Monday, 13 July 2015

Testing 1, 2, 3

Every time the sales come around my email is bombarded with deals and sale news. I do tell myself, 'Do not click the link!', as it will more than likely end in a purchase. The temptation is real

However, I gave in to the army of emails and tweets and browsed the sales with caution. When I saw the First Aid Beauty Fab Faves To Go Kit for under £20, I thought why not? It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


2oz Face Cleanser 
The cleanser is pearly and luxurious in texture and gentle to use. It left my skin feeling fresh and make up free. It is a welcome addition to my morning and evening routine. This product was quite the surprise for me, as I usually stick with brands that I know well.

28 Facial Radiance Pads 
The facial radiance pads aim to brighten, tone and exfoliate the skin.  A product that has been highly recommended by beauty blogger Caroline Hirons, I was most excited to try this. The slightly textured pads make for a great exfoliant. This has been ideal for my acne prone skin, using one pad in the evening has kept breakouts to a minimum and my skin is a lot happier. This product contains lactic and glycolic acids

2oz Ultra Repair Cream 
This is my favourite product of the three.The Ultra Repair Cream does not leave my skin feeling oily, as many moisturisers do. After spending time in the sun my skin can appear dry and in desperate need of  T.L.C.  So, this cream was perfect for me - generous and hydrating

Overall, I was surprised how much I liked this kit. It has been almost two weeks and I've already noticed my skin appears clearer. I have moved all other skin products to one side for now, as these have taken centre stage in my bathroom. It's a sales WIN from me!

Have you tried First Aid Beauty before?


  1. I've never actually heard of the brand before but it sure sounds good from your review! I'm generally fairly happy to try new brands out and this seems good value! :) xxx

    1. it's very good value, I've been very impressed! c

  2. American youtubers talk about this brand ALL the time and I didn't even know you could buy it here! I'll definitely have to check it out
    Estelle x -

  3. I have never tried these products before but facial pads sound something right up to my alley. How well is their exfoliating process?

    1. I use them every evening and find it works well. But you can always use them twice daily! x