Sunday, 29 December 2013

happy feet #3



Christmas is over, all the food has been eaten, the tree has been planted in the garden, and the new year is only days away. It all goes by so quickly. This is always the time of year where I become reflective about the year just gone. I know, many like to make new years resolutions, and have exciting goals and plans for the year ahead. My main goal is to be a healthier me, food wise and through exercise.
Once upon a time, when I was much younger, I used to love sports and swimming. I loved being part of a team, and making new friends along the way. I guess, blogging is very similar in this sense. I used to play netball, run cross country, and enjoy being active. Now, I'm less excited at the thought of exercise. I would like this to change. This year, I would love to be able to run a couple of miles for fun (yes, for FUN!). 

I'm so pleased that I have the perfect footwear to help me achieve my goal. These Nike Free cross training shoes, are designed to deliver comfort, support, and to mimic barefoot running. As you can see from the pictures, I headed to the beach to give them a test run. The concept and process behind the Nike Free shoes, makes for an interesting read. Nike are always so creative and innovative when it comes to design. N.B. Kim Kardashian wears a very similar pair of Nike's to these.
It is also a plus, that Nike Free Runs have become a stylish shoe to own. Fitness and fashion are quite the pair. I have always been interested in retro footwear and brands such as Nike and Gola. I think an outfit teamed with trainers, or Converse, can look great. So, I'm sure I will be wearing these Nike shoes more often than planned.

I'm lucky enough to have two people in my family to inspire me. My two sisters have both completed marathons (Paris) and completed the Tough Mudder 2013. So, I guess running and exercise can be fun. I'm fortunate to live near the Gower, and have a cycle and running path close to my house, so I have no excuse not to be active. I hope I can achieve my goal, and come to enjoy going for a run.

Thank you for reading, and a Happy New Year to you! What is your favourite way to keep fit?

Friday, 20 December 2013

Sale Wishlist

 photo wishlistsale_zpsc54f2441.jpg

1. Jack Wills dress
2. Black leather backpack
3. Fred Perry Tartan Cord Pinafore Dress

I've got my eyes on the sales this year. I always love reading posts featuring what bargains can be had. This post, is a wishlist of the things I hope will be in the sales! I know some sales have started early this year, however, none of the above have as yet been reduced.
A bag is for life, not just for Christmas, this is a great motto for this time of year if you're looking to splash out on a new bag. There are many that I would love to own, such as a Whistles clutch, and the Autograph Leather Hobo bag from Marks & Spencers. I have chosen the darling, Dahlia soft leather backpack. It would be so useful for work, and for when I'm out walking the dogs, it's simply wonderful. The next, I found when reading What Olivia Did. Baia have teamed up with the lovely Olivia, to design this limited edition, understated bag. Olivia is effortlessly chic, so this collaboration in my eyes, is genius! This would be more of an investment piece, and a gorgeous one at that. So, fingers crossed these two gems will be on offer in the new year.
The two dresses above, can be found on Asos. The Fred Perry cord dress is so perfect, plus I need more tartan in my life! I love the buttons down the front and the fabric. The other dress featured, is by Jack Wills. My sister has mentioned that Jack Wills do good reductions, so I'm hoping this will be available as well.
The shops are too busy for me come January, and I'm not patient enough to scroll through the endless pages online. However, if I get just one thing from the above, I would call that a big success! 
If you are looking for tips when hitting the sales, Naked Fashions have done a great post, here.

Thank you for reading. Have you got your eye on anything, that you hope will be in the sales? 

Sunday, 15 December 2013


 photo Fotor1214205251_zps4a481604.jpg  photo Fotor1214211437_zps727601eb.jpg


I wish I was better organised, so I could have planned out the twelve days of Christmas, fashion inspired posts. I started randomly, with the Five Golden Rings Gifts, so let's jump to Three Turtle Doves Necks.
This is a style that some dislike, others love! It's a style that has graced the covers of Vogue. Whilst searching pinterest, I came across some beautiful editorial shots. The high roll neck is a classic and chic item, and I automatically think of Audrey Hepburn wearing one.
I have chosen to share three ways to wear a turtle neck this winter. I was mainly inspired by the Zara Autumn/Winter collection, and the Zara Look book styles this piece in a number of ways.

One. A turtle neck can be a staple part of your wardrobe. It can be worn with tartan/printed trousers, as above, for a simple and stylish look.

Two. Now it's colder, we are more inclined to cover up. A turtle neck can transform an evening look, and create a modern, and some what practical outfit. The Zara lingerie style dress, for example, can be worn over a turtle neck, as Amy from Salted Roses did here. In outfit two, above, Zara have also mixed textures, another great way of styling a roll neck.

Three. Layers,layers, layers! Do we ever wear enough layers? I love to wear numerous layers, so the turtle-neck is ideal for adding another to an outfit, and a new shape with the high neck line. It can be be worn under shirts and jumpers, for a cosy and fun look.

Fun Fact - The name Turtle neck came from the eccentric, Swedish tailor and turtle lover, Gerhard Thorn. He used to take his turtles for walks in the evenings, and he created the turtle neck for his turtle, to keep them from freezing during winter walks. After his death, the patent was then expanded and designed for humans, by his son.

This has been a fun post to do, and I hope you have enjoyed. Do you have a turtle neck / roll neck in your winter wardrobe? 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


This Sunday, I would like to share with you some of my favourites, from my new Clarins obsession to my black Friday discount. There are so many discounts and sales happening at the moment, it is hard to ignore, not to mention receiving emails every day just to remind me so.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening toner - I bought this after reading Katie's review over on Gold Dust. I used to read a good review, and think 'I need this product in my life!', but after realising what works for someone else, may not work for me, I'm not so quick to make that purchase. However, Katie referred to the Pixie Glow Tonic, and how it was very similar to the Clarins toner. I enjoyed using the Glow Tonic, myself, but have never repurchased it. So, I thought I would give Clarins a go for the first time. This toner, claims to 'eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, and boost cellular renewal'as well as tighten pores. Well, it was love at first try! This product leaves my skin feeling fresh, and seems to be keeping breakouts at bay, without drying out my skin. I love it so much, I just want to swim in it! (too much?). I bought this from Debenhams, and took advantage of the 10%-15% discount on their beauty products. 

Reindeer ornament - I picked this up on Black Friday, when I was in Asda looking at Christmas decorations. I weaved my way through the mass of people and their trolleys, that were making the most of the Black Friday deals, and came across this little figure. The ceramic deer, is so sweet, and for £1.50 - it was a little bargain.

Miss Etoile china jar - I think this is actually a sugar jar for the kitchen, a very cute one at that. My mum picked this Miss Etoile up in the Oliver Bonas sale, when visiting my sister in London. I keep all my cotton wool balls in this jar, so they are stored prettily for when I use my Clarins toner.
I discovered, Miss Etoile, is a Danish Company, that produces wonderful and quirky home ware. The french and art deco inspired designs, are so feminine and fun. After browsing their S/S 14 catalogue online, there is so much I love, the pastels, polka dots, and the hippo tea cup and saucer!

Asos Chunky jumper - Last weekend, I made an impulse purchase, as the 20% Asos sale was coming to an end on Sunday night (although it's 20% off everything this weekend, again). I wanted to get something, anything, I was in that kind of mood. I purchased this knit, in cream, and it is just so cosy and pretty. It's just the right side of being over sized, and has little specks of blue, red and yellow with the cream. This was one, quick purchase I do not regret. 

Hope you have had a good weekend. Have you been tempted by the sales?
Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


 photo moon_zpsc95fde71.jpg

MINI NAIL IN MAGPIE / Estella Bartlett Gold Plated Flower Ring / Whitstles Gold Clutch
Dazzling Highlighter Brightening Stick / VEST LUREX TULLE MIDI DRESS

In the spirit of Christmas, I have chosen five golden rings gifts for Her. This time of year, there are so many celebrations. There are work parties to attend, Christmas meals, and of course Christmas day and Boxing day. It's a busy month ahead! I have chosen some gifts, that would be ideal for these occasions, and for NYE (Yes, it's not long now).
I have picked out a gorgeous tulle dress, with a gold lurex top. I was pleasantly surprised at the price, and think Topshop do these style of dresses so well. I think, I would feel like a very happy pixie in this tutu style dress. It is ideal for the festive season!
Every dress deserves a bag that compliments it, and this Whistle bag does just that. The Whistle gold clutch would provide a glamorous touch to any outfit. I have fallen in love with the classic croc- effect leather clutch by Whistles, it would also look great with this outfit.
This Estella Bartlett ring, above, caught my eye whilst reading YOU magazine, one Sunday. The gold plated ring, has such delicate detail on the gold flower, and is very Pandora-like. This is a real Christmas treat!
I picked two beauty items that would make lovely stocking fillers. The mini Topshop nail varnish in Magpie, comes in at £5. Finally, the KiKo dazzling highlighter in Moonlight gold, to add a soft glow to your make up, and complete your golden look!

Thank you for reading, Do you plan your outfits for Christmas and NYE?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

I started a new job this week, so there has been early mornings, early nights, and a lack of blogging. I do take my Christmas hat off, to those who work and blog often. So, I was very happy to wake up Saturday morning and have the day to myself. I had my heart set on buying a (real) Christmas tree, and some decorations. I did just this! 
I bought the tree from Homebase, as well as some decorations. This is the first year, in a long while, we have got a real tree. There were so many cute, smaller trees, and we some how decided upon this one. It's cute and a little tubby! All the decorations, lights, are from;  Asda, Matalan, Sainsburys, Home Bargins, and Homebase.  
The Christmas trees in the shops, are so perfectly decorated and each bobble is placed with thought. My technique, is to just place them here, there and every where! I like a tree that has a little character! There is a wonderful feature in YOU magazine today, with craft blogger, Davina Drummond's unique and easy to make decorations. I wish I had some crafty materials in the house, so I could have a go myself this Sunday. I will have to do this though, I'm forever reading crafty posts (Erica's), and being inspired, so watch this space. Do you have your Christmas tree up yet? 

Happy December!