Thursday, 31 October 2013

Navy Baby



Is navy the new black? Well, for me, it's a resounding yes! I find that navy is softer and easier to wear than traditional black. That is why I have featured the little black navy dresses, above. These are the perfect party dresses, the colour exudes elegance and sophistication. The satin Topshop skater dress has a lovely shape, and the fabric gives it a chic look. The navy blues featured on the Zara site, have left me feeling far from blue! From oversized woollen jumpers, tartan prints and cosy duffel coats, I have a new found crush on Zara (sorry Topshop!). I adore the Zara dress with crossover back detail. It would make a great Christmas frock, fun to style and accessorize with your best-loved jewellery.
I could spend so much time browsing Sheinside. I have yet to make a purchase, although I do have my eye on the navy sweater coat, shown above. It comes in one size, and has faux leather and zip detail. It would be ideal for those cold days, when you just want to throw on something cosy.
Navy is an easy to wear colour, one that is on trend and stylish. This colour worn with pale pinks (another wishlist right there) is the dream match, the same can be said for navy and camel. Another colour match that I'm loving? Navy and black, worn by many celebrities, Victoria Beckham being one (I'm a big VB fan). Accessories are another way to add some navy to your colour palette (Autumn scarves, hats, faux leather gloves, tights).
If navy clothing doesn't excite you, there is always a Navy scented candle by Betty Jackson (a subtly sweet agapanthus scent). If you are a beauty lover, check out these two lovely bloggers, Chanelle (Chanelle Jade) and Jo (A little pop of Coral), both of whom reviewed a navy coloured beauty product!
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Have you many navy items in your wardrobe? Or do you prefer black?

Friday, 25 October 2013

happy feet #2



I have not one, but two, new pairs of boots! I would never usually get excited over shoes, believe it or not, but that has changed! I have wanted to buy a pair of boots for autumn/winter, ever since posting a wishlist on here. The pair I really, really wanted, were sold out on asos. I was not defeated though, I checked on ebay, and the asos site every day to see if they were available to buy. I noticed that there was a size 5 in stock on the asos site, and I immediately clicked 'add to bag' (winner!). I was one happy bunny when they arrived, the asos Academy boots are just perfect. They have a soft leather look, with a fluffy material inside (pure comfort). The sole does not look so chunky in the pictures, but they do have a nice size platform, so it gives me a little extra height too.
The second pair were purchased from the site next2nowt (a place to buy famous name clothing from the high street at affordable prices). This site is a gem, as the customer really does come first. The products are carefully checked and only sold if they are in pristine condition, with the price considerably reduced from it's original. The Arabel boots above, were exactly that. They still had the price/size sticker on the bottom and had no sign of wear. I discovered this site after reading a couple of bloggers managed to pick up these exact boots for such a great price (£85 £30). I love the cut out detail, and of course the fact they are Topshop boots!
I would highly recommend checking the site next2nowt, and ebay, if there is ever an item you 'must-have' but has unfortunately sold out. It worked out for me, this time (yey!).
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Have you bagged any bargains lately?


Sunday, 20 October 2013

i love Sundays


Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week, let me list a few of the reason why. Sunday morning usually involves reading some blogs, and flicking through You Sunday Magazine. It's a day that feels quieter than the rest, as most people like to spend the day at home. I will take one of the dogs out, either down the beach or the common (walking two dogs is mayhem for me, so I take in it turns to take them out). This Sunday, we headed over to the common, which is only a stones throw away from my house.

It was my birthday this week. I'm not a big birthday person, but I did manage to devour a whole cake with a a little help from others. The flowers in the pictures, were a birthday surprise from the boyfriend. Rarely does he buy me something that I don't know about, so it was such a lovely moment when I answered the door to a big bouquet of flowers.

The book, above, arrived this week. I have seen the film, The Virgin Suicides, but wanted to read the book in the hope it reveals more. The film left me asking many questions, so much went unsaid and the dream-like vagueness led me to purchasing this novel. I think this book will be a very good read.
I have also included my two Topshop buys, above. An oversized cropped top, and a jumper that has a cute wee bear on it. These have been worn all week, the striped top is so comfy. I'm loving Topshop far too much recently, and I plan on buying a pretty textured pink top next! Why must everything in Topshop be so pretty?

Next, the Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. A face mask with a lovely scent and texture, it is ideal for a Sunday beauty treat. I have enjoyed this product so far, and I hope to do a review soon. The rest of the night will involve, some blog reading, the x factor results, and a hot chocolate (I wished I had marshmallows).

I was hoping to write a post that had a moral at the end. However, I do think it's the little things, like reading a book, flowers, that we should take enjoyment from. This is how my Sunday has looked, and it has been a very care-free day. Monday, fingers crossed, will be a productive day and will involve writing a cover letter or three (fun!).

I quite enjoyed having a ramble, it has been a fun post to write. I hope you are having a good Sunday. How do you enjoy your Sundays?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Retro London

Angel by London Retro c/o My Optique

This post feels very fitting, after writing how much I love the retro/throw back look in my previous post. So, carrying on with this theme, I received these wonderful glasses from My Optique. Retro shaped glasses and statement glasses is a trend I have never approached before. The glasses I have been wearing over the past couple of years have been simply, boring, and I only use them whilst driving. However, with these vintage inspired glasses, I am happy to wear them out and about. They came in a lovely, charming, tanned leather box, that has a vintage feel to it. The glasses are from the new Metropolitan Collection by London Retro. Each style in this collection is named after an iconic London tube line or station. The pair I have, are called Angel (how appropriate!). London Retro offer a lovely choice, 'combining retro shapes with seasons key colours and fabrication trend'. I opted for an oval shaped frame in a matte black, a texture that makes the retro frame, modern and on trend. I was also equally attracted to the two tone frame, in tortoiseshell and pink. I'm very pleased with these glasses, and I'm looking forward to trying some new looks too!

I have modelled these glasses, not on myself, but against The Fashion Book (birthday present from the boy).  I was very surprised by the size of this book, it's very large! I'm thrilled to add this to my growing book collection, the images inside are beautiful, and documents so many fabulous designers, icons and photographs. 

My mum also loved my new glasses, and wanted to view the collection herself. She commented that she used to wear a similar pair when she was young. So, after I heard this I was determined to find a photograph of this. Tadah! Below, photographs of my mum in her stylish black frames, back in the 1960s.

Above, my mum rocking a tartan skirt.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Do you wear glasses? What style frame do you like?

Monday, 14 October 2013


This post is about my newly found source of inspiration. I recently discovered this designer and her wonderful work during London Fashion week. The Irish Designer being Orla Kiely. I was captivated by the images of her innovative S/S 14 presentation. I loved the creativity behind it, and detail, plus the models wore berets (yes!). I can only imagine how enjoyable the experience of watching this presentation/show live was.

So, I have been following Orla Kiely on Instagram, and it has fast become my favourite account to follow. I particularly loved that Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tennebaums was mentioned as a muse, as well as Mia Farrow and Patti Boyd. The  throw back style translates perfectly in Orla Kiely's designs and patterns. Zooey Deschanel is a big fan, known for her quirky and playful style, they are the perfect match.

I adore the 60's inspired A/W collection. The olivesplums, and signature prints will certainly inspire my wardrobe this season. The Climbing Daisy Velet Holly Bag is just utterly beautiful!
I have chosen some of my favourite images (above), that include past and present collections, film stillsbehind the scenes, and features from magazines. I do fall for the vintage/retro look so easily, it is oh-so-feminine! Follow Orla Kiely on Instagram here, and on Pinterest here for more inspiration, and beauty.

(Yes, another post featuring an image of Alexa Chung)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. What decade inspires you? I would love to know.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beauty Bazaar

Harvey Nichols have exciting beauty packages and treatments available, alongside a stylish champagne and cocktail bar. What more can a girl want? 
In recent months, many of my friends have got engaged, and have weddings planned for next year. As a friend of the bride to be, it is usually your responsibility to plan a special hen party, and a day of celebrations. Beauty Bazaar is a perfect place to start. It offers a range of beauty treatments, with prices starting at £20 per person. 
There is a wonderful choice, and all packages can be completely tailored to your liking. Just imagine, getting pampered with your friends, sipping cocktails, whilst planning your outfit for the evening. It's the perfect way to get ready for any party.
Harvey Nichols offer your favourite brands, and have on hand, beauty consultants and stylists to give you expert advice. Below, are some of the packages available.

I think this is the perfect treat for any bride to be and her 'hens'. A relaxing way to start a hen party, before heading out for the evening. In addition, it is also a lovely present for that someone special. Beauty Bazaar is the place to be pampered, and to have a very enjoyable experience with friends.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. What treatment, from the above,would you have?

Images / written in association with Harvey Nichols

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Favourites

James Pringle Weavers Scarf / Daniel Sandler EyeLiner c/o My Bag / Miss Dior / IT Alexa Chung

These are a few things I have been enjoying recently. It features my first piece of tartan, and a book I was far too excited to get my hands on. I have not blogged in over a week (which feels like a long time). I find blogging a welcome distraction, however, I have been less productive in other areas. I am still applying for jobs, and I really hope to get one soon. 

It was my mum's birthday last weekend, and my sister surprised her by coming down for the weekend. It's was lovely spending time with my mum and sister. We bought her flowers and tickets to see Marti Pellow in Evita. My mum was a big fan of Wet Wet Wet
My sister bought me a tartan scarf (above), and I'm thrilled to have some tartan in my life at last! It's a beautiful scarf in soft shades of blue, brown and white. It's nice to have tartan in these colours, as a change to the traditional reds and greens. The weather has gone a little dull and bleak recently, so it's just as well I have this darling scarf to keep me cosy. 

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeliner. I would love to master the 'cat eye', with the subtle flick of eye-liner in the corner of the eye. Unfortunately, I do not find this easy, and no matter how careful I am, it can go a little wrong. This is when practice comes in, and bloggers tips and tutorials. The Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner has become a favourite of mine. I use the shade Grey Velvet, a soft colour that is smooth to apply. I'm hoping my eyeliner skills will improve the more I try and master the cat eye look. 

I recently ran out of the perfume, Princess by Vera Wang. I decided to go for the popular Miss Dior (below) as my new scent. My dad kindly bought this at the airport, after coming back from holiday. The scent is a delight, it is romantic and feminine. The bottle is very chic, with a vintage appeal. It's a classic scent, that I will enjoy and no doubt repurchase. What is your favourite perfume? I would love to know.

Alexa Chung's tips on how to take a good self-portrait ('selfie'). Let me just refer to a blogger who has mastered this, Eleanor at Eleanor's Corner. I do adore the self-portraits that she features on her blog.

Jane Birkin inspired Alexa Chung 'with infinite outfit ideas and the confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl'.


Lastly, Alexa Chung's d├ębut book 'IT'. This book was written by the style icon herself. It is a collection of illustrations, photographs and musing. 'IT', is no autobiography, nor a book that is going to cause a stir in the literacy world. However, this book gives us an insight into what inspires Alexa Chung, and a few tips along the way. I think this book is like a charming scrapbook, and her doodles and relaxed/witty style of writing, just reflects how down to earth she is. Alexa is not following suit by publishing an autobiography, or a style guide to create her look, but something a little different. This is why Alexa Chung is a style icon, because she does it her way. This book is a fun read, as well as being a gorgeous book to look at. It is a great Christmas present for anyone who is a fan of hers. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed. What have you been enjoying recently? Have you read 'IT'?