Sunday, 9 June 2013

Most Wanted - New Weekly Post

I have been a little distracted recently. The lovely weather and the heat, has resulted in me having less time to blog. However, I decided to do a weekly themed post, my Most Wanted. It will feature a purchase I would only dream of making, if money was no issue. A dream purchase as such...

I would love to own these gorgeous pumps by Penelope Chilvers. At the price of £109, I think they will be on my wishlist for some time, but this will not stop me lusting after them. These pumps are 'named 'sunshine' because the colours are uplifting and happy. Hand woven in Turkey in striking shades of Turkish Blue, Saffron, Pomegranate and Teal, these low top silk sneakers are as irresistible as sweets in a sweet shop!'. This is certainly true, and ideal for your summer wardrobe.

What's would you love to buy at the moment?


  1. Amazing colours! I don't want to do a wishlist because I'm afraid I won't stop ;-)

  2. They are gorgeous, but £109 for a pair of pumps ? Wowzers.

    Hayley @

  3. Ohh aren't these pretty! £109 for some trainees is outs my price range too though


  4. Cute shoes

    Cat x

  5. love the patterns its like traditional pattern in my country.