Sunday, 26 January 2014

home sweet home #2


I am moving out. Finally. It was always the plan to find somewhere to rent, however, it has happened so fast. The bungalow, we will be moving into, will be ours this week. So, the boyfriend and I will moving all our bits and bobs, over the next couple of weeks.
I must admit, all this change has made me feel a little anxious. There have been changes in work - new offices, new staff, a new route to work. It may not be a big deal for some, however, all these little changes have made me feel uneasy. Plus, the only reason I'm able to move out, is because of this job - so I must stick with it and try to enjoy it there.

Anyhow, I have spent much of today on Pinterest, and on Etsy, admiring the home decor. It is so easy to get carried away looking at these dream rooms, and pretty home accessories. Pinterest, for me, is the ultimate escapism, and  source of inspiration. I have so many ideas of how I would love my new home to look.

I came across many ceramic bowls, vases etc on etsy. I do love the idea of having a shelf, or fireplace scattered with vases, glass bottles, and candles. It would also, make the room feel fuller, as we don't have much furniture to start. Etsy is the perfect place to purchase such things, handmade, vintage, pre-loved, and the prices can be very reasonable. It's safe to say, I have my eye on a few items - expect many homeware posts to follow. I am torn between having, cream and neutral coloured ceramics, for a modern and softer look, or, having a colourful display of ceramics, like above. I think, I will have to do more pinterest research for such an important decision!

I have also been adoring everything Anthropologie, in particular this Firenze Velvet Cushion. I personally would not spend this much, so as many do, I searched online for a cheaper alternative. I came across this wonderful tutorial, that creates that exact cushion. It does look a little complicated for me, being such a craft shy person, however, I would love to have a cushion or two like this one - for my new abode.

There will be more homeware inspired posts to follow, I hope you have enjoyed this one. There are only eight days left to enter that special giveaway, which I am thrilled to be part of. Good luck to those who enter.

Monday, 20 January 2014


Today I'm happy to be co hosting an-amazing 'bloggers give back' give-away with some amazing blogging ladies; we are affectionately calling ourselves,The Brit Pack...


10 Fabulous British Bloggers have all rounded up together to give one lucky winner a spending spree at ASOS with a £100 gift voucher. Its our way of starting the 2014 off with a bang, and also as a big THANK YOU to all of you who read and follow and comment on our blogs week after week.

I'm so excited to be hosting this giveaway along side such great bloggers. Every single blogger is worth getting to know! So in good old fashioned Blighty style, grab a cup of tea and take a moment to check out their links, find some new favourites, and enter away!


The competition will run for 10 days and is open internationally. Winner will be emailed an asos gift voucher with an e-code worth £100 (approx $160 at current exchange rate) and announced on the rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wishlist Du jour

Bonjour! This Sunday is another magazine inspired post. I have been spending my lunch times admiring all the trends and fashion in Company magazine. As this is my first wishlist of the year, I thought I would make it a little different. I have been reading the Company hearts Paris issue, and it reminded me how the French do it best, when it comes to style.
Company magazine feature so many great bloggers, their readers, and inspiring females - style icon Jameela Jamil has her very own column. This latest issue has all you need to know about Paris and the French style. I personally loved the selection of berets in this special issue. So, I have cut out and scanned (I'm so tech savvy) my favourite looks, a la mode!

I do own one or two striped tops (Alexa Chung wannabe). I think a simple striped top is easy to wear, and the pictures above show just how to style one. The top and textured skirt, above-right, are both River Island. The soft shade and shape of this skirt, plus the perfectly chosen accessories - creates a beautiful, modern outfit.
The striped top and shirt are from H&M. This is my favourite outfit of the three, as I'm quite fond of wearing layers - some days I go with the motto, the more the merrier! It is the ruffle shirt that makes this look 'oh so feminine'. I have been inspired to recreate this look myself, and wear with my trusty Topshop Leigh jeans.
Finally, that pastel blue coat! Pastels are a welcomed trend, the perfect shades to cheer up our January blues. This coat is from Marks and Spencer, The Londoner has modelled this coat also, here. The checked skirt from Wondering Minds is gorgeous, the fit and flare style is very chic! Plus, the stripes and checks is a clash that works so well here.

Sadly, I won't be packing my bags any time soon, Paris will remain a dream trip for now. However, this does not stop me from bringing a little French style to my wardrobe. I already own the striped tops, so a pastel piece and checked skirt is on my wishlist this month.

Do you love the Parisian style?
Au revoir!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Oh Frankie


I shared my love for a Sunday in a previous post, and this Sunday is another lazy day - before the reality of Monday comes along. I would like to declare my love for another, I love Frankie!
It was when I searched for the quaint frankie daily journal, that I discovered this magazine. I never usually stray away from my Company, and Elle when buying magazines, but I was instantly attracted to the cover of frankie. The past issue covers, were equally as appealing and charming. I made my order, it arrived, and now I'm an official frankie fan.
Frankie is an Australian magazine, that takes a look at fashion, photography, culture, interior and so much more. Frankie magazine say they 'aim to surprise and delight readers with every turn of our beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so'. The articles featured are amusing, interesting and endearing. A simple joy to read on my lazy Sunday.
It is cover to cover - inspiration. Everything from the pictures, the words, the colours and layout, is all so pretty and put together perfectly. I feel like I'm the last person to discover this magazine (I'm already 56 issues behind!).

So, let me share some of my favourite features from this issue;

the opposite of bitchface
Equal portraits
an open letter... to my thesis
The Ladies with tiny feet
mental health chums!
What I do when I'm alone
Viva la punk

This issue came with DIY pattern envelopes, 2014 wall planner, and four, special greeting cards. So my Sunday afternoon has been planned.
I also discovered so many new stores, and designers. I already knew about the talented Leah Goren. Leah is featured alongside other creative designers in this issue. I stumbled across the quirky and fun swimwear over at Co&llar Swimwear, and discovered the cool, comfy clothing at Creatures of comfort.

This new found love is no flash in the pan. This is a long and committed friendship, I intend to keep. 

Monday, 6 January 2014


I was very excited to go shopping, and check out the sales in store. I purchased a couple of sales items and a couple of full priced ones - all pictured above.
The retro style clock is my favourite of these purchases. I first saw it, when buying my mum's Christmas present in HomeSense. This store, has everything - furniture, candles, stationery, kitchenware, and more - 'Unique finds, Irresistible prices'. I went back after Christmas for another look around, and decided then to buy the pastel pink clock for my bedroom. I also took a fancy to the large, floor cushions that they sell. So I'm sure I will be returning to HomeSense soon.

The Topshop lace and mesh bra, was my first purchase in the sales. I really love the lingerie sets at Topshop, and I always seem to pick up a bra or two in the sales. I love the emerald green lace against the black. I tend to avoid heavily padded bras, and find this style far more attractive. I picked this up for £10. I also picked up a couple of rings, with turquoise and purple stone detail. The new jewellery collection in store is oh-so-pretty!

I purchased Antipodes Aura manuka honey mask in the feel unique sale. I have started to read more, and more beauty blogs. This has resulted in wanting more, and more beauty products. There are so many brands/products, I would love to try. This year, I'm determined to find the perfect foundation, my current favourite being Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.
The  Anitpodes honey mask goes on so smoothly, and can be used as an everyday mask. Like honey, it is very sticky, and smells so good (good enough to eat!). Simply, apply a thick layer, leave for 15 minutes or so, then rinse. It is ever so gentle, the most gentle mask I have ever used. Manuka honey 'draws moisture to your skin' and hydrates. It also helps clear blemishes - I'm hoping this to be true! 

Lastly, the candle was half price (plus free delivery), from The Body Shop. It is Vanilla and Tonka Bean, a scent I instantly loved. This candle, for me, has a cinnamon smell to it, warm and comforting. It is said to 'help smooth the mind', and the combination of Vanilla and Tonka bean, is the perfect scent for my bedroom.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Did you buy anything in the sales? I have lots of posts planned for 2014, and I'm excited to make this year as good as the last! It has been very inspiring reading everyone's goals for the year ahead - I hope everyone has a fantastic year!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Meet Tape Parade

 photo bloggerspotlight_zpsc9b10d25.jpg

Happy New Year! I was very excited to do this post, and share one of my favourite bloggers with you. Laila from Tape Parade, kindly answered the many questions I emailed her for this post! I adore her blog, style and reading all about her adventures - abroad and in London. So, here is my interview with the lovely Laila ... 

How would you describe your style? 

Throughout school I was known for my really weird and off-the-wall style but I went to a very arty and creative university and although everybody dressed differently I blended in a lot more there then I ever have anywhere else. I hate sporty clothes as normal wear (save it for the gym) and I don't own any hoodies, jeans or trousers. I quite often make my own clothes from fabrics I likeMy non-uni friends often describe my style as "quirky", I would say maybe a bit old-fashionedI avoid nearly all high street shops for a variety of reasons but I LOVE charity shops and there are a few London-based designers I like such as Lazy Oaf and Miss Patina. In terms of higher end fashion I like Luella (RIP), Mondo, Meadham Kirchhoff, Romance Was Born, Sretsis, Valentino, Orla Kiely and I loved the Amy Winehouse Fred Perry collections (that pinafore in your last wishlist sales items post is stunning by the way!).

Style icon?

I don't really have a style icon; I really like clothes but have no interest in putting them together. I'm not very aware of style, I can't say I ever really notice what people are wearing and I don't read magazines or anything so I'm quite ignorant of fashion in that way - I only really like the very top end of fashion which for me is more akin to art than anything else, and even then I don't really follow new collections or what comes out each season. I've always wanted to look different to everybody else and my idea of hell would be looking on trend. I never worry about looking inappropriate and I don't plan outfits, I just throw on items in the morning and hope for the best! I wear a similar kind of thing for all situations regardless of whether it's a smart function, gig, job interview, day off, night out etc. I can't think of any well-dressed celebrities I like but I would say Zandra Rhodes and Camila Batmanghelidjh are probably the only people I can think of who I would describe as interesting, unconventional dressers.
Insane clothing items - CapeMental shirtSequin Beret
Homemade - Moomin Skirt

 photo aimg_9362_zps1bd2a300.jpg

Tell us more about your music ...

I studied clarinet, bassoon and piano up to Grade 8 and then focused on bassoon through uni, although now I don't really have a main focus. I taught myself guitar, ukulele and accordion through sixth form and uni and I've picked up bits of other instruments along the way. My masters and degree focused on contemporary music although I studied musical theatre outside of school and I've always had a strong interest in popular music. 

Probably my biggest achievement is being asked to give an academic lecture at Senate House (on Vladimir Martynov and his links to post-modernism). I was the youngest speaker they've had to date and it's something I'm still proud of. I also had a piece I'd arranged premiered at Disneyland Paris when I was in sixth form. That was pretty cool, mainly because I got to Disneyland with all my school friends!

At the moment I'm working on two major projects, WOLF PACK and my own music. WOLF PACK is a music/theatre group I set up two years ago. It's been really well received and effectively gone from a side hobby project into a creative business. I kind of direct and run the whole thing and come up with ideas. I've been offered a slot at a well-known creative office for 2014 and I'm learning a huge amount about the entertainment industry and business practises from some fantastic people, it is an amazing opportunity. I'm also trying to focus on performing my own songs and gigging my own music more - up until this point I've only promoted Kids With Crayons (my band with James) for fun and now I'm flying solo so it's a weird change for me!
 photo Fotor0101100316_zpseae14da7.jpg
I adore your style of photography ...

Thank you, I'm not sure I'm that great at photography but I try! I use a Canon 550D or a Canon 5D and I switch between a few different lenses. The two lenses I use most often are a 50mm fixed f1.2 or a 35mm-80mm f3.2-12, and I quite like the 35mm f1.4 for close-ups although carrying around multiple lenses is a big faff so I rarely bother with that! I'm lucky to have really good kit - my Dad is a pretty keen amateur photographer and whenever he upgrades I get his old kit.

I try to edit my photos in a naturalistic but attractive way as I dislike heavily edited fashion photography, I want my photos to be relatable and not look like something out of a magazine. I also try to limit my posts to about 10 photos otherwise I feel like I'm just scrolling through loads of photos! I chose a blog layout where my photos could be the focus and moved all the side bar malarkey onto another page. I was fed up with all my photos being shrunk down by Wordpress in order to fit them into the side. I do sometimes worry that it seems unfriendly or that new readers are going to arrive and be like "who the hell is this?" with my absence of a side welcome message though!
 photo Fotor010110186_zps62ab3735.jpg
What have you got planned for 2014 and beyond, I would love to know - as you are a star in the making...

Ah that's so sweet of you! Thank you! I'm going to try to focus on less projects; my normal approach is just to take on any work that sounds interesting but this has been SO tiring in the past that I'm going to be more choosy next year (although I fully recommend that approach to any creative people starting out). My goals next year are to go to New York, Cambodia and Brazil; make an EP and do 4 WOLF PACK concertsI'd like to maybe tweak my blog a little bit as well, I'm not sure what kind of posts people might like to read. Any ideas?! Maybe I'll start vlogging!

Random Fact ... 

The only TV series I've ever been obsessed with is Lost and this Christmas I've been really tempted to watch it all again! I LOVED Charlie and Desmond SO much!

Thank you Laila for taking the time to answer my questions, and what fantastic answers you gave!

Thank you for reading. Laila's links are below, do check them out! (she has some exciting posts planned).