Friday, 29 March 2013

New Things

So at the start of the week I had a lovely surprise from my mum. On the weekend she went to London to visit my sister, unfortunately I was working and could not go, so she came back with a little present for me. I was given two delicate pretty china bowls from Urban Outfitters. I adore the patterns and colours and I am always looking for new ideas for storage of my jewellery, see this post. I hope you agree with me they are a perfect way to display your favourite items.
I also ordered a  Flower Ring Dish from Asos. I was a little disappointed when it arrived, I expected it to be bigger, as it it very small. Nonetheless, it is very pretty and I am glad I recieved 25% off with My UNiDAYs, as I would not of paid the full £8 considering the size of it. I love the discounts with UNiDAYs and should really take more advantage when they have such good discounts for a limited time (spend, spend, spend)..

Cherry Healey shows off her new rings on Instagram.
So, following on from my new delightful storage, I think some new jewellery is only appropriate. The amazing Cherry Healey has great style and personality, recently posted her new rings on Instagram. These are from & Other Stories , and I was quick to check out the site. The prices are very reasonable and the pieces are unique and individual. I have added this site to my bookmarks, ready for when I can splurge on some new accessories. 

I bought some new make up brushes this week, and it was one very good bargain. This is down to Fee, from makeupsavvy. This is one of the first blogs I started to follow, always checking in to see what goodies have been reviewed and inspiring me to buy new products. I always used to think the more expensive products were the best, this is not true at all. Fee is always finding the best savvy deals, and this is one of them. I purchased a Bamboo Make Up Brush Set for a very low price. 
Although the delivery takes almost two weeks, I was delighted when these arrived having forgotten I ordered them. They are identical to the  EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set, which will cost you a dearer £19.99. The brushes are soft and great quality, I am very pleased with my buy from Ebay

Hope you have enjoyed my post, more posts to come as I've really started to enjoy doing them. I really want a layout and blog makeover, do you know someone who can help with this?
 Hope everyone has a fun Easter Bank Holiday.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Back to Black

There is quite a contrast between the previous post and this one; I have gone from florals to black. I have a weekend with the girls in a couple of weeks and think it’s best to plan ahead. I always wait until the day before and then decide I have nothing to wear, when this is not true but it’s always nice to have something new. So I head to the shops without an idea of what I want to wear, and I come back with something I don’t necessarily love but happy enough to wear out that night. This is going to change now. I have picked three outfits that differ slightly but all chosen around that one black piece, playsuit, top, and trousers. 

1. Playsuit from In Love With Fashion. There are some lovely pieces and I was spoilt for choice when looking online. It is simple and chic, and I have chosen cute black matching underwear from Topshop  (It is always nice to treat yourself to a nice set, even though no one may see it).

2. These trousers are currently in the Next sale online, and I have paired them with a black top from New Look. My favourite item is the clutch from H&M, I think the bold colour and chunky studs look great with this outfit adding that flash of neon & fun. The sleeveless hoodie is from H&M too, and I would feel very at home in this, plus gives a nod to the Sport Luxe trend right now.

3. This outfit is simple but teamed with the shiny metallic clutch (I love) and heels it’s more edgy. Plus click on the link to see the trousers snake detail clearer.

So what outfit is your favourite? Hopefully having a planned outfit will stop me from panic buying last minute.  I would love to hear your opinions. 


      Wednesday, 20 March 2013

      Hippy Chick

      This post is dedicated to my love of all things hippy. I would love to be a free spirited nomad but sadly I am too much of a worrier to be. However this does not stop me from loving all things hippy and boho chic in fashion and home. Below are some images from Pinterest that inspired this post. I got a little carried away with images this week and have been playing around trying to find my own blogging style, so it is all a work in progress. 

      Above and below my mood board. Inspiring this post.


      Below are items from Topshop that I have chosen to reflect that hippy style, I have opted for floral prints and a fox print scarf. I think there is no rule when it comes to mixing up colours and patterns when worn in a boho chic style, and layering with scarfs, shawls and knits will embody this look further. It is a popular style for summer festivals and celebs such as Kate Moss and Nicole Ritchie have both set a style standard for us. All you need to add is UV paint and wellies and you're set for the festival season.


      Accessorize. The more the merrier ...

      When it comes to jewellery where do you draw the line that you are wearing too much and resemble a Christmas tree? Well, to me the hippy chic look is all about adding trinkets and jewels. So the options are endless really, so many treasure and charms to be worn. All of the above from Accessorize I adore, the turquoise ring especially. ASOS Marketplace is great for finding unique and quirky jewellery and is a place to sell if you make your own.


      Zara Home

      Bathroom set / cushion cover (matching quilt available) / pilma blanket
      Hook /  Candles (set of 3)   

      There is no place like home. So why not decorate your home with colour and soft furnishing and make it a place of peacefulness and calm.  It is important that you have a space where you can relax and forget the troubles of everyday life. If you find that your computer is always on or the tv is on in the background, maybe it is time to turn the technology off  and have a quiet moment to yourself. Sometimes life can be so busy we forget to have that down time. Over the past two years I have collected cushions, candles and decorative accessories, so my room is full of prettiness and is a place I enjoy to be. I love colourful throws and quirky draw knobs, it's the little things that add character and make a home a home. If you fancy a change in decor, it can be done gradually, add the things that make you smile. The bathroom is a great place to start and could be made into your very own tranquil and stress- free zone. I hope the above from Zara Home gives you an idea or two of what look can be achieved with just a few items.


      Outfit  from River Island

      Above is an outfit that I put together from River Island. I adore the boots and the belt worn around the cardigan. I remember Victoria Beckham doing this and I have loved the idea ever since. I think all the items here are loose fitting or oversized to create a casual thrown together look that works. The white t-shirt is from the Rihanna collection, a simple t-shirt can be teamed with so many other looks, a statement necklace or delicate accessories would look great. What do you think of my overall look? 

      Inner Hippy

      Add a flower to your hair and spend the day being positive in the way you think and behave.

      Hope you have enjoyed my post. I am still new to blogging, I would love some feedback
      and advice if you have any.


      Monday, 18 March 2013

      Quick Post

      The weekend went by so quickly. We watched the rugby Saturday, it was so busy and everyone was in good spirits and celebrating a great win by Wales. The picture below are the accessories I wore with my new River Island clutch. You can not go wrong with River Island bags, the price and quality is the best on the high street, in my opinion. 

      I am looking forward to finishing my next post. It's a hippy inspired fashion post, so please come back and check it out on Wednesday. When I first started my blog I wanted to develop my writing skills and find my own style of blogging. I am so inspired by other blogs and I hope I can create something that can be enjoyed too.  I am excited to see it evolve and become something I can be proud of. I'm still working on this. :)


      Wednesday, 13 March 2013

      Wish List

      Making a list ...

      This week I bought a lovely blazer from Primark, originally priced £16, it was reduced to £7. Bargain! A similar blazer can be found in River Island for a less attractive price of £35. I would of bought the River Island blazer if it wasn't for finding this bargain among the Primark sale rack. I was simply browsing and was not planning on buying anything that day, so you never know when you're going to find a great buy.
      So the Wishlist below are a few items that I would ideally team the blazer with and other items that 
      take my fancy ...


      I adore this spotted Pinafore Playsuit, it's so cute and would go with my Superga pumps, or heels for an evening out. The bowl with pretty artificial flowers is so pretty, I saw it in work so I will be using my staff discount for this. Perks of working at Next! The Yin and Yang T is from New Look, it can be worn with the blazer and shorts for a casual look.
      How much do I love the coral bow pumps? The answer is lots! The colour and bow detail are very me.
      Yes, I need to wash my make up brushes. I have not tried this cleaner before but I expect it to be good being as it is Laura Mercier. So hopefully when I have a little extra money I will get this online.
      Zara have some gorgeous bags, and this Citybag is perfect in my eyes. I would probably use it to carry all my bits and bobs and over night things I need when I spend the night away from home. I always end up feeling like Mary Poppins when going through my bag looking for something. I don't realise how many things I carry and end up finding everything but what I am looking for.

      Hope you have enjoyed my Wishlist, what's on yours?
      What is your favourite item to wear with a blazer?


      Saturday, 9 March 2013

      Quiet Weekend

      Things I bought this weekend ...

      - Flowers for Mothers Day. Happy Mothers day to all you yummy mummys!
      - Mac's Archie Girls blush. I could only afford one item from this collection, and Flatter Me is my new favourite product. It not only come in a cute compact but is the perfect peach colour with coral hearts to add a lovely glow to your cheeks.
      - Garnier Summerbody. Smells of apricots and I'm hoping for sun kissed results, and its a safer way to tan.
      - Double Wear Concealer. I don't usually use concealer, but recently I wanted more coverage for those pesky blemishes, and I instantly fell in love with this product. I don't have the popular Double Wear Foundation of yet but this concealer goes well with my foundation and blends so well. I wish I purchased this sooner.

      Time with my Boys ...

      I took my two little beagles (not so little anymore) down the Gower for a walk.  The sun was out so we made the most of it. This beautiful beach is surrounded by more beauty and has wonderful views. We walked the large stretch of sand and watched the surfers in the sea, I always find beaches a peaceful place to be and love the fresh sea air. Theo and Kimi adore running around on the sand and sniffing everything. The only worry is that they run off and don't come back, Beagles are known to do runners when off their leads.

      Sleeping Kimi 

      Cuddles with Theo

      Howling on the beach, Theo

      Walking along the Bay

      I have my eye on ...

      Brat & Suzie
      I can spend a whole evening reading people's blogs, and there are so many fab bloggers to follow. One particular blog I love is So On Trend  written by the gorgeous Natasha, she has ample amount of personal style and picks gorgeous items. She recently blogged about a Hippy Dog sweater that caught my eye. Natasha wore her Brat & Suzie sweater with floral jeans and styled it perfectly. You must click and see for yourself ... pretty and quirky down to a Tee.

      Find Brat & Suzie at Asos and at
      On their website is reads;
      ''We combine our obsession with fashion and our innate love of animals to produce super cute, quirky, fashionable ranges of clothing each season.''  
      This is right up my street! Below is the Aztec Cat t-shirt that is also on my wishlist for the summer ahead.

      Meow! Purfect T 

      Wednesday, 6 March 2013

      Mother's day

      Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

      It is almost Mothers Day so here are a few ideas for the perfect gift.

      The fragranced candle is a great buy from Next, good size and price compared to some candle brands. It comes in a lovely box with a chic design.
      A scarf is another ideal gift, it can brighten up an outfit and can be worn rain or shine.

      - Make your own gift basket and take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer in Boots. Just add a pretty ribbon and show your creative side.
      - Chose a dvd (your mums favourite genre or starring her favourite actor) and have a night in with popcorn, crisps and dips.
      - If you are busy and have no time to shop, a trip to a coffee shop along with a treat of cake and pastries would be great way to spend quality time with your mum.
      - A quirky and thoughtful card is a simple and loving way to show you care.
      - Flowers (Next do some beautiful arrangements)
      My mums favourite

      Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there..

      Sunday, 3 March 2013


      This weekend I visited Bristol Zoo. Below are a few Instagram pictures I took, the Meerkats were my favourite. I also bought a tiny little lion from the gift shop. It was a great day out, I really enjoyed myself!

      Mother's Day is only a week away so I will post some gift ideas this week. Something special for that special mum .. <3