Thursday, 21 November 2013

Home Sweet Home #1


Ballerina framed print
Gold star-burst frame / Diptyque candle / Trinket box / Peony Bowl

I have decided to do a weekly post, called Home Sweet Home, featuring my favourite home accessories and interiors. The above, would look perfect on a dresser, or bedside table.
Firstly, I have chosen a Gold Star-burst frame, that compliments the minimal colour palette above, and is a lovely buy from Laura Ashley
The Diptyque candle, is a popular purchase for bloggers. I have seen numerous beauty blogs, that feature this candle in their photographs. There is a chic and Parisian feel to the design, and I would personally love to have a little collection of these, to light, in the evenings. However, these sought after candles do not come cheap. I have noticed, that these 'designer candles', although very pretty, do cost a lot more than the average candle.  
The trinket box, above, is from the Butterfly Home range by Matthew Williamson. I have always wanted a glass jewellery box, so this really is a gem in my eyes. It's ideal to keep your jewellery, and little treasured possessions, in. The Peony Bowl, would lighten up a room, with it's wonderful cream peonies display.
The Ballerina framed print is a soft and dreamy image of two ballerinas. I recently watched Black Swan for the very first time, and was very taken by the film, so was looking for a ballet-themed item. All the above items, have a feminine and light touch, that would look so precious in the home.

I hope you enjoyed. What is your favourite item in your home? I've been phone-less for a week, so I've not been able to take photographs :( I have lots of lifestyle posts planned for when I do have my phone back though!

Friday, 15 November 2013

An Education


An Education, staring Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard (A Single Man), is a coming of age film set in 1960's suburban England. Mulligan plays Jenny Mellor, an intelligent school girl, studying to go to Oxford. It is uncertain if this is her dream or her father's ambition for her, to better her life and marry well. Jenny is only sixteen, but seems older than her years, with a unique appreciation of music, the arts and a love for everything french.
Jenny meets a charming, older man, David, on her way home from school one day. It is not long until she becomes enthralled in David's exciting lifestyle, attending bars and auctions. It is everything she has dreamed and romanticised about. He shrewdly charms her parents to allow him to take Jenny to Paris.
During the film, Carey's character goes from a dowdy school girl, to a glamorous young woman. Carey has an Audrey Hepburn elegance to her, especially in the Paris scenes.
There are a few moments, when David's life isn't quite all it seems. However, losing interest in school and Oxford, Jenny decides, being engaged to David is what she wants. Jenny's father is somewhat quick to marry his daughter off, and also forget all about Oxford. Why would she need to go, now she has met a man who can take care of her? On the way to celebrate the engagement, Jenny learns some home truths about David.
This film is a favourite of mine, for many reasons. Carey Mulligan is equally beautiful as she is talented, and always chooses great film roles. I have created a little collage of her looks from the film, and have chosen some pieces, inspired by Jenny's outfits. During the film Jenny's style evolves, from being a plain Jane, to wearing elegant frocks and feminine shapes. I just adore the gold and black embellished, velvet dress from Dahlia, shown above. It has a vintage feel, with beautiful gold detail - perfect for an evening out. I  have had my eye on the Topshop Lace dress, above, for some time. The over lay and print on the dress, gives it a modern twist on the 60's look. Peaches over at Style Peaches styled this dress perfectly! I have also chosen some accessories, inspired by the film, that would be ideal to dress up an outfit.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Have you seen An Education?


Monday, 11 November 2013

pretty things


Jigsaw Coral Belle Bedding / Deer Makeup Bag /  Looking back, Looking Forward Planner 

It's just a short and sweet post this Monday. As I'm excited that Christmas is just around the corner, Christmas decorations, and shopping are a must! Ok, it's a little early for the tree to go up and to sellotape a festive wreath to the wall, but I'm not surprised to hear many have finished their Christmas shopping already. There are so many wonderful gifts and pretty things in the shops at the moment, where do you begin? This month, I plan to post mini wishlists & gift ideas, as the countdown to Xmas has officially began!
1. So, I have picked the Coral Belle bedding from Jigsaw. This has a contemporary floral print, and is the perfect gift for those who love to snuggle up under a duvet and watch a film (who doesn't enjoy that?).
2. The deer make up bag is so cute, I'm loving everything deer-themed at the moment. I think this would be a lovely gift for my sister, especially if it was filled with mini beauty products. 
3. This charming note book is ideal for those ever growing things-to-do lists!

PS. I really love these braided up-dos, below. I'm hoping after watching a YouTube tutorial or two, I will be able to re create these cute styles myself. I fancy a change, and a new up-do is a start! wish me luck!


Thank you for reading,and I hope you enjoyed! Have you started your Christmas shopping?