Monday, 19 January 2015

what to watch

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I recently realised that I spend many hours watching television series. It has become a form of escapism and more often than not I find myself 'hooked' on a new show. It is easier than ever to watch shows online, with an endless stream to choose from.  Then there is Netflix, offering you a complete series to watch at the click of a button. 

So, here I am into series four of The Office US, telling myself 'just one more episode', as I stay awake into the early hours to get my fix. I hope I'm not alone in this addictive watching, otherwise, I will really need to re-evaluate my life! Below, are some of my favourite shows.

Sex and the City 
This should need no explanation, as SATC is the ultimate series for me. I received this box-set for Christmas, so December quickly became an SATC marathon. A series that focuses on friendship, dating, love and SEX. I relived the Carrie and Mr Big romance series by series. It's a show that you never get tired of - especially when it comes to Carrie's style and wardrobe. The pink Oscar De La Renta dress she wore in Paris was my all-time favourite outfit.

Q. Which character would you be, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?

Living the dream, one mistake at a time.  GIRLS is an award winning comedy, created by and starring Lena Dunham. It focuses on four girls paving their own paths in the world, whilst facing many of life's trials and tribulations. It's a mixed bag of friendships and relationships which makes this show constant viewing. The characters are equally as addictive as they are quirky.  
Allison Williams, who plays Marnie said this of the show, 

‘The show definitely aspires to honesty, for better or worse, and sometimes in an unglamorous way. I could see how that Brooklyn life must seem foreign to a lot of people, but at the same time there are themes that anyone could latch onto’. 

Q. Have you read Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl?

This show was written by and starred Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg as characters Daisy and Tim. The series begins with a chance meeting in a cafe, resulting in them pretending to be a couple in order to rent a flat from landlady, Marsha. Just add some eccentric and offbeat characters to the mix and you have scenes that still remain entertaining ten years on. Spaced remains a much loved British sitcom. It has a 'cult' status and one that fans love to quote, along with its many pop-culture references. If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead, then you will enjoy this comedy.  

The Office US 
This show is my current beau. I have just finished series four and I have no intention of taking 'a break'.  This is the US adaptation of the hit BBC series. Set as a mockumentary, it follows the daily interactions and dramas of a group of employees working in a dysfunctional office. The boss, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is hilariously awkward and inappropriate. The on-going storyline that is Jim and Pam melts my heart as there is a brilliant balance of comedy and romance between these two characters. There is nothing like finding a show that has you laughing out loud.

Fav character: without a doubt, DWIGHT

Thank you for reading. What shows would you recommend?


  1. Gahh my brother keeps telling me to read the Office US! I really should...
    Love your blog at the mo <3 Your imagery is always gorgeous!x

    1. Thanks Tolly, been unsure about my blog so nice to read your comment. And listen to your brother, the show is amazing! x

  2. Ah I really want to watch Girls - are you enjoying it? :)
    I have recently watched The Killing (Forbrydelsen) the original Danish version and really enjoyed it - would recommend a watch!

    Thanks for the suggestions

    Beth x

    1. yes, I highly recommend it! I will have to check The Killing out - thank you! x

  3. i'm rubbish and i hardly watch tv, i feel like i need to watch girls though x

  4. You can't go wrong with Sex and the City - although Carrie really irritates me!
    I've watched the first series of Girls and I'm not exactly hooked yet but I'll be giving the second series a go. It's easy to watch anyway.

    I absolutely love the US office - even more so than the British version!




  5. I love the US version of The Office! I've never heard of Spaced but I'll have to check it out.

    xx Kathryn

  6. I am always told that I should watch The Office... I've seen a lot of gifs from that show and it looks like it would be hilarious!


  7. You picked three of my favourites TV shows. But I'm sorry The UK Office is so much better!
    (Just mu opinion)
    Great post.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  8. I don't know how or why but I have never got around to watching Sex in the City. This is a must for me to get around and watch finally! At the moment I am loving Prison Break.


  9. I am such a big fan of SATC too. I love Carrie's outfits in the last season

  10. So many people love The Office! I'm debating on whether to buy Netflix purely to watch it haha x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  11. I really want to try watching Girls as I've heard so much about it, but Ben refuses to watch it with me :(

    Love SATC though!

    Katie <3

  12. I too have found myself falling into the Netflix Tv series abyss! I actually find it really nice to have something on in the background when i'm doing coursework or just before I go to sleep :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog too!

    Tabby x

  13. Sex and The City just never gets old, I adore it. Even though so of it is a tad dated, it never fails to cheer me up!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  14. I will go and check out these 3 shows now! xx

  15. Shockingly I watch very little TV, it's a constant problem in not being able to engage in conversations hahaa. But I have seen all of Girls and most SATC back in my teens (I had more time then!). I love Girls so much. I think I'm more like Miranda or Carrie but my friends always say I'm a Samantha! I think we have similar interests. With Girls I always think I'm Hannah (or worse Marnie) but again my friends think I'm more like Jessa. It's always interesting seeing what characters identify with and how our friends see us; that's the fun bit of watching TV and sharing characters together like that :) which ones are you like? I'm curious! xxx

  16. I've been looking for a new series to watch. Girls seems like the one for me so I'll give it a go!

    The Naily Mail

    Lauren x

  17. I love the layout of your websites and your posts are very interesting and lovely ;) Keep it up!

    Please check out my blog, I just started recently!



  18. Omg if I worked out all the time I've spent watching box sets!! Love satc and ive watched all off girls but still can't decide if I like it, lol

  19. GOSH! I could keep watching my favorite series for months if only it was possible. Currently, I am in LOVE with Teen Wolf (all seasons) and looking forward to watch PLL.

    Noor's Place

  20. Ah, I love Spaced so much! The clubbing scene with Mike in the jesters hat dancing to the a-team remix! xxx

  21. I still need to watch office us actually as I never get the chance, and I want my SATC box set back haha always good to have alongside gossip girl ;) xx

  22. ah, i've been meaning to watch girls, but still haven't.. it's on my never-ending to-watch list! x

  23. I adoooore Girls! Lena is just incredible. As for The Office US, I just don't get it. My friends forced me to watch one episode once and I nearly pulled my hair out haha!

    Tara x

  24. People keep reccomending Girls to me. Maybe I should start watching it.

    I really love Black Books as a comedy series. I think the rest of the ones I watch are a bit dark (Constantine, Supernatural etc)