Friday, 19 July 2013

Haul / Outfits

I went shopping this week, in this heat it was more of a challenge! I purchased two new outfits, both of which are perfect for this weather, so let's hope it lasts. These items are also versatile and can be worn with other items of my wardrobe, so I will have more outfit options.

So, I bought this pretty lace crop top from Topshop. I bought a size up, so it is not too short. I find Topshop sizes to be quite small. I plan to wear this with my pinafore this weekend, it has no lining on the back, so the lace material will look great in contrast to my denim pinafore.
I adore this denim skirt from River Island. The button detail and slight flare to the skirt make it a cool and fun piece to wear on these hot days. It's a denim colour that I do not have in my wardrobe, which may be hard to believe since I own a lot of denim! I must visit the new Denim Studio at Selfridge's, it sounds like a haven for #denimlovers.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

So, outfit 2 is laid back and easy to wear. I chose a green striped shirt from Topshop. It's a light cotton, with cute silver buttons. It is an item that I will wear a lot, and again, I purchased a size bigger for an oversized look.
I purchased these mom trousers mom shorts from River Island. The shorts are so comfy and the high waist is a style that I have grown to love. It can be worn with an oversized t-shirt tucked in or alternatively my new lace crop top. This style reminds me of Farrah Fawcett, a style icon famous for her high waisted denim wear, as well as her hairstyle

Whilst looking at the Topshop site, something I do more often than I should, I fell in love with The New Vintage collection. The campaign is beautiful and the images have a vintage feel that I love. It is described as, Dishevelled bohemia meets disco glam, need I say more? It is quite expensive, however if I was to make a purchase, it would be like buying a piece of Topshop history, and would remain wearable in years to come. Below, are a few of the images that have me in awe!

Topshop Love

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. What have you purchased recently? Do you like the new Topshop collection



  1. I love both these outfits! I find the same with Topshop crop tops that you have to size up or risk exposing your bra... haha!
    Great post!

    L x

  2. Ooh lovely pieces you brought the lace crop top is a beaut! And that collection is stunning love the head scarf's ooh gorgeous! x

  3. Love your haul. The lace top is so chic. x

  4. loving the lace crop top!
    great haul.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    dont forget to enter my RiRi Woo Giveaway Here

  5. I love the lace crop top! It's definitely a very versatile item (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. Love you lace crop top, wish I was skinny enough, stripey shirt is my fav though, always love a stripe! Need to go check out this new vintage line


  7. That striped shirt is so, so gorgeous! I really love it, I'm super jealous! x

  8. I love the denim skirt! It's so nice. Great outfits x

  9. Love the black lacey top, great outfits :D

    Stacey xx

  10. You got some lovely bits!! My favourite has gotta be the green striped shirt from Topshop. Lovely!


  11. That lace crop top is beautiful!! Love all your picks :D

    Holly Mixtures

  12. I love the little lace crop top - very cute! On a different note, I googled Three Cliffs as you mentioned it on one of my blog posts and it looks gorgeous - I'll definitely do an illustration inspired by it! xxx

  13. Top is so cute! your style is great.


  14. I love outfit two! I so need that shirt - it is super cute! I'm abit iffy about the mom jeans, everyone else can seem to pull them off but I just look out of place inside them :-( haha! You have a great sense of style!

    Rachel x x

  15. Sooo pretty!! I love how this heat is giving us all an excuse to go shopping for summery clothes ;)

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  17. The lace top is gorgeous :) xo

  18. I absolutley love the black lace top, it's gorgeous :) xxx