Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Style Crush ...

When I saw photographs of Nicole Ritchie at the Met Ball, I had to blog about the it. When I saw photographs of Keira Knightly on her wedding day, again, I just had to blog about her beautiful dress. 
This week I saw photographs of Kourtney looking gorgeous in a striped bikini and multi coloured cover up, I knew I wanted to blog about my new favourite Kardashian. This blog is a place to share all the things I enjoy and love, and I am currently loving the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I have been admiring Kourtney's style in the current season of 'the Kardashians', and her fun sense of fashion. This is clear to see when she wore a Vintage Versace dress, with a Betty Boob themed print, at the Wildfox Swim Show.

I know, not everyone likes the Kardashians (Leila being one), but please bear with me, as I explain why Kourtney is coming up trumps in the fashion stakes. I have chosen some of my favourite looks (above) that are chic, and show off her extensive fashion choices.

Kourtney's style reflects her personality. She is not afraid to experiment with colours or accessories. A perfect example of this, is her fondness for turbans. It is a throwback and quirky look, and shows she is a girl that loves to indulge in fashion. The turban, along with big floppy hats and jewelled hair accessories are items she often wears, especially when on holiday or at the beach. It is this playful way of dressing that has made me admire her style. It would be great to take a leaf out of her book, and become more adventurous with outfits, and opt for the pattern rather than the neutral item.

There is definitely an influence from different eras and trends when looking at Kourtney's style. The Jackie O oversized sunglasses, the mod inspired dresses and bohemian inspired numbers, are all examples of this. There is an innate confidence in the way she dresses. It's also admirable, that she was in no rush to lose her baby weight after the birth of her daughter, and she did not bow to media pressure to do so. Kourtney is very organic when it comes to food and products, often to the amusement of her family. Whilst breast feeding, she refused to wear deodorant, fearing the toxins would be absorbed into her skin.
She often wears floaty kaftans, beautifully embroidered and styled accordingly, a reflection of her cool, relaxed attitude. It is her casual and understated look that I love the most. Alternatively, she can be sophisticated in style, and wears designer pieces with ease.

Of course, when I was searching images of Kourtney, there were many fashion faux pas (some of the feathery kind), but we are all guilty of them at one time or another. Kourtney's style has evolved from body cons, low necklines, to smart two pieces and fun colour blocking outfits.

Get the look ...

I have chosen some items to achieve the Kourtney look. It is all about different pieces that match together, and that add colour to an outfit. I have included some black and white retro sunglasses and a statement necklace as the key accessories. A large Zara shopper would be ideal for everyday use, whilst a cream sleek clutch would complete a Kourtney inspired outfit. I think the Zara ankle boots are very Kardashian-esque

I am also looking forward to making a purchase from the Krome Kollection. Scarlett London has done a wonderful review of their make up range, take a look here.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed.
Whether you love them or hate them, is there a look above that you like?
Who do you have a style crush on?

    Sunday, 28 July 2013

    the bigger, the better ...


    It is a dream of mine to have a walk in wardrobe, full of dresses and endless outfit options. I think it's fair to say most of us have had 'I have nothing to wear' moments, where everything you own won't do. I had a birthday to celebrate this weekend, and again, I could not decide what to wear, and thought 'if only I had bought a new dress'. This is not a purse-friendly way of thinking. However, I do think it's smart to invest in some pieces, ones that can be worn everyday, and dressed up for an evening out.

    I do love the relaxed style of the smock dress. I know some would say smocks are shapeless, tent-like and unflattering, but I do like the floaty and oversized look. The White Pepper collection is an example of how this style can be designed to be the perfect fashion garment. The White Pepper dresses 'are original, eye-catching and easy-to-wear'. These dresses have become a popular purchase among some bloggers, and it is easy to see why.

    Recently, Kate Bosworth wore a Topshop check smock, and Kate (featured in Topshop Festival Edit ) looked cool and on trend in this dress. (A quick fact, smocks were originally worn my men, whilst working as a protective layer, to keep their clothes clean). 

    As you can see above, I have chosen another Alexa Chung picture. Alexa and fashion go hand in hand (in my opinion). I adore Alexa's style and the bohemian feel to her look. A style that looks so effortlessly put together, she often wears smock style dresses.

    There are a number of lovely smock dresses on Asos, like this one. This style can be worn day or night, and would transcend from summer to winter. An ideal reason to go ahead with a purchase? Another, would be that smocks are easy to style and wear. I could wear my pumps, chunky boots, or even my converse with this dress and feel comfortable.

    I think a smock dress would be that item of clothing, that I could reach for and style accordingly. It would be an investment piece that I could wear time and time again. Smock dresses may not be for everyone, however, for me it's the ideal dress right now. I only wish I had a wardrobe full of them ...

    I hope you have enjoyed reading. Please check out the links that are in blue (some of my favourite smocks that are available at the moment). What style dress do you love?

    Monday, 22 July 2013


    Yes, another Shopping list Wishlist! I will often purchase things that feature on my wishlists, I hope this rings true for this particular one. It is a great way of sharing what has caught your eye, and it's fun to make.

    So on this Wishlist is a ditsy print dress from Urban Outfitters. It is so sweet, featuring a raceback styling and elasticated waist. I imagine it is an easy to wear, and comfy piece. It may be a blessing in disguise not having an Urban Outfitters where I live. It would be so hard to go into a UO shop and leave without buying something. Plus, there is always a good discount code to use online, which is always a perk.

    The Stolen Girlfriends Club circle trumpet floral bag is my favourite item. It is in a gorgeous print, with a leather strap, in a style that I adore. It also has flamingos hidden among the floral design. It reminds me of Lisette's fabulous flamingo necklace, so anything flamingo themed is great in my book!
    The gold fox charm necklace is indeed charming! It is also very affordable, along with free international shipping. It would be the perfect addition to my jewellery collection, the little fox face has a rather fairy tale feel to it (Get me?). The bag and necklace is from the site Pixie Market, a great fashion site that I could easily spend hours browsing. The sale is definitely worth a look!

    The Andrea button through mini skirt is from the Motel Vintage Collection. The skirt is so cute, and in a style I would wear again and again. I love the button detail and the fact that each garment is a unique one of a kind, using vintage fabrics. The Vintage Collection is a great feature on the site, I think I may have to be quick with this purchase decision though.

    Lastly, I have wanted a pair of Ray-bans for some time. I think I would prefer to try a couple of styles on in a shop first, before buying, so I know how they fit and look. I do love the classic Light Havana frame however.
    I hope you have enjoyed reading.Do you like my latest Wishlist... What's on yours?

    Friday, 19 July 2013

    Haul / Outfits

    I went shopping this week, in this heat it was more of a challenge! I purchased two new outfits, both of which are perfect for this weather, so let's hope it lasts. These items are also versatile and can be worn with other items of my wardrobe, so I will have more outfit options.

    So, I bought this pretty lace crop top from Topshop. I bought a size up, so it is not too short. I find Topshop sizes to be quite small. I plan to wear this with my pinafore this weekend, it has no lining on the back, so the lace material will look great in contrast to my denim pinafore.
    I adore this denim skirt from River Island. The button detail and slight flare to the skirt make it a cool and fun piece to wear on these hot days. It's a denim colour that I do not have in my wardrobe, which may be hard to believe since I own a lot of denim! I must visit the new Denim Studio at Selfridge's, it sounds like a haven for #denimlovers.

    Outfit 1

    Outfit 2

    So, outfit 2 is laid back and easy to wear. I chose a green striped shirt from Topshop. It's a light cotton, with cute silver buttons. It is an item that I will wear a lot, and again, I purchased a size bigger for an oversized look.
    I purchased these mom trousers mom shorts from River Island. The shorts are so comfy and the high waist is a style that I have grown to love. It can be worn with an oversized t-shirt tucked in or alternatively my new lace crop top. This style reminds me of Farrah Fawcett, a style icon famous for her high waisted denim wear, as well as her hairstyle

    Whilst looking at the Topshop site, something I do more often than I should, I fell in love with The New Vintage collection. The campaign is beautiful and the images have a vintage feel that I love. It is described as, Dishevelled bohemia meets disco glam, need I say more? It is quite expensive, however if I was to make a purchase, it would be like buying a piece of Topshop history, and would remain wearable in years to come. Below, are a few of the images that have me in awe!

    Topshop Love

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. What have you purchased recently? Do you like the new Topshop collection


    Saturday, 13 July 2013

    A Daisy Haze

    Yesterday I attended a graduation, it was such a wonderful day. I missed my own graduation so it was good to experience it through someone else, and without the pressure. The graduates all looked so smart in their gowns and a good day was had by all. The ceremony and speeches were very inspiring and you could see the expressions of pride from the attending parents and families. It was great to be part of such a lovely day, and the beautiful weather made it even more so. There was a great atmosphere, busy with graduates and families chatting and taking photographs in the sunshine.

    The day before, I treated myself and had my nails done. I am not very good at nail art, so I sat back and relaxed while the expert took over. I just wanted something simple,so I chose a subtle pink polish. The design consisted of four white dots close together. There is a hint of yellow polish on the 'petals' and a silver glittery centre. I was very pleased with the end result. I feel like it is something I might be able to replicate, as the girl made it look easy. However, I do not have much success when painting any sort of detail onto my nails. It usually ends up all untidy and smudged!! I wish I had taken a picture of the nail polishes used, but when I go back for another design I will make sure I do. I'm always admiring other bloggers and their nail art posts, so it's nice to be able to share this picture.

    I hope you like the jewellery I have chosen to compliment my nails, below. The weather has inspired me to pick some summery designs. I love daisy prints at the moment and I could easily make a long wishlist of daisy themed clothing and items that have caught my eye. Especially the Motel Penny Smock,however I'm never sure what size to buy with Motel. The silver rings and necklace, below, are all so pretty and dainty

    The above picture, is the necklace I wore to the graduation. I have a number of spiked necklaces, and this one is from River Island. The store has a great collection of jewellery and a range that is so reasonably priced. I curled the ends of my hair in the morning, however the curls soon fell out,leaving me with slightly waved hair. I used my Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to add some texture. I think next time I will aim to have more volume. Are there any products you can recommend for this?

    I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. What have you been doing this sunny weekend?

    Please feel free to leave your link as I enjoy finding new blogs, and catching up on new posts.



    Sunday, 7 July 2013

    Curious Cat

    Twitter is a great way to interact with other bloggers and share your blog with new people. Likewise, it is also a way for companies/businesses to connect with bloggers and customers. When I saw a tweet the other day asking bloggers to get in touch, I sent an email to show my interest in being involved. I was pleased to hear that Kate from Cabinet of Curiosities was not looking for a blog with a high number of followers, but one that had content that was relevant to what she sells. Kate sells handmade homeware, accessories, jewellery, gifts and ornaments, things that I adore. Kate was kind enough to send me a parcel of treats. All of these items (below) are things that I would have chosen myself, and that compliment my taste and bedroom interior perfectly.

    In a previous post I made a wishlist of picnic items, as I often go for long scenic walks with my two beagles. So, when I saw this delightful vintage Deer and Birds box, and Folklore Enamel Mug, I was elated. The deer on the sandwich box is so cute, an item that is part of the Woodland collection. They are both the perfect size to pop into my backpack, and ideal for picnics in the sunshine. The mug's floral image has a romantic gypsy feel to it. I'm tempted to use it to hold my make-up brush. It would look so pretty along side my make up storage.

    Sunglasses and Towel - Primark
    Above, I had a picnic in the garden, lemonade in my new mug and a box full of grapes. Bliss!

    I was also sent these little beauties (below). The beckoning cat (a lucky symbol in Japan) money box is so precious, and looks great among my shelf of knick- knacks. Hopefully, it will encourage me to save for those 
    'rainy days'.
    The handmade homeware and quirky accessories/ornaments are all affordable and fun. This is what is so lovely about Cabinet of Curiosities. 

    I also received a unique owl magnet made from vintage fabrics. This was another little surprise I found hiding in the mug. I do love owl themed accessories. While we are talking owls, have you seen the new Mulberry ad campaign with Cara Delevingre? (It's rather enchanting).

    Above, another wonderful gift, in the shape of a Rabbit Night Light. I have seen this before on a couple of beauty blogger's desks, and now I have one too. It has an LED light that lights up the bunny, and gives off a happy glow

    I'm so lucky to have received so many sweet items, a big Thank you to Kate! Below, are some more great items from this shop. The Elephant Teapot is perfect if you are a big tea drinker like me, and the Mermaid Tumbler Mug is ideal for drinking your coffee on the go. I know some Costa lovers who would adore this!

    You can get 10% off your Cabinet of Curiosities order by entering the code, KIMIANDME at the check out!!
    Follow Kate on twitter @kps_curiosities 

    Thank you for reading my post. I would love to know your thoughts on my first review. What are your favourites items?

    Friday, 5 July 2013

    Fashion Perks with Millie

    I do love on line shopping these days! It's so easy and convenient to browse through sites from the comfort of your own home. I find myself shopping more on line, instead of going into town and circling the shops for something I like. Another plus to shopping on line, are the discount codes available to you. Discount codes are a real bonus in my eyes, knowing I can get money off a purchase makes me one happy customer

    Where to get discount codes? Well, money off codes are not a big secret any more, and are available for a wide range of on line stores. It would be silly not to check for a discount code when making a purchase on line, because the money you can save can be quite surprising! I have chosen in love with fashion as an example of how applying a discount code can get you celeb style for less.

    The celebrity I have a style crush on at the moment is Millie Mackintosh. Millie wears a mix of high street and designer brands, in a cool and chic way. I personally love her boho inspired accessories. She is often seen in pieces from in love with fashion. As we know Millie is indeed in love with fashion, and has even passed on her love for clothes to her fiance Pro Green.  If you follow him on instagram, you will see he is always modelling new purchases/gifts. I adore how she makes her style accessible and wears items that are affordable.

    Below, Millie can be seen in four different outfits. The prices have had 25% off applied to the original price. This is available using the discount code from Fashion Perks. I should also add, that delivery is free!

    This digital print dress is a fun, on trend look. The dress is the perfect day to evening outfit. It would look great with nude accessories.
    The long sleeve wrap playsuit is another stunning look worn by Millie. I would wear this with a Hologram clutch, or a statement necklace. I'm not sure I would dare to bare so much, so I would add a cute vintage pin to create a higher neck line. 

    The playsuit on the right is ideal for this summer. The floral chiffon playsuit would look lovely worn with red Martie T bar shoes. So cute!

    If you follow me on twitter, you will know I have been looking for a dress for my boyfriend's graduation. I think that the black Polka Dot dress would be perfect for this occasion. I know I won't look as fabulous as Millie, but I plan to style the dress with some dainty, silver jewellery and Topshop pumps. 
    Let's hope the sun has his hat on next Friday!

    I hope you have enjoyed this post. Which outfit is your favourite?
    I thought I would do a short and sweet post for the Blogger Competition with Fashion Perks. The prize is an ASOS giftcard, I have my fingers crossed! The competition ends tomorrow, so get your entry in quickly!


    Monday, 1 July 2013

    On your bike ...

    My Collage 

    I have wanted a bicycle for a month or so now, after discovering mine was kindly taken to the tip, by my dad (Cheers!). There is a lovely cycle path where I live, that goes along the beach front, and down to the Marina. I have been looking on ebay, gumtree and in the local paper for a pre owned bike, but without much luck. I'm determined to find one to buy in the next week, so I can join everyone cycling along the promenade in the sunshine.

    I have made a Wishlist of cute bike accessories. It is unlikely I will be purchasing a brand new shiny bike so these would be the perfect items to jazz up any bicycle. I have chosen two packs of bike spoke beads from Topshop. This bring back memories of when I was little, and everyone would decorate their wheels with these. Topshop have bows, stars and moustache shaped beads on offer.
    The horn and cute 'iced' bell are bike essentials in my eyes. There will be no chance I won't be heard with these two. Another feature that many vintage bikes are modelling, is the wicker basket. This is my favourite item on my Wishlist. I already imagine myself cycling along in the sun, with a small picnic in my basket. It's a shame my dogs are not on the small size, they would have loved to be taken for a ride when they were puppies.
    The bike locks comes with a little ornamental bird which is girly and fun, a far cry from a chunky boring bike lock. Cute as well as practical!
    I came across this bicycle necklace on the lovely site of Oliver Bonas. I recommend having a look at the wonderful collection of jewellery, homeware and fashion. I adore this 'chic, little bicycle pendant', and it is ideal for this bike themed wishlist. I also love the Silver Marcasite Heart Necklace from Oliver Bonas, see here.

    If I could have any bike (if only monopoly money counted as real money), I would pick this beauty. The style and colour is exactly what I would want. It's perfect! Don't forget the cute wicker basket which completes it. It will set you back a cool £499.99. Hence, the reason it is being featured as my Most Wanted. I can only imagine having a bike like this. :-) If purchasing a bike does not go to plan, I will look into renting a bike for a day!

    Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed.
    I would love to know what your perfect activity would be on a sunny day?