Sunday, 7 July 2013

Curious Cat

Twitter is a great way to interact with other bloggers and share your blog with new people. Likewise, it is also a way for companies/businesses to connect with bloggers and customers. When I saw a tweet the other day asking bloggers to get in touch, I sent an email to show my interest in being involved. I was pleased to hear that Kate from Cabinet of Curiosities was not looking for a blog with a high number of followers, but one that had content that was relevant to what she sells. Kate sells handmade homeware, accessories, jewellery, gifts and ornaments, things that I adore. Kate was kind enough to send me a parcel of treats. All of these items (below) are things that I would have chosen myself, and that compliment my taste and bedroom interior perfectly.

In a previous post I made a wishlist of picnic items, as I often go for long scenic walks with my two beagles. So, when I saw this delightful vintage Deer and Birds box, and Folklore Enamel Mug, I was elated. The deer on the sandwich box is so cute, an item that is part of the Woodland collection. They are both the perfect size to pop into my backpack, and ideal for picnics in the sunshine. The mug's floral image has a romantic gypsy feel to it. I'm tempted to use it to hold my make-up brush. It would look so pretty along side my make up storage.

Sunglasses and Towel - Primark
Above, I had a picnic in the garden, lemonade in my new mug and a box full of grapes. Bliss!

I was also sent these little beauties (below). The beckoning cat (a lucky symbol in Japan) money box is so precious, and looks great among my shelf of knick- knacks. Hopefully, it will encourage me to save for those 
'rainy days'.
The handmade homeware and quirky accessories/ornaments are all affordable and fun. This is what is so lovely about Cabinet of Curiosities. 

I also received a unique owl magnet made from vintage fabrics. This was another little surprise I found hiding in the mug. I do love owl themed accessories. While we are talking owls, have you seen the new Mulberry ad campaign with Cara Delevingre? (It's rather enchanting).

Above, another wonderful gift, in the shape of a Rabbit Night Light. I have seen this before on a couple of beauty blogger's desks, and now I have one too. It has an LED light that lights up the bunny, and gives off a happy glow

I'm so lucky to have received so many sweet items, a big Thank you to Kate! Below, are some more great items from this shop. The Elephant Teapot is perfect if you are a big tea drinker like me, and the Mermaid Tumbler Mug is ideal for drinking your coffee on the go. I know some Costa lovers who would adore this!

You can get 10% off your Cabinet of Curiosities order by entering the code, KIMIANDME at the check out!!
Follow Kate on twitter @kps_curiosities 

Thank you for reading my post. I would love to know your thoughts on my first review. What are your favourites items?


  1. Ah the box is too cute!xx


  3. oh no, I literally just bought a new tumbler mug today, but now I want this mermaid one! This shop looks fantastic, I love the box you were sent xoxo

  4. Wow, this things are so lovely! Will definitely be taking a trip over to the website! :) x

  5. Eeeek the lunchbox with the deer! So so so cute I can't find the words!

  6. Aren't these adorable! I want the bunny light and mermaid cup!


  7. Lovely lovely post! I came across this shop the other day the pieces are so so cute and very affordable! The bunny light is the cutest! Ahh good luck with your hair, im sure it'll look amazingg! Thank you for your comment me lovely! x

  8. aw this is such a lovely post. I adore the elephant teapot! It must be the tea addict side of me! haha!

  9. I've been looking for an elephant tea pot for ages now!! Lovely post, lots of beautiful pieces!

  10. This shop has lot of lovely items, I just threw a visit! But my favourite piece is this little cat, meow.
    Got you from #lbloggers. Can't wait to read more from you :)
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  11. Aw! That rabbit light is adorable! Great find. Also loving the custard cream pillow, I've seen them before but they were much more expensive. Lovely items through and through!

    Em x

  12. These little bits are so cute!! I love little ornaments & trinket bits like this, your so lucky you have recieved so many. And may i add, its a lovely first review :-)


  13. OMG! I love the elephant mug! Need it in my life now! Hehe. Xx

  14. They are all such cute items, I love the rings and the little bunny, off to have a proper look at her site now!

  15. I love this post! I love that lucky cat! I need that in my life asap! : ) xxx

  16. So many lovely things that I love.
    Ive had my eye on the elephant teapot for a while now.


  17. I like the bunny. It is so cute :)

  18. Your little picnic looks so cute! Love the bunny lamp! x