Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm One Happy Bear ...

I was so excited to receive my order from Vintage Style Me last week. Vintage Style Me collection is vintage clothing made for today's 'fashion loving girl'. It features 80's and 90's vintage pieces that are customised, giving you an unique look, that you cannot find in the shops!
After placing my order, I did not have long to wait for the delivery. It came with a little card with the above image,and 'Thanks Christina, Hope you like your t-shirt <3 xxx' written on it. I like this personal touch.

This Tee is from the Forest Collection, custom made Tee's with unique animal pockets. They are handmade to order. I love how the fabric is cut so that the image of the Bear is clear to see. The order process was quick and easy. There are over a dozen patterns to chose from, and it took me a while to pick just the one. I was torn between, The Stag image, Grizzly Bear and Garden Cats. As you can see, I went with the Grizzly Bear pattern. It also gives you the option to Build Your Own  Sweatshirt, Vest or T-shirt. Again you have a number of colours to chose from.
I think I was swayed by the above image,of the customised grey tee worn with a cute skater skirt. So, I am sure, I will be wearing my new T-shirt in a similar way. I would love to purchase some reworked Levi shorts, to wear with it. A chunky necklace like this one, would also look great with it.

I adore my Grizzly Bear Pocket! 

Build your own TFC Tee Here
 .. and pick from an array of patterns, so 'you stand out among the crowd'!!

PS. Crown and Glory 'head candy' also features on the site

Hope you have enjoyed reading. What pattern pocket would you go for?
What would you wear this T-shirt with? I would love some style ideas.


  1. Aww the bear pocket it so cute!!

    Thanks for sending me your link :)

    Kimberley x (currently holding an international MAC giveaway)

  2. Thats so cute... simple too ! You could wear it with so many things

    Hayley x

  3. I want to steal your t shirt!

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  4. love the t-shirt! :-)


  5. that tee shirt is soo cute! i've never heard of this website before, they've got some good stuff and pretty decent prices too :)

  6. Oh that tee is so cute! I love the way it looks with the black skirt in the picture, so nice. ReallyRee had a gorgeous black ASOS skirt on her blog yesterday and it'd look beautiful with the top!

  7. This is pretty amazing! I made one for my bf with camo dinosaurs on the pocket, but I bet these would be better made, my sewing skills are not perfect!

    Enjoy your new tee!

    Em x

  8. Awwh! That is such a cool tee, i cant believe ive never seen this website before. That is such a cool idea. :) Wanna see some pictures of you wearing it!!!


  9. I've really wanted one of these t-shirts for ages but haven't got round to ordering one yet because I can't decide which pocket pattern to go for (although I do really like the pandas!)

    I think they look really nice tucked into skirts, but I reckon they'd look good with denim shorts and boots too.


  10. This is so cute! I want one with cats on the pocket :)
    I nominated you for the liebster award blogger game:

    :) x

  11. Thanks for sharing this! I just got my boyfriend one with a cat pocket as a sneaky surprise present ;).


  12. such a lovely post! love the pocket on that tee

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  13. I like the little bear pocket. I've never seen that before it's very fashion forward

  14. this is SO cute, gonna have to check this brand out now xo

  15. I know I've commented already, but your comment made me smile so much! Thank you! <3 And i hope your hair turns out lovely! xxx

  16. So cute! Think I'd go for a panda pocket! :) x