Friday, 30 August 2013

Bags, Glorious bags ...

Half Pint Brit-Stitch   Small Effie Satchel   Modalu Cross Body

I wrote in my very first post, that I was looking for the perfect satchel. I wanted an investment piece, that 'can be worn, not worn out'. So, several months later, I have found just that bag. Above, are five bags that all incorporate the styles and colours, that appeal to me.

1. I plan on purchasing a Brit-Stitch this October for my birthday. I have seen a few bloggers with this bag and I cannot help but want one too. The bags are such great quality, and I love the contemporary twist on a classic style. Brit-Stitch bags come in an array of fun colours. I have chosen the subtle caramel. It is the perfect everyday bag and in a style I adore.
2. The Grafea Cross Body bag is the perfect shaped satchel, it is timeless and traditional, ticking all the boxes.
3. I must mention my love for the Effie Satchel (above),with the embossed iconic Mulberry logo. The Effie would be my dream designer purchase.
4. The fun Boho Pop mini is by the wonderful online store Bohemia. It's compact, cute and is available in a variety of bespoke colours.
5. The Modalu bag with the envelope fold over, is chic and modern. It has a metallic horse head detail on the front, that compliments the simplicity of the design.

I'm excited to make this purchase, as I know it will be a beloved piece that I will use again and again!

I hope you have enjoyed reading. What is your favourite style of bag?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hair today ...

I spent my Sunday morning looking at pretty images on Pinterest, as you do. It's quite surprising, how long you can spend 'pinning', and admiring all the lovely and interesting images. I found myself, once again, on an Alex Chung board. I find her style, effortlessly chic and I am also a fan of her hair style and cut. Alexa has a soft, centre parting fringe, a cut that I would like to have myself. This began a Pinterest search, for the perfect fringe and hair inspiration. It was quite hard to narrow it down to a few, hence this image heavy post!

I have put together my favourite styles of fringes (above). I adore the black and white images and retro style of Bridget Bardot, and Jane Birkin. Both icons in their own right, with hair and style that still inspires the industry today. The soft edged fringe, beautifully frames their faces. 
Of course, I could not write about hair styles/fringes without mentioning Zoeey Deachanel and her luscious locks (complete hair envy). I do wonder if she simply wakes up with natural flowing hair and the perfect bouncy fringe, I would like to think so. However, I'm sure she has a stylist at hand to prim and perfect her look. I love how her hair never looks over processed, and just falls gently around her face.

I do wish I was more adventurous with my own hair. I love the short, textured fringe, like Drew Barrymore wore in the film, Eternal Sunshine of the the spotless Mind. I'm not sure if I could pull off this style, however, it looks great on others. My hair is a lot lighter than in my profile picture, and I would ideally love honey coloured hair. I am also keen to experiment with pastel colours, and would like to try out a candy floss pink dip dye. This is inspired by Jennie, and her lovely blog post over at Sail Boat (check it out).

There are so many celebrities I could have mentioned (Florence Welsh, Dawn O'Porter, Jameela Jamil), and bloggers (too many to mention), that have fringes and hair cuts that I simply adore. So, as the seasons are changing, I am inspired to make a subtle change to my hair. I plan to have a soft, peek a boo fringe cut (very soon). I think I will use the fun and gorgeous Suki Waterhouse, as a reference (her 'messy' hair is the laid back style that I love).  I hope to have a good cut, and treat myself to some new hair product, in the hope of having a 'L'oreal moment'!  Are there any hair products you would recommend?

I hope you have enjoyed reading. What style fringe is your favourite? Do you prefer a bold statement fringe, or maybe a side parted fringe?

Friday, 23 August 2013

This is Fashion.


I have been wanting to do this post for a while. Fashion is always revisiting different decades and past trends, and this is true of the Mod style. The film, This is England, and spin off Television Series, This is England'86, is the perfect example of the fashion and culture of that time (the Director Shane Meadows deserves his own post). The Mod style is influenced by the fashion and music (Ska, Jazz) of the mid 1960s, There are many interpretations of how to wear this look, as it is a trend that has evolved over time.This style, is once again being revived, and Topshop has given us a collection that is to be admired. 
Topshop look book offers inspiring fashion trends and styles. The collection, This is England is a gritty British look, paying homage to the 1980s. It has an androgynous feel, featuring boyfriend coats, traditional checks, and appealing denims, all true to the Topshop style. The statement bags and cut out shoes are my favourite pieces from this collection. The cut out detail on the boots and flat shoes will no doubt be on my A/W wishlist this year.


I could easily make a wishlist, a day, from everything on the Topshop website. This collection, ticks all the boxes for me, mum jeans, pretty white shirts (a staple piece), and tartan pencil skirts that add a feminine touch to this Mod style.

one two three four (ASOS)

All these outfits (above) have elements of the Mod style. The boyfriend coat has the boyish silhouette and the oversized look that is on trend, and looks great with a tailored trouser. Ellie did this look perfectly over at Ellie's favourite things, take a look hereI hope it's not too soon to talk about winter coats. There are many styles that achieve this mod style, the Denim Jacket with faux fur collar (I would love a vintage Levi one), the Bomber jacket (perfect transition piece to take you through to autumn, Asos have some great prints available), and the Parker (an easy to wear item, that is cosy and comfy).

I just love outfit two, the buttoned down checked shirt with the Monki high waisted skirt, is very Mod inspired. The brogues shoes and satchel are accessories that can be worn with many other looks, so would be great investment pieces. 
You could even incorporate some men's wear (shirts, jackets and hats), and create your very own take on the Mod style. Even One Direction are wearing a style that is very reminiscent of the Mod era (tailored lines, braces, thin ties).

I hope you have enjoyed reading. What are your favourite pieces from the pictures above? Will you be wearing this style this A/W?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Weekend Treats

This weekend, not one, but two sisters came home to visit. This only happens the occasional Christmas, so it was a treat in itself to have them both down. So, it was a full house at mine, and a crazy one at that.

One of my favourite shops is Urban Outfitters, I just adore the UO style. I popped into the Cardiff store recently, and picked up this fringe bar necklace (left). I have been wearing this everyday since, I love the design and the vintage gold look. The statement necklace (right), I bought at the weekend in the Topshop sale for £18.50 £8. I was instantly attracted to this necklace. The spike and stone detail, with the soft fabric colours, are the perfect combination. I can't wait to wear this with a simple white tshirt or cami. I think it's safe to say, I have a weakness when it comes to jewellery! 

My sister kindly went to the Pixi London store, and picked up Pixi Tonic Glow for me. It is only available to buy/order from this store, so I'm very happy to finally get my hands on it. I think there was a deal on, so she picked up the Pixi Makeup Remover as well (very sweet of her).
The Pixi Tonic Glow is a product that I have been keen to try for some time. It contains Glycolic Acid, which works as an exfoliant to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. I have added this product to my morning skin care routine, and I hope to report back a rave review! I really love the simplicity of the packaging, and the Tonic Glow smells so lovely, just as Lisette said it does in her Youtube haul

I took advantage of having both my sisters down, to take some family snaps. I bought this Diana camera on eBay. I have always wanted one, but I could not justify paying the high price tag. However, this beauty cost £25, and it came in it's original box, with the Diana F+ book, and a black and white film (I would call this an eBay bargain!). I'm by no means a photographer, my usual style is to point and shoot, and hope it comes out well. I had to watch a few You Tube videos, to help me work out how to put the film in. Then I was a little confused about how to take a picture. I honestly thought it would be a breeze to use. Nonetheless, I got there in the end. I plan to finish the film this week, and then get it developed, I'm excited to see the results. I do love the dreamy appearance of Lomography photographs. Fingers crossed, I managed to work this camera correctly, and have some lovely photographs to show. Any tips you may have are more than welcome!

I can't wait to visit London in September, and stay with my sisters. I have only recently told them about my blog, I was so nervous at the thought of them reading it, however, they have been very encouraging. Plus, they have given me the ok to go through their wardrobes and share my favourite pieces on here.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Have you tried any Pixi products before? What treats have caught your eye recently?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste, 21st Century Collage, was published by Laurence King, and boasts over 250 creative images. The image of the dog with a light socket as a head (below), is by French illustrator and artist Serge Bloch, and it sets the tone for the book perfectly.
It takes a look at different artists that take a traditional approach to art. Collages are authentic in technique and in ways of creating images. In this digital age, it is unavoidable that images are being produced by multi media. This book focuses on progressive and imaginative concepts, that use magazines, photographs, illustrations and street art (just to name a few). It takes a closer look at contemporary collages, those that have character and understanding. The versatility and compositions are striking to the eye. This book shows off some very individual and innovative styles, and the collages speak for themselves.

My new source of inspiration 

Julian House's collages have featured on many album covers.
Mark Lazenby - making something beautiful from something unimportant

Andy Ducett's collages (above) have a nostalgic feel to them. These retro-style images show how 'two or more materials can come together and make new meaning without necessarily erasing their original intent'.

The book also features James Dowe's 'subversive and surreal' photomontages. I love how his choices seem random and unrelated, yet when together 'fit together perfectly'. 
He comments, 'Collage also offers restrictions, as you have to make do with the imagery you find, can get your hands on - this is part of the beauty of it - the selectiveness.'

I recently discovered another collage artist on twitter, the lovely Emma Reay. She is very talented with mixed media, and her work is heavily inspired by Company Magazine (recently had a collage featured), a media that is very relatable. 
She says, 'I print over mistakes, accidents and things I find or receive. The imperfections give life to my work, I am forever adding to my mistakes to one day make a masterpiece.' 
Below, I have chosen my favourites from her impressive portfolio (see here)

This book has introduced me to new artists, and it is a pleasure to look through it and admire their work. It is clear to see that this form of imagery is still very much alive, and will continue to inspire. Before I started this blog, I used to spend my time making collages from magazines. There would normally be a theme, such as nature, fashion or colour. It was the fashion editorials, and adverts that usually caught my interest. I plan to start making collages again, as this book has reminded me how much I enjoyed it. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading. I would love to hear what inspires you?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

oh la la ...

When did I first lay eyes on the Myla collection? Well, I first came across this collection whilst watching Made in Chelsea. The lovely Millie Mackintosh and Louise Thompson were trying on the seductive and modern lingerie by Myla for a party (as you do). I was drawn to the cut out detail and innovative design.

I have chosen the above, as my Myla favourites from Avenue 32. The combination of pure silk and lace creates a flirty and chic look. The fray edging of the black eyelash leavers lace with the citrus silk of the Gossip Green Lace Aimee Bra, is an attractive and alluring style that I adore. 
The detail and elegant design of the Black Aanstasia Plunge Bra, for me, has an old school glamour feel, with cut out detail adding a modern twist. 
The zest lemon yellow bra and thong, is a summery set in a bold colour, contrasting against a beautiful navy trench leavers lace. This would be perfect to wear with a top or dress that is cut to show off a hint of underwear. I often wear tops that are low cut under the arm, so this bra would be ideal, a luxurious piece worn with a casual t shirt would be a great contrast and look.
The above can be worn as sets, or if you are like me, you can mix and match different pieces, and even clash colours for a fun style!

Underwear can transform the way you feel about yourself and your outfit. It is also the perfect gift to yourself. We all deserve to treat ourselves to something special now and again! The Myla collection is full of glamour and beautiful detailing, a forward thinking brand just for women.

Hope you have enjoyed reading. What is your favourite from the the Myla collection?


Monday, 12 August 2013

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

Stylist Skin Awards and Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2010 Winner

I don't spend a lot on skin care products, well not as much as I would like. I try to keep my routine Simple, literally, using the Simple products. I have combination skin, and in the past I was always looking for the perfect product that would treat my skin kindly. After using Alphah Liquid Gold, I found that my skin became irritated. I was very disappointed, after reading so many positive reviews. So, I have become a little apprehensive about buying full sized products, without knowing if it's the right product for me. The other day I saw Dannielle (Famous in Japan) tweet that there was a sample of Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm, on Latest in Beauty. This offer was the perfect excuse for me to try a new product.

The product is a multi-purpose cleansing balm, that can be used daily to cleanse and moisturise sensitive skin and revitalise dull and dehydrated complexions. It doubles as a hydrating, soothing mask by leaving it on the skin for ten minutes.

So, I have been using this product every evening since it arrived, and I'm so pleased that I made this purchase. It is a 15ml pot, that I have been using sparsely, as 'a little goes a long way'. This beauty balm is a delight to use and has a lovely texture. It has made my evening skin routine less of a chore. Simply add a few drops of warm water in the palm of your hand to create a milky cream, then apply to face and massage thoroughly. It melts away make up, excess oils and dirt in such a gentle way. To remove, use a muslin cloth that has been soaked in warm water and squeezed of excess, and gently wipe over your face and neck. It has such a beautiful and subtle orange aroma, and it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I know I have not being using this product for long, however, I'm throwing caution to the wind, as I feel very positive about the results so far.

 "Perfectly balanced daily cleansing for skin that craves clean". 

It contains Moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel and vitamin E balance, that purify and help minimise the appearance of pores, whilst other ingredients such as orange, neroli and mandarin extracts rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. This product sounds like a dream, and I feel that my skin has already benefited from using this balm. My skin feels softer and brighter.  I'm hoping it will keep break outs at bay, and I will continue to enjoy using this luxurious product.
Unfortunately the sample is now sold out. I will be repurchasing this in full size, and I'm hoping to try more Emma Hardie products soon (not long until my birthday!)

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed. Have you tried this or a beauty balm before? I would love to know what products you use as part of your evening beauty regime.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lost, then found ...

Recently, I have been going through old boxes that had been put in the spare room and forgotten about. I found a pile of photographs that belonged to my Nan, and a smaller box of jewellery. I was so happy to find pictures of my grandad. He had passed away before meeting any of his grandchildren, and there are not a lot of photographs of him. I was delighted, when I found this one of my nan, grandad and my mum at Butlins in Minehead. When I first saw it, I thought it was taken somewhere tropical, but sure enough, it had Butlins scribbled on the back. It's a great photograph of the three, and I plan to purchase a lovely frame for it.

The smaller box contained a variety of costume jewellery and brooches. I can remember my nan always wore fake diamond and emerald rings, and a different beaded necklace everyday. So, whilst I went through my nan's collection of jewellery, I came across these two beauties...

The watch, according to my mum, belonged to my grandad. It is looking a little unloved at the moment, however, I am hoping to get the watch fixed and have a new leather strap put on it. I really want to bring this watch back to life, so I have my very own vintage watch, complete with family ties.

The necklace, below, was once worn by my nan, Olwen. I would not dare to refer to her as 'she', after all, 'who's she? The cat's mother?' (one of Olwen's favourite sayings). Olwen was always so quick with her responses, and her humour was infectious. My nan loved to go dancing and socialising when she was younger. There are many pictures of her dressed up in her party frocks, with a drink in hand. I can imagine Olwen wore this on one of those occasions. This necklace stood out for me, the green stones, and gold detail, made it sparkle amongst all the others ...

I am not sure what to wear with this necklace, but it is ideal for an evening out. It will feel special to wear my nan's necklace, and it is quite the statement piece! Any ideas what I could wear to compliment this?
I hope you have enjoyed reading. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post, I am always so HAPPY when I have a comment to read. I hope you like my new layout. I will explain why I decided to have a change in my next post. xxxx