Monday, 1 July 2013

On your bike ...

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I have wanted a bicycle for a month or so now, after discovering mine was kindly taken to the tip, by my dad (Cheers!). There is a lovely cycle path where I live, that goes along the beach front, and down to the Marina. I have been looking on ebay, gumtree and in the local paper for a pre owned bike, but without much luck. I'm determined to find one to buy in the next week, so I can join everyone cycling along the promenade in the sunshine.

I have made a Wishlist of cute bike accessories. It is unlikely I will be purchasing a brand new shiny bike so these would be the perfect items to jazz up any bicycle. I have chosen two packs of bike spoke beads from Topshop. This bring back memories of when I was little, and everyone would decorate their wheels with these. Topshop have bows, stars and moustache shaped beads on offer.
The horn and cute 'iced' bell are bike essentials in my eyes. There will be no chance I won't be heard with these two. Another feature that many vintage bikes are modelling, is the wicker basket. This is my favourite item on my Wishlist. I already imagine myself cycling along in the sun, with a small picnic in my basket. It's a shame my dogs are not on the small size, they would have loved to be taken for a ride when they were puppies.
The bike locks comes with a little ornamental bird which is girly and fun, a far cry from a chunky boring bike lock. Cute as well as practical!
I came across this bicycle necklace on the lovely site of Oliver Bonas. I recommend having a look at the wonderful collection of jewellery, homeware and fashion. I adore this 'chic, little bicycle pendant', and it is ideal for this bike themed wishlist. I also love the Silver Marcasite Heart Necklace from Oliver Bonas, see here.

If I could have any bike (if only monopoly money counted as real money), I would pick this beauty. The style and colour is exactly what I would want. It's perfect! Don't forget the cute wicker basket which completes it. It will set you back a cool £499.99. Hence, the reason it is being featured as my Most Wanted. I can only imagine having a bike like this. :-) If purchasing a bike does not go to plan, I will look into renting a bike for a day!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed.
I would love to know what your perfect activity would be on a sunny day?


  1. Ah I so want the bike, well I like the idea of it anyways! Cycling in a city would be terrifying! That little basket is adorable!xxx

  2. I love this... especially the picture of the girl riding the bike with the flower basket on. Of course, I would never look like that, I'm not very good on bikes!haha

    Katie <3

  3. Omg you're going to have the cutest bike ever!


  4. I love the look of 'Lady-Like' as I call them bikes. I need to start cycling to work and my sister in law has given me her never before used mountain bike as a present - just got to go and pick it up! Think I might bling it up with a girly bell :-)

  5. That bike is gorgeous! I used to cycle a lot when I was younger, I actually really miss it sometimes. I never had a nice-looking bike though, I had a couple of second-hand ones and even a boy's one at one point. There are so many lovely accessories for bikes now.

  6. such a lovely post! i'd love a vintage style bike

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

  7. I'd love to get out on my bike more.
    But currently it is in 3 separate parts.
    All to make room for my Dad's 5 bikes -.-

    Why he needs that many I will never know.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  8. i'd never really thought about bike accessories, but that wicker basket would look so adorable - my bike is pretty old and i think it's a boy's bike (it's dark blue), i really want to spray paint it mint green! xo

  9. Love love your blog! So glad I found you through the bloggers chat! I'm getting bike for my birthday I've been after a perfect vintage one for ages! So I love this post! The accessories are the sweetest! I'm now following lovely! x

  10. Lovely post! I think I'd definitely ride my bike more if I could make it look this cute! Love the spoke beads :) xo

  11. That bike is absolutely adorable, if i could ride a bike i'd want to ride in style by riding that one! xx

  12. This is adorable! Even though modes of transport that don't involve me on my own two feet often end up with me on my bum, I love this vintage inspired roundup!

    My perfect activity on a sunny day would probably be visiting a museum, cafe or roaming around one of the emerald green parks in London!

    Melissa x

  13. Hello!!!! Just stumbled upon your pretty little blog and i am off to follow!!! Love this post…i am a massive bike fiend/geek (fine line there!lol) and i ride my bike EVERYWHERE!!! I love it. Have you ever looked into the cycle to work scheme? Its a way to sort of rent a bike through a govt scheme and costs very little and you get a brand new and shiny bike and could probably get the one above. Thats how i got my pretty little bike. Worth looking into if you can and worth every penny.

    Ps if you love the above bike you posted you should peek/google Beg Biycycles or Pashley bikes (thats what mine is). I think you will love xxxxx

  14. This is such a cute post! I'm ashamed to admit that I don't own a bike. I wish I had ones like in the pictures above!(:

    Bonjour Lifestyle Blog