Thursday, 17 October 2013

Retro London

Angel by London Retro c/o My Optique

This post feels very fitting, after writing how much I love the retro/throw back look in my previous post. So, carrying on with this theme, I received these wonderful glasses from My Optique. Retro shaped glasses and statement glasses is a trend I have never approached before. The glasses I have been wearing over the past couple of years have been simply, boring, and I only use them whilst driving. However, with these vintage inspired glasses, I am happy to wear them out and about. They came in a lovely, charming, tanned leather box, that has a vintage feel to it. The glasses are from the new Metropolitan Collection by London Retro. Each style in this collection is named after an iconic London tube line or station. The pair I have, are called Angel (how appropriate!). London Retro offer a lovely choice, 'combining retro shapes with seasons key colours and fabrication trend'. I opted for an oval shaped frame in a matte black, a texture that makes the retro frame, modern and on trend. I was also equally attracted to the two tone frame, in tortoiseshell and pink. I'm very pleased with these glasses, and I'm looking forward to trying some new looks too!

I have modelled these glasses, not on myself, but against The Fashion Book (birthday present from the boy).  I was very surprised by the size of this book, it's very large! I'm thrilled to add this to my growing book collection, the images inside are beautiful, and documents so many fabulous designers, icons and photographs. 

My mum also loved my new glasses, and wanted to view the collection herself. She commented that she used to wear a similar pair when she was young. So, after I heard this I was determined to find a photograph of this. Tadah! Below, photographs of my mum in her stylish black frames, back in the 1960s.

Above, my mum rocking a tartan skirt.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Do you wear glasses? What style frame do you like?


  1. SUCH a cute picture of your mum!!!

    Katie <3

  2. Love your glasses! I'm looking for a pair just like them. The photos of your mum are so lovely too! x

  3. Oh my god! Your mum was so cute, and she did have the same glasses. What a cute addition to this post Christina! I agree with Erica, I'd love to see them on your pretty face! Enjoy being able to see! xx

  4. I'd love to see you rocking these! My glasses are a similar shape but with a thicker frame and they are solid black all over, I often think I'd like something a bit more streamlined like yours. Book looks fantastic. And how adorable are those photos of your mother! She looks beautiful, such a lovely touch to this post. XXX

  5. these are gorge :) and those pictures of your mum are so cute, I love everything about old pictures (when they aren't of me) haha. I bet the glasses look lovely on you hun xx

  6. Ahh they're SO lovely! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. London retro do the best glasses! you made a great choice :)


    Sade XO

  8. Oh they're great!! I have massive anxiety about wearing my specs in public but these are gorgeous.
    Fab pics of your mum too
    M x Life Outside London

  9. Christina, your posts are always so beautiful and I love the layout of your blog too. I usually read posts on my phone so miss out on the arrangement aspect of them but am currently on a laptop and I'm so pleased I decided to take a look at your blog properly instead of in the little Bloglovin iPad app way. You really must teach me how you do your photo collages - do you use Photoshop?
    The pictures of your Mum are awesome. I love looking at old photos like this. Amazing how trends come and go over the decades.
    Lots of love, Beeta xxx