Thursday, 24 December 2015


Image by Carly Watts (Thank you!)

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 
 Kimi and me

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


The countdown to Christmas has began, and I have done my Christmas shopping with ten days to spare! I thoroughly enjoy buying gifts for people, but, the crowds and weather are enough to put me off shopping for awhile (well, until the new year). I did manage to buy a 'stocking filler' present for a few, as I could not resist these Alphabet Ampersand scented candles. The packaging is elegant and plush in a monochrome and gold design. These candles would make a truly, lovely addition to any home.

In Marks and Spencer, it's 3 for 2 on many items. This deal gets me every time. So I went ahead and purchased three for £12 - not bad, right? 

The fragrance is uplifting and revitalising with bright zesty grapefruit and fresh invigorating ginger. It is a strong citrus scent, that hits you as soon as you open the box. It's not my favourite scent but I appreciate that the bold and distinct scent will surely fill a room. For me, the design on the box and the candle itself, is what makes this gift special. 

I actually ended up buying one for ALL my nearest and dearest. Luckily, the letters were displayed in alphabetical order. It's simply a great looking gift, at a great price! 

This is not just any candle, it's a Marks and Spencer candle... (sorry, I could not help myself!)

Sunday, 6 December 2015


If you are looking for a present, that is both affordable and personal, then look no further. These two copper frames would make a lovely gift simply on their own. However, you could make it extra special by framing something special for them, as a surprise! 
There are so many things that could be framed, memories old and new. Such as, concert tickets, postcards, flyers, passport photos, polaroids or a favourite verse or quote. You could even use washi tape, ribbon or fabric. Keep it simple with a photograph from childhood or make a collage of your favourite moments of this year. The options are endless. Let your creativity take over, and the end result will be a gift to be treasured. 
I have a special place in my heart for all the photographs that were taken before I was born - I'm very grateful to my nan and mum for keeping them safe for all this time. I insist on hauling them down from the attic at least twice a year. 
Below, are a few pictures that I plan to use. I also came across an old postcard from yours truly. The postcard reads... 
To Mum, David, and Nicola
It took us 180 miles to get to Torquay. Then the next day we went to paighton zoo at paighton Zoo I bought a furry bunny. I called it funny bunny.
from christina
So, I plan to use the New Look frame (left) to share a few pictures that will be sure to stir some nostalgia, and the Paperchase frame (right), will feature a very festive photograph. These two presents did not cost a lot but I'm sure that they will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Right jumper / skirt

Christmas will be here before we know it and I have yet to buy a single present. On my list of people to buy for are my two wonderful sisters. As they are both fashion lovers, I'm on the hunt for pieces that are fun and within budget.  Also something that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. So, I put together this guide to help me choose what gift to buy... 

- Do you love knitwear? Well, you can have the jumper to prove it with this 'Knitaholic' knit by Zara. It's a little different and ticks that 'fun' box. As does the soft faux fur stole in a colour block pattern - it's perfect for this bitterly cold weather.

- I think both my sisters would love this suede messenger bag. I adore the patchwork design and colours, it's suitable for all occasions.  This could be a winner folks!

- I have one sister in mind when I picked the gold metallic heels. I'm sure she would have plenty of opportunities to wear these during the run up to New Year. Plus, I don't think she would expect a pair of heels from me, so it would be lovely to surprise her.

- The pom pom keyring is the perfect little extra, it's fluffy, cute and comes in every colour...

I hope you enjoyed this wishlist gift guide. I would love to know which item is your favourite? 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


If there was ever a time for glitter, it’s Christina time! The stores are full with Christmas decorations – sequins and fancy bobbles aplenty!

The glitter doesn't stop at decorations. If you are looking to add some sparkle to your life, incorporate some into your make up look. After an evening (well spent) on Pinterest, I found myself pinning some inspired make up looks.

You maybe a delicate shimmer kinda gal or a glittery disco diva, whatever you preference there are so many products/gift sets available this season, I created a fun wishlist with this in mind…


If you want to try something more subtle, the Nars velvet shadow stick would be ideal. A touch of shimmer, along with long dark lashes and eye liner is an easy party look to achieve (except if you are me and eye liner will always be a struggle).

For a fun and more eye catching look, loose glitter or glitter stars will be for you. These fun sized pots (above) would make great stocking fillers. Mac even has a shade called Kitschmas. I’m already starry eyed at the thought of having glitter stars in my life!

Tip: scotch tape will help remove any glitter that goes astray.

Some may say less is more, but my teen self is screaming, ‘more, more’.  So, I would suggest starting off with a little product and then you can add more as you go along.  I hope you have enjoyed this little wish list. Have any products caught your eye recently? 

                        Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara    NARS velvet shadow stick 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

books and socks

Throw - BHS

This year is going by so fast - I can't believe we are in November and Christmas is only a month a way. There's something so magical about the winter months, I find myself wanting to blog again. 

I wanted to share my latest reads with you. I've been spending those rainy days consumed by the words on the pages - cocooned in my own little world. I have strayed away from my usual mysteries and thrillers with these two books. Both books made quite an impression on me, so thought it would be rude not to share them.

Truly unlike any book I have read before. The book captures the uneasiness of adolescents, after a high school sex scandal becomes front page news. As the teenage girls at the school come to terms with this, they begin to question the potency of their own sexuality and desires. The story in the news also serves as inspiration for the annual play put on by local drama collage students - 'the real world and the world of theatre are forced to meet, and soon the boundaries between private and public begin to dissolve...'

I found the narrative quite challenging - what was a performance and what was real? I decided to put my confusion to one side and to persist with the story, as I was so intrigued by the theatrical aspect. However, once I finished, I was unsure how to feel. Was this book too intellectual for me? Did I miss something crucial to the story?

'eves are designed, not made.
The School trains them to be pretty
The School trains them to be good.
The School trains them to Always be Willing.

All their lives, the eves have been waiting.
Now, they are ready for the outside world.
companion . . . concubine . . . or chastity
Only the best will be chosen.
And only the Men decide'.

After reading reviews by Chelsea and Lauren, this book was at the top of my to-read list. Set in a disturbing dystopia, the eves must conform and compete to be the most beautiful, the most perfect. The main character is an eve named frieda. She is soon to find out what her future will be - companion, concubine or chastity? 
I could not put this book down. The alarming world in which this book is set, is in many ways an extreme version of the world we live in today. Let me emphasise the word, extreme. It's almost poetic that these eves were to show no emotions; however, this book left me feeling a mix of emotions. I really don't want to give too much away but I will say, this book is worth the read!

'Are you brain dead? Personality does NOT matter. All that matters is being pretty, you...' she stammers with rage, 'you feminist'.' There's a horrified gasp.  'Well, it's true,' she says defiantly. 'Being pretty is all that matters.'

Thursday, 10 September 2015


by Danielle Krysa

This book shows off the versatility and imaginative concepts of thirty artists – all of whom are incredibly accomplished in the world of collage. Each artist takes a unique approach to this art form - using newspapers, magazines, journals and thread, for example, to create a new meaning to original content.

Each artist was given a vintage image of a little cowboy and his accordion playing brother and was set the challenge of creating a new image from this. This really showcased the talent and the various approaches that this art form can take.

‘Paper, scalpel and glue are my materials, and my tools. I seek, select, and classify images that I find interesting or attractive. I then combine them, transforming them into a new reality’.
Larissa Haily Aguado

Danielle Krysa (Jealous Curator) writes,  ‘In fact, it’s the treasure hunt – the finding and sorting and selecting of images – that is for many the most rewarding process’.

In keeping with the book, the images above have been edited together to create a collage of the many collages inside. This book is full of imagery and features a selection of outstanding work from contemporary artists...

...  A book to inspire the creative in you!     

Friday, 14 August 2015


This summer has been very hazy - it's either blue sky and sunshine or grey clouds and rain. A typical British summer! 

I decided to do a wishlist/outfit (above) to celebrate the last few weeks of summer.

The denim button front skirt has been very popular this season. I'm still head over platforms for the 70s look, so, this skirt is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. In keeping with the 70s, I thought this jacquard top would look great with denim.

The sheer mesh bra and metallic sandals are from Other Stories. I simply had to include these glittery shoes - you will be disco ready in these! The lomography camera with a honeycomb design is just what you need to capture summer memories

Thanks for reading! What is currently on your wishlist?

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Kamper Flat Weave Shoe - Office £48 £24 (other colours)Milo Jeans - Topshop £38 £20 (similar

'OOPS-A-DAISY', just as Hugh Grant said in the film Notting Hill. I say this, not because I failed to climb a fence and fell, but, because I failed to avoid the sales (twice).

I was confident that I could look through the sales and walk away empty handed. Do I really, really need that top, that is now 70% off and in a questionable print, hanging with a dozen others on the sale rack?  No, I do not.

How do I explain these two sales items? 

The shoes were only added to the Office sale recently. I had previously admired them, but could not justify the price tag.  So, when I saw these shoes on sale and in my size, I swiftly added them to my basket. They are so comfortable and perfect for the summer and the upcoming autumn. 

I always find myself in Topshop when it comes to buying jeans. I know my size and I never have a problem finding jeans that fit, just right! I will admit, I don't really need another pair of jeans. However, I don't have any jeans in this style, or in this colour. That is my defence! I really do like retro and mom style jeans - relaxed and high waisted... 

The sales got the better of me this time around. However, I did buy half an outfit!! 

                                                                    Have you bought anything in the SALES?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Book A Day...

Latest Read

The book above, I read over a week ago. Yes, another psychological thriller - it seems to be my genre of choice recently.

Because She Loves Me is written by Mark Edwards, the author of the best-seller, The Magpies. The story centres around the character Andrew Summers. Andrew has had endless bad luck in his life. That is, until, he meets the very attractive, Charlie. Has Andrew's luck begun to change?

Their relationship is a whirlwind affair that becomes deeply intense very quickly. The main themes are that of jealously and obsession. The author, inspired by his own experiences, creates a page turner that had me gripped from the start.

However, it was the concluding few chapters that fell a little short for me. It was not where I thought the story was heading, which I guess is the whole point of having a big twist.

Latest Plans

I have previously witten about my anxiety when visiting new places and big cities. It was a fear that needed to be challenged. So, after spending two weekends in London and having the most wonderful time, I started to think, 'where else would I love to visit?'.

Where do I plan to travel? A city that is much loved by bloggers. Inspired by Peaches from Style Peaches, a day trip to Paris is now on the cards for October. Je suis excité!

This post by HighLand Fling, is a must read before my date with Paris.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Testing 1, 2, 3

Every time the sales come around my email is bombarded with deals and sale news. I do tell myself, 'Do not click the link!', as it will more than likely end in a purchase. The temptation is real

However, I gave in to the army of emails and tweets and browsed the sales with caution. When I saw the First Aid Beauty Fab Faves To Go Kit for under £20, I thought why not? It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


2oz Face Cleanser 
The cleanser is pearly and luxurious in texture and gentle to use. It left my skin feeling fresh and make up free. It is a welcome addition to my morning and evening routine. This product was quite the surprise for me, as I usually stick with brands that I know well.

28 Facial Radiance Pads 
The facial radiance pads aim to brighten, tone and exfoliate the skin.  A product that has been highly recommended by beauty blogger Caroline Hirons, I was most excited to try this. The slightly textured pads make for a great exfoliant. This has been ideal for my acne prone skin, using one pad in the evening has kept breakouts to a minimum and my skin is a lot happier. This product contains lactic and glycolic acids

2oz Ultra Repair Cream 
This is my favourite product of the three.The Ultra Repair Cream does not leave my skin feeling oily, as many moisturisers do. After spending time in the sun my skin can appear dry and in desperate need of  T.L.C.  So, this cream was perfect for me - generous and hydrating

Overall, I was surprised how much I liked this kit. It has been almost two weeks and I've already noticed my skin appears clearer. I have moved all other skin products to one side for now, as these have taken centre stage in my bathroom. It's a sales WIN from me!

Have you tried First Aid Beauty before?

Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Blogging

Source 1 2 3 4 5


Back to the blog. I hold my hands up, I've been awful at updating this space but not to say it wasn't on my mind. There are many late night ideas that never make it to the morning. Many blog posts written in my head but never on paper. So, I'm putting my best foot forward in an attempt to be a good blogger and update more often - expect, vases, candles, shoes, books and more...


I went to London twice last month. This was quite an achievement for me. I used to associate London as a big, scary city that would send me into a panic. I decided to face my anxiety head on and book the train tickets. I'm so glad I did!

It was hot, hot, hot in London. My first mistake was wearing black jeans. My second, was thinking my make-up would last the day. This aside, it was the perfect weather for a weekend away. We had a wonderful time. I simply told myself to 'have fun' and to live in the moment.


I went to the theatre for the first time. My sister kindly bought us tickets to see The Elephant Man starring one of my favourite actors, Bradley Cooper. The show was over so quickly. I thought the set, the minimal props and the transitions into each scene were so well done.  I am no critic, however, I thoroughly enjoyed. There was even a humour to the story that had the entire audience laughing.

At the end of the show, we went to the back door to wait patiently for another glimpse of the famous actor. I did manage to get a blurry picture as he got into his car and gave the crowd a wave. My night was made!

Monday, 27 April 2015


            Another book read.

Last week, I was reading in the sunshine with a beagle asleep at my toes and I couldn't want for anything else. It was the perfect way to relax and forget all that was on my mind. I was completely consumed by the storyline and what was to become of the characters at the end. Do you ever find yourself unable to do anything else, not until the last page of the book is read?

Second Life is written by SJ Watson - the author behind the highly successful Before I Go to Sleep . I do not want to give too much away so I will keep it short. It begins with the news that Julia's sister had been murdered in Paris. With the news, Julia becomes restless and starts to search for answers. This leads to an online encounter that quickly becomes more, but not everything is quite as it seems.

"A Fatal Attraction for the digital age, but with a crucial twist . . . Watson is a master at turning the screw." (Evening Standard)

As for the ending, it was one I did not see coming. A brilliant ending!

The flowers, above, have been placed inside the book to be pressed. I can't wait to show you what I plan to do with them once they are pressed...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Finally, spring has finally sprung! After a little break from the blog, I'm ready to share all things that make me happy. One thing that has put me in a good mood, is the weather. I do love it when seasons change, it feels like a new beginning. So, I say farewell to winter and welcome spring with arms wide open - with the intention to make these months count!

I plan to read, read and read some more. Starting and finishing a book in a day, is a day well spent, in my opinion. When choosing a book I usually turn to Chelsea, Jennie and Josie. These bloggers always write wonderful reviews, that always end with me placing an order on Amazon. But, who doesn't love receiving new books in the post, right?

Like many, at the start of the new year, I openly shared plans to tackle my fitness or lack of. However, that never materialised. So here I am, again, writing that I will get fit, I will! Thanks to another Chelsea, I have been inspired. Chelsea is taking on a challenge and a half, the Coast 2 Coast Bike Adventure! She has documented her progress and the challenges within this mighty challenge she has faced. It's not long until she will cycle 137 miles in 3 days for Sound Sense (JustGiving link).

Chelsea's words and outlook on life reminded me that we can aspire to do things beyond what we think we can or can't do. So, in short, I am taking action and finally doing! 

And, of course, I plan to blog!

When the sun is smiling, so am I! What plans do you have this spring?

Sunday, 29 March 2015


It had been a while since I had sat down and read a book. So, when World Book Day came along, I decided I was long overdue a new book or two. Plus, once I'm in the mood to read, nothing can come between me and a book. These are two books that made me switch my phone off and shun all social media, so as not to be disturbed...

Every day she catches the same train, that stops at the same signal each time, which overlooks a row of back gardens. She names the couple in one particular house 'Jess and Jason' and in her mind this couple are the embodiment of happiness. But then one day she sees Jess in the arms of another man. 

It 's not long until Rachel becomes involved in the lives that she had watched from afar. This is where the story starts. From here on in, the narrative is shared between three characters, which for me, added to the intrigue. It is a story that is enthralled with mystery and will keep you guessing right up until the end...

'Gripping, enthralling - a top-notch thriller and a compulsive read'
S J WATSON, bestselling author of Before I Go To Sleep

One woman's fear is a another woman's weapon...
''When I look back on my relationship with Kathy I marvel at how naive she was, how little she knew.
But then, she always thought she had everything: the job; the baby; the friends; and him. She thought she was safe. She thought that nothing could touch her perfect world.
She should never have trusted me.'

Once I finish a book I am always quick to buy another. I had high hopes I had another captivating book in my hands with this one, but alas, I was left disappointed.

This book is about a woman hell bent on having the life she believes belongs to her. Kathy is oblivious that her co-worker has a deep, dangerous obsession. As the story unfolds the narrative alternates between Kathy and Heja - characters that I just could not warm to. Sadly, the ending also fell short for me as I was holding out for a big twist or turn of events. It was a quick read, so I quickly got over it and I'm ready to start another new story...

What is on your reading list? 
Have you read any of the above? 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

X marks the Spot

To celebrate the launch of Puma Trinomic XT1, JD Sports have teamed up with Puma and five influential magazines for a unique and fun competition. Hidden in FIVE different cities is a box that can only be located by using the clues shared on twitter, YES, a clue-solving-hidden-box competition!

The competition starts in London, then will move on quickly to four other cities. Simply follow the magazine that is in your city for the clues.

@flavourmag (London)
@wordplaymag (Bristol)
@Fluxmagazine (Manchester)
@Halyconmag (Liverpool)
@ComplexMag (New York)

What can you win? Well, if you are the first to discover the location and the JD xPuma box you will win the Puma XT1 in BOTH colours!

It's an exciting competition and I intend to follow along to try and solve the clues. This is one scavenger hunt that is worth entering! If you find the box, snap a selfie and upload it to twitter tagging the magazine, @JDSportsfashion with the hashtag #JDXPUMA

Go on twitter and find the clues today! Good Luck!

Written in collaboration with JD

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Images Dazed Digital | Gettycentmag | WWD

London Fashion Week is once again, in full swing. I have never been myself, but with live feeds and twitter updates, everything you need to know LFW-wise is simply a click away... 

There was a presentation that I knew I had to share with you. It was a glitter fantasy, inspired by the Emerald City, it truly was a celebration for British designer Hannah Welland and her fashion label Shrimp. This label shares the best in faux fur fashion, through carefully sourced fabric and vivid colours. The creativity behind this brand is clear to see, refreshing and forward thinking. Shrimp, does indeed, put the fun into fashion.

The AW15 presentation (above) appeared to be a dreamy, cosmic mix of colours, shaggy coats, contrasting collars and hems. My personal favourites are the embroidered jumpers and Sophia Webster heels.

This collection has a 70s vibe that will have you reaching for that disco ball...

As celebrities, bloggers and fashion lovers assemble to watch the shows, there is much focus on what is being worn off the runway. So, of course, Alexa Chung was photographed wearing a Papa Puss coat outside Somerset house, as was Pixie Geldof. So, Shrimp, gets a fashion nod from Alexa Chung and friends, need I say more?..

'A British brand that captures British humour, creativity and innovative fashion'

Monday, 16 February 2015

late valentines

Wreath | Flowers

So, this was supposed to be a romantic Valentine's post, but, like many love affairs it was not to be. To be honest I've been struggling to blog recently and the passion to do so seems to be lost.

Have I fallen out of love with blogging?

I don't think this is the case. Recently, that spark that made me excited to blog is missing. But, when I go back to the beginning, when it was all new and exciting, I remember why I started. I want to rekindle this romance and blog when my heart is in it and only then. 

So with this, I thought I would share a few things that have my heart in a flutter;

- Broadchurch. I need to know the TRUTH!

- I am over the moon to have tickets for The Elephant Man at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. It is starring Bradley Cooper. BRADLEY COOPER! I'm so excited to see this man on stage this summer!

- Shrove Tuesday is upon us. This means pancakes for tea! A sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon is how I like mine. How do you have yours?

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a good week!