Monday, 11 January 2016


I was scrolling through instagram, as you do, and came across the picture above. I thought, 'cool socks'. The socks in question are by British fashion legend, Dame Vivienne Westwood. I started to scroll through the owner's instagram and came to the conclusion - I would very much love to have her wardrobe!!

This leads me to the question - If you can have any celeb's wardrobe, who would you choose? I would have to go with the former Radio 1 presenter, Fearne Cotton. Yes, those designer socks certainly caught my eye and fancy...

Fearne Cotton's personal style is often a mix of high street and vintage, which for me, is a winning combination. The vintage pieces she wears are always fun and chic, whether it be a beaded dress or a statement coat from the local thrift store. When it comes to wearing prints and bold colours, Fearne does Fearne and she always makes it work. As with the newest trends, she tailors what's current into her everyday look, all whilst staying true to her own style.

It's her rock chick, down to earth style that makes her very relatable, and her outfits attainable. Of course, you can purchase your very own inspired pieces from her fashion collection from Very. Fearne is soon to be on our TV screen, alongside Gok Wan in a new show on ITV Be (Does anyone watch this channel?). They will be discussing who was rocking the red carpet and who wasn't... Luckily, Fearne always rocks the red carpet!

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  1. I love fern, I kind of feel like I've watched her change a lot as I remember her being a presenter on kids TV when I was really young!

    Corinne x

  2. I don't know her but love her style. Simple yet so pretty

    xx christerline

  3. i ALWAYS love your posts. I want the cool socks. I also want to be/look like Fearne Cotton x