Friday, 20 December 2013

Sale Wishlist

 photo wishlistsale_zpsc54f2441.jpg

1. Jack Wills dress
2. Black leather backpack
3. Fred Perry Tartan Cord Pinafore Dress

I've got my eyes on the sales this year. I always love reading posts featuring what bargains can be had. This post, is a wishlist of the things I hope will be in the sales! I know some sales have started early this year, however, none of the above have as yet been reduced.
A bag is for life, not just for Christmas, this is a great motto for this time of year if you're looking to splash out on a new bag. There are many that I would love to own, such as a Whistles clutch, and the Autograph Leather Hobo bag from Marks & Spencers. I have chosen the darling, Dahlia soft leather backpack. It would be so useful for work, and for when I'm out walking the dogs, it's simply wonderful. The next, I found when reading What Olivia Did. Baia have teamed up with the lovely Olivia, to design this limited edition, understated bag. Olivia is effortlessly chic, so this collaboration in my eyes, is genius! This would be more of an investment piece, and a gorgeous one at that. So, fingers crossed these two gems will be on offer in the new year.
The two dresses above, can be found on Asos. The Fred Perry cord dress is so perfect, plus I need more tartan in my life! I love the buttons down the front and the fabric. The other dress featured, is by Jack Wills. My sister has mentioned that Jack Wills do good reductions, so I'm hoping this will be available as well.
The shops are too busy for me come January, and I'm not patient enough to scroll through the endless pages online. However, if I get just one thing from the above, I would call that a big success! 
If you are looking for tips when hitting the sales, Naked Fashions have done a great post, here.

Thank you for reading. Have you got your eye on anything, that you hope will be in the sales? 


  1. Ohh that tartan dress is so stunning! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. That Fred Perry dress is gorgeous! I try not to hope specific things go in the sale because knowing my luck I'll get my hopes up and they either won't be in the sale or they'll be out of stock in my size! Happens every year ha

  3. Wow those dresses are gorgeous! I've never shopped at Jack Wills or Fred Perry and dismissed them a little but actually need to take a look! xx

  4. that bag is so gorgeous! x

  5. You have fabulous taste in, well, everything! I love all of those items, I hope you can grab a little bargain in the sales when they arrive! xxx

  6. I love Baia bags, so classic and timeless. B x

  7. Love the tartan one, it will def go into the sale

  8. they all look lovely! :)
    I'm a sucker for a handbag, oopppssiee!
    One thing I'm hoping to be in the sale is a laptop bag, ooohhh the excitement & how practical too.
    I've managed to go shopping with my mum today & sales have started & I've even bought a couple of Christmas presents for next year (yes, next did read it right) & a birthday present for a friend too :)

  9. Oo that Jack Wills dress is gorgeous

  10. The tartan dress is absolutely gorgeous!
    Nice picks
    M x Life Outside London

  11. How is that tartan dress from Fred Perry!? Oh my. I want it to go in a 70% off sale immediately. ;)

    Tara xo

  12. LOVE the tartan pinafore dress! xx

  13. Love the bag!
    Such a cute blog, glad that i found it!


  14. Love the clutch bag!
    I'm so impatient in the sales too, I spent hours scrolling down the New Look sale section online today though, it's amazing!

    Love Emma xx

  15. Oooft, I don't usually shop at Jack Wills but that first polkadot number is delicious! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  16. love the jack willis dress, such a pretty colour a pattern!