Sunday, 5 October 2014

It's here


Autumn is well and truly here. The orange and red leaves begin to fall and crunch beneath our feet. The air becomes crisp, allowing us to throw on our warm knits. These changes come as we say goodbye to summer and welcome the Autumn with a hearty hug. It's time to embrace this season, and the magic that comes with it. I will be doing just this, whether it be a new candle with a berry or cinnamon scent or hot drinks topped with marshmallows

It's also the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe. A coat becomes your uniform as the weather gets colder. There are so many styles, such as the duster coat, the boyfriend coat, the collarless coat, etc. The challenge is picking just one. I'm tempted to go with my heart and get a teddy coat. These coats are ridiculously fluffy,comfy and oversized, what is there not to love?!
In contrast, I  also love the coats with a rough texture, in a heavy wool material -  you know that the coat will see you through to next year as well (as my mum would say).

I might not be able to decide on a coat quite yet. However, I'm looking forward to wearing cosy jumperswoolly hats and seeing what the high street stores have to offer this season. 

Thank you for reading.


  1. today was the first day that it felt like autumn here in Florida and I am so glad... really enjoyed the weather. i can't wait for it to get a lit more chilly so I can wear some cosy sweaters and scarves!


  2. Eep, well I've promised myself I won't buy a new coat this year and wear some of the ones I already have (lets see how long this lasts!). xxx

  3. Despite being a summer lover I've been really excited for Autumn this year, maybe it's because I've decided I must treat myself to new clothes (jumpers, scarves, coats etc) or maybe I just really love cinnamon with hot drinks and pumpkin and squashes in all my meals. Hope you find the coat for you!

  4. i adore autumn! yay for coats and boots shopping haha

    helen at

  5. Eeee I love autumn! I am so excited :) Can't wait for fluffy jumpers and woolly hats! xx

  6. I don't think I'll be able to choose just one coat, I'm currently wanting all of the jumpers in the shops lol

  7. autumn has to without a doubt be my favourite month....ooooh the cosiness of it all!

    do coats usually only last a year?! some of my coats I've had a lot longer than that! xxx

  8. As usual I am so late reading this post but lovely round-up of coats. I own SO MANY coats it's a total joke! I need to somehow wear them all this winter. The multicoloured number 5 looks exactly like one of the ones I own xx