Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Brit Pack Presents : the Pastel Parade

Spring is finally here, hooray! It's around this time we transition between our warm winter wear, and wearing lighter layers. Springtime also means colour! I have seen so many cool pastel shades and florals in store, I really would love some pastel pieces in my wardrobe. I don't think head to toe pastel would be for me, but I'm more than happy to brighten up an outfit with a mint, pink or blue accessory or two. I have selected my favourite pieces above...
-The iconic Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch is a fun statement piece, it would be the perfect bag for a girl's night out.
-A pair of brogues have been on my wishlist for sometime. The pair above are a dream in mint! These would brighten up your day, as well as your wardrobe.
-Ted Baker's always has such pretty prints, and the wash bags are no different! I adore the pastel houses in this collection.
-The Asos floppy hat above is calling my name. It would be a random purchase for me, as I'm not really a hat person. But, I would love to have a hat in this style (step out of my comfort zone) and in a gorgeous lilac, it is ever so tempting.

I hope you have enjoyed my pastel picks and you see something that would you like too. The wonderful girls, below (hello!), have a Pastel Parade to share with you too! - I'm excited to see more pastels and catch up on these fab blogs. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Picture this

Sari Frames c/o Mimosa Street
Rocha. John Rocha double frame

It has been a whole month since I've last updated Kimi and me. I have spent the last month settling into the bungalow that I now call home. I have been buying small bits and bobs and decorating, to make it feel like mine. It took no time at all to feel at home here. So this post feels very appropriate, as I have been trawling online for pretty homeware and accessories recently, and have found so much that I loved.

The three Sari frames (above) are from the new online store Mimosa Street. The items available are sourced directly from small independent suppliers, artists and designers, which is great to know.

'... beauty and quality are at the heart of everything we do, we believe that where something comes from matters too.' 

Mimosa street have many lovely and unique ethically-sourced items from around the world.  I was taken by the glass vases, tea lights and carafes - all fair trade and made from recycled glass (note; a glass bottle will take more than a million years to bio-degrade). This really is 'eco chic'.
These darling Sari frames will be used to remember happy times. I have put a cinema ticket in one - I kept the ticket as I had a really great time that day. These frames are not simply for photographs, but can be used to frame keep sakes, such as - fabrics, flyers, passport pics, pressed flowers, quotes, doodles, washi tape - to name a few. I have untied one of the fabric loops, to personalize it further I plan to use pretty ribbon to hang the frame from my jewellery tree.

The Rocha. John Rocha double frame opens and closes in the same way as the Sari frames. I purchased this in the Debenhams sale, as it is a modern and chic design. It came with the lace insert, a detail I adore. I have chosen to frame my favourite vintage picture. The black and white photograph is of my mum when she was a little girl. I think she looks so adorable and sweet, paddling in the sea. It really does bring a smile to my face.

The frames, above, are a welcome addition to my collection and it's great to be able to frame memories new and old. This spring, I plan to take more pictures and make the most of the sunshine and scenery.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. It was nice to have a break from blogging and come back with a fresh outlook. I found Tori's post and new header extremely inspiring in this sense. Have you ever taken a break from your blog?