Friday, 14 August 2015


This summer has been very hazy - it's either blue sky and sunshine or grey clouds and rain. A typical British summer! 

I decided to do a wishlist/outfit (above) to celebrate the last few weeks of summer.

The denim button front skirt has been very popular this season. I'm still head over platforms for the 70s look, so, this skirt is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. In keeping with the 70s, I thought this jacquard top would look great with denim.

The sheer mesh bra and metallic sandals are from Other Stories. I simply had to include these glittery shoes - you will be disco ready in these! The lomography camera with a honeycomb design is just what you need to capture summer memories

Thanks for reading! What is currently on your wishlist?

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Kamper Flat Weave Shoe - Office £48 £24 (other colours)Milo Jeans - Topshop £38 £20 (similar

'OOPS-A-DAISY', just as Hugh Grant said in the film Notting Hill. I say this, not because I failed to climb a fence and fell, but, because I failed to avoid the sales (twice).

I was confident that I could look through the sales and walk away empty handed. Do I really, really need that top, that is now 70% off and in a questionable print, hanging with a dozen others on the sale rack?  No, I do not.

How do I explain these two sales items? 

The shoes were only added to the Office sale recently. I had previously admired them, but could not justify the price tag.  So, when I saw these shoes on sale and in my size, I swiftly added them to my basket. They are so comfortable and perfect for the summer and the upcoming autumn. 

I always find myself in Topshop when it comes to buying jeans. I know my size and I never have a problem finding jeans that fit, just right! I will admit, I don't really need another pair of jeans. However, I don't have any jeans in this style, or in this colour. That is my defence! I really do like retro and mom style jeans - relaxed and high waisted... 

The sales got the better of me this time around. However, I did buy half an outfit!! 

                                                                    Have you bought anything in the SALES?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Book A Day...

Latest Read

The book above, I read over a week ago. Yes, another psychological thriller - it seems to be my genre of choice recently.

Because She Loves Me is written by Mark Edwards, the author of the best-seller, The Magpies. The story centres around the character Andrew Summers. Andrew has had endless bad luck in his life. That is, until, he meets the very attractive, Charlie. Has Andrew's luck begun to change?

Their relationship is a whirlwind affair that becomes deeply intense very quickly. The main themes are that of jealously and obsession. The author, inspired by his own experiences, creates a page turner that had me gripped from the start.

However, it was the concluding few chapters that fell a little short for me. It was not where I thought the story was heading, which I guess is the whole point of having a big twist.

Latest Plans

I have previously witten about my anxiety when visiting new places and big cities. It was a fear that needed to be challenged. So, after spending two weekends in London and having the most wonderful time, I started to think, 'where else would I love to visit?'.

Where do I plan to travel? A city that is much loved by bloggers. Inspired by Peaches from Style Peaches, a day trip to Paris is now on the cards for October. Je suis excité!

This post by HighLand Fling, is a must read before my date with Paris.