Thursday, 10 September 2015


by Danielle Krysa

This book shows off the versatility and imaginative concepts of thirty artists – all of whom are incredibly accomplished in the world of collage. Each artist takes a unique approach to this art form - using newspapers, magazines, journals and thread, for example, to create a new meaning to original content.

Each artist was given a vintage image of a little cowboy and his accordion playing brother and was set the challenge of creating a new image from this. This really showcased the talent and the various approaches that this art form can take.

‘Paper, scalpel and glue are my materials, and my tools. I seek, select, and classify images that I find interesting or attractive. I then combine them, transforming them into a new reality’.
Larissa Haily Aguado

Danielle Krysa (Jealous Curator) writes,  ‘In fact, it’s the treasure hunt – the finding and sorting and selecting of images – that is for many the most rewarding process’.

In keeping with the book, the images above have been edited together to create a collage of the many collages inside. This book is full of imagery and features a selection of outstanding work from contemporary artists...

...  A book to inspire the creative in you!     


  1. Wow sounds fascinating! I'm very under-educated in the world of collage so this book sounds like a good starting point. I don't tend to read books like this but always love browsing in libraries xxx

  2. this is really cool, very creative x

  3. Amazing post dear! I love it:)