Thursday, 30 October 2014

grey & white


I always enjoy doing home posts, so went to Pinterest for inspiration. The colour combination of grey and white is perfect for a soft and modern d├ęcor.

The colour grey can sometimes be overlooked as dull and boring. However, the shades available can be quite surprising. The light grey tones are calming and can be colour matched with many others e.g. yellow, orange. I'm a fan of neutral shades and natural tones in the the home, as opposed to harsh, bold colours, as these can be more versatile and welcoming.
The walls do not have to be white to achieve this look. I can see the appeal in having a clean, white canvas, however, it is not essential. I find simply adding white accessories can brighten a room, as does the addition of mirrors. Also, plants can be your best friends when you need a little colour and life in a room.

I have chosen some favourites from stores such as H&M and Next, above. I love the idea of having soft furnishings in grey and having a white coffee table in the centre. I do my blogging from the sofa, so I like to be surrounded by throws and fluffy cushions. I don't think you can ever have enough cushions (or is that just me?), as it makes for a cosy and comfy setting. I also have white fairy lights around the fire place, for decoration and in preparation for the festive period.

Off topic, who's excited to put their Christmas tree up? ME!!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nike : JD

My birthday is looming and I will soon be another year older. It seems as you get older, time goes by faster. I don't feel like I have a full grasp on being an adult yet, even though, I should by now! It's only this week, whilst walking the 'naughty' beagle, I saw a tree that was perfect for climbing. So, I did. I'm probably an even better tree climber now than when I was little.

As I walked through the park, being gracefully pulled by the 'naughty' beagle, I had a spring in my step. No, it wasn't the thought of birthday cake for breakfast. It was because I was wearing new Nike trainers.

A little fact for you - they were made using Gore-tex, meaning you can run in the heaviest downpour without risking wet feet. That's good to know, considering the downpours have been both heavy and frequent recently.

Nike are always so creative and innovative when it comes to design. No longer seen as just sports wear, but a brand that has become fashion forward and  style conscious.  I have seen Nike trainers styled in so many ways,  especially in street fashion features - which are so inspiring style wise. I teamed mine with Topshop jeans and a H&M chunky knit. I love that these pink and orange trainers add something to an outfit.

I'm now wearing my Nikes and I'm ready to chase the 'naughty' beagle home and start the birthday celebrations...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

the cat that got the cream

I thought I would share a few pieces for the autumn, following on from the previous post. I have chosen soft, light colours and soft in texture - to keep the cold at bay with style!

Topshop have a host of perfect winter coats in store right now. I limited myself to choosing only two for this post as I could have easily picked several. The faux fur teddy is a hug in a coat that would add Hollywood glam to any outfit. As does the French Connection tear drop necklace in a dramatic v shape. It will be the only accessory needed to add some sparkle to your outfit.The faux shearling jacket with pocket and front zip detailing is both chic and cosy, the collarless design is one that is very popular at the moment and is another favourite of mine.

There are so many statement necklaces that have caught my eye. I imagine there will be a future post dedicated to the elaborate designs and array of colours. I chose one in a subtle grey/blue tone, ideal for the upcoming festive period.
I hope you have enjoyed reading. I would love to know what your favourite item from the above is.

      Sunday, 5 October 2014

      It's here


      Autumn is well and truly here. The orange and red leaves begin to fall and crunch beneath our feet. The air becomes crisp, allowing us to throw on our warm knits. These changes come as we say goodbye to summer and welcome the Autumn with a hearty hug. It's time to embrace this season, and the magic that comes with it. I will be doing just this, whether it be a new candle with a berry or cinnamon scent or hot drinks topped with marshmallows

      It's also the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe. A coat becomes your uniform as the weather gets colder. There are so many styles, such as the duster coat, the boyfriend coat, the collarless coat, etc. The challenge is picking just one. I'm tempted to go with my heart and get a teddy coat. These coats are ridiculously fluffy,comfy and oversized, what is there not to love?!
      In contrast, I  also love the coats with a rough texture, in a heavy wool material -  you know that the coat will see you through to next year as well (as my mum would say).

      I might not be able to decide on a coat quite yet. However, I'm looking forward to wearing cosy jumperswoolly hats and seeing what the high street stores have to offer this season. 

      Thank you for reading.