Friday, 29 August 2014

Paper Doll

I've been very excited to share this post as it's a collab with Carly Watts. A blogger who is endlessly creative and with keen eye for detail. Carly's illustrations are always so unique and charming. I loved the idea of making a wishlist with a paper doll theme and having Carly create the doll in only a way she could! Plus, there is the added nostalgia of making these cut out outfits as a child.

As it's coming to the end of the Summer and a popular time to go on a last minute vacation, an inspired holiday outfit seemed fitting (one last summer wishlist before we all become obsessed with knits and coats). Carly, always the professional, has created hers so that the items are the perfect size to be cut out and placed on the doll. Print it out and have a go!

So, I chose a pretty floral slip dress that can be easily worn over a bikini during the day, or worn with wedges and a holiday necklace for an evening look. Similarly, the simple cami with frill detail can be worn day or night, teamed with the white skirt - to show off that tan!

A blogger's favourite is the Grafea backpack. This peach one is an exclusive to Asos, it really is a luxury beach/travel bag that would look great with any outfit! I also had to include THAT Topshop swimsuit - need I say more?

One important item, that can be easily over looked, is a hat. I discovered this whilst sunbathing without one and hours later I had one burnt nose and forehead. Let's just say that night and the following day were not fun. Sunstroke is not fun!

Finally, the 'Meg' Diana+ to capture the sights and fun times had!

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed and do take a look at Carly's take on the paper doll here - it really is fab!!  

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