Friday, 5 February 2016


 Soft Bra / Nike / Tote

If you follow me on twitter, you will know I'm an avid watcher of the programme First Dates. I can't help but go through the emotions when watching this programme. There are highs and lows as people meet for the first time, hoping to find love. It makes me want to date, dare I admit!

So, I put together a date outfit. This outfit is both casual and cute. I'm certainly not one to over dress, but, would rather wear an outfit I was comfortable and confident in. This is why I chose a pair of Topshop jeans paired with a Zara textured top. It can be dressed up and dressed down, depending on the venue of said date. Personally, I would opt for drinks in a cool bar, rather than a meal somewhere more formal. Then, I would be able to wear these Nike mauve trainers. It's the colour that got me. I'm not a fan of Air Max trainers, but in this colour, I had a change of heart!

The outfit was chosen around the Topshop belted truster. In a light pink shade, I thought it was the perfect coat for date night and with Valentine's day approaching, the colour seemed more than appropriate. I simple adore soft and 'dusty' shades, along with this stone coloured tote from Cath Kidston.

I thought the cheetah print lingerie set was fun and playful. Even, if no one but you will see it, I think a sexy little set can make you feel confident. The Georgia Perry Lips pin is just a little addition to celebrate all things Valentines. Georgia Perry also does Kim and Kanye enamel badges - I'm already sold on these!

What would be your perfect date outfit?